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It was a new day with new hopes for Fab5 that maybe today Manik vil come back to them. But today too it wasn’t the day but a day of new relations. Nandini made them realize that when Manik vil get conscious, if he sees his family like this in this state, then he vil feel guilty n they all understood her point n used to be happy. Nandini has made her place in Fab4’s hearts. They all thought she takes care of them as Manik. She is suitable for him. Its been one month since the accident n god was in mood to fullfil Fab4’s wish so today Manik was gonna become conscious. It was 10 of morning when Fab4 were busy in talks when Cabir felt a movement. He moved towards the bed n tears of happiness were flowing from his eyes. He called Fab4. All came running n they saw Manik smiling at them. Their anger flew away n all hugged him tightly one by one. Cabir went to call Doc. After 5mins Cabir came with Doc. Navya too was coming in the room but she got a call. Inside the room Doc checked Manik n said he can be discharged within 2days. Fab4 were very happy. Then Navya entered the room n was shocked too see Manik awake. Mukti came running to Navya n hugged her, Navya hugged her back. Everyone hugged each other, Cabir too in happiness hugged her but this hug was different for them as they got shivers in their bodies. They suddenly broke the hug thinking what happened before. But someone was confused their n that was Manik. Everyone saw him confused n Mukti reminisced something n asked where is our angel. Navya said she left for Mangalore. Fab4 were shocked.

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  1. Mondblowingggggggg part thanks for two parts today

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx piya n vil try to update two everyday

  2. Yaar di this is cheating na post for at lest us and don’t worry many silent readers must be reding your ff and I think because of something they are not able to comment and ha if you won’t post the next episode your sister will be angry??

    1. Naaz21

      K choti I vil update for u guys, now happy??

      1. Hmmm ?yaaay of course I am damn happy and chalo maff tumha?????????

  3. My favorite sweet is rashgolla ,Rabdi,rasmalai,dhokla etc and yours?????????

  4. And beware ?if you won’t post next episode

  5. Ha naaz I’m a silent reader of your fan friction could not control myself from commenting

  6. Like this today many may say so be ready di

  7. Got it and keep smiling di and I miss nishita di

  8. Ha nice Guess neha ann I missed you remember you used to comment on nishita’s ff i was there na remember me and my favourite sweet is jelabi and so on .

  9. Ha naaz I almost forgot you as nehand was here your promo was good please continue dear just for us please don’t stop

  10. Ha can we be friends nazz

    1. Naaz21

      Of course v r n don’t worry I vil post priya

  11. Ha you know what the bonding an unknown sister bonding between neha and nishita was truly appreciative and you know how nishita gave her first os ?

    1. It was neha she forced and suggested nishita to write one and she encouraged nishita like her own sister must praise neha and bye need to go and please post episode got it

      1. Ha neha how did you know I was going to say that are you scanning my mind??

    2. It was neha she forced and suggested nishita to write one and she encouraged nishita like her own sister must praise neha and bye need to go and please update bye and neha are you scanning my mind??

      1. Di if your thinking this than the answer is yes

      2. Ha neha your too good and ya your really scanning my mind as I was thinking the same

  12. Because of nehas force and suggestion and she encouraged nishita like a real small sister I love their sister bonding its awsum

  13. Bye and do post next update got that

  14. Ha priya di don’t be so formal and your praising me like anything and making me feel as a princess.??????ha na naa

  15. H na naazz di priya di is praising me soo much

    1. Naaz21

      Ya she is?

  16. anushka shetty

    Ur ff is juz wonderfull…..n its going great……but a vry kind request to u …..plzz update long one ….plzzzz …..n ya ur an awsome writter

    1. Naaz21

      Anush yaar, did u read above its a promo, did u read it from start? N thanx

  17. Its really awesome waiting for the update please update soon

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx sush n vil update soon

  18. Nyc yaaar…though i was waitng 4 d manan to meet…bt no mattr we will wait…nd abt.fav place same pinch Naaz…nd wat abt..wont update..yahi tak thi frndship ha….angry..

    1. Naaz21

      Sorry naa yaar i was trying to scare silencers but here neha n ur getting angry, kaan pakad ke maafi, forgive me

  19. Wow so curious for the next update

  20. esther musimbe

    Nice one l like it keep going and pliz make it long .

    1. Naaz21

      It is a promo n do u know hindi?

  21. You are the best.

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