Heya guys, r u loving two updates in ad, I think I won’t be able to update soon so bear with it, for now have fun with new character in my story, let’s get started

Chapter 4 Link Here


It was evening, Manik was sitting in his cabin busy when someone knocked the door, he without seeing the person said come in. The person entered, he looked up, she was a girl. He asked

Manik: what u want??
Girl: y r u giving her so much work?
Manik: who?? Whom r u talking about twinkle?
Twinkle: I m talking about ur PA Nandini. She is working since morning without any meal. If u r giving her so much work then at least u should not ask her to submit it the day itself. Yesterday also bcoz of u
Manik: what bcoz of me??
Twinkle: she was going to faint.
Manik:what?? U leave I vil talk to her.
Twinkle: u sure?
Manik: yesss.

Twinkle felt relief n left saying Good Evening. After she left Manik called Nandini’s cabin telephone, she didn’t picked at first, he again called her, she again didn’t pick, it was now third time but again the disappointment. He got angry n stood up to go her cabin which was juz beside his. He reached  the cabin n open the door of her
cabin just to see she was fainted n was lying on floor with papers beside her.

So guys, what vil happen? What vil Manik do? N yah this juz a promo that’s y it’s short, this is said for those who say update lil long, k guys? Waiting for response…………..
Lots Of Love❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Yep promo is good and han who is this new character as twinkle is she tashan e ishq twinkle?or someone else?and what do you mean by can’t update fast di?

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx n prob is net connection, if it works properly then I can n if not then don’t know, don’t take stress I vil do what I can for my choti ?

    2. Naaz21

      N yah she is tei’s twinkle but not paired to kunj or yuvi

  2. Woeww yaar…it was too good…ab toh manik ka gussa chala jaye….poor nandini….nyc promo
    .waitng 4 chappy…lotts of love dear.

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx Anji n vil update soon

  3. woww it was so good…but kya nandini ne manik ka chehra hospital mein nahi dekha tha??usse to pata chal hee gaya hoga manik kaisa hai?

    1. Naaz21

      Of course she knows it’s manik, but he never gave her chance to talk

  4. Wowwwww
    It was superbbb❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  5. Eagerly waiting fr update its awesome promo…

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx n vil update soon

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