Heya guys, wassup?? I think u all r still angry on me for not updating daily, as comments have again decreased 😐, well chuck it n have a look of the promo

PROMO – 10

Cabir: Manik I dare u to look in Nandu’s eyes without blinking till 3mins.
Manik: seriously dis easy dare.
Mukti: kya yaar Cabir itna easy dare.
Cabir: tumlog samjhe nhi bhut khtrnak dare hai, ek baar tum ye dare karo uske baad pata chalega.
Nandini: kya matlab Cabir?
Cabir: kuch nhi toh shuru kare

Manik: k, 1….2….3 start. They started n everyone were giving Cabir what’s-happening look. He gave them wait-n-watch look. It was almost 3mins but Manan didn’t break the eye contact. Everyone were becoming restless, they thought pata nahi ye kab blink karenge, but to their dismay, nothing happened. It’s been 5mins but still n after this everyone understood what Cabir meant. They all were smiling seeing them n thinking bada maza aayega. Navya went inside n brought two eggs, she broke the eggs on their heads but still they were lost in each other. After this Mukti went n brought water pipe n Abhi started the tap. The water’s pressure was so much that Manik fell on Nandini breaking the eye contact.
Cabir: yeh dekho hum yaha ine hosh me laane ki kosish krrhe the r ye uske upar hi chlgya. Everyone started laughing πŸ˜„.

So how was it?? Liked it or loved itπŸ˜‰?? Waiting for response……..
Lots Of Love ❀️❀️️❀️️


  1. Neha

    Di that I meant promo but it was writing mistake as episode.amd ha we are not angry on you and the comments might have decreased as they are busy in studies got it my di. Today’s promo was like really Walla look from my side

  2. piys

    I am fine neha just quite busy with exam how are you dear take careyou too love you loads dear stay happy and blessed

  3. Anjali

    Hello dear!!! M nt angry atleast.
    B d w nyc promo…reallly gud…nd sry 4 nt been able 2 commnt…xams r near..bt reading my fav ff’s are my daily routine….so b happpy….t c

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.