FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 7)

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Chapter 7 – Grandparents

Precap: Nandini gets to know the reason y Manik hates rain.
Nandini: how did the accident happen?? I know it wasn’t bcoz of rain.
Cabir: u r right, but he thinks everything has happened bcoz of rain.
Nandini: can u explain??
Cabir: Manik was 10, it was winter holidays so Manik with uncle aunty went to Shimla, when they were returning back, it was raining, don’t know how cars brakes failed n upar se wipers stopped working. Both uncle anty pushed Manik out of the car n car banged with the tree n blasted. Manik saw everything with his own eyes, first he used to blame himself but after we explained him, he started hating rain.(guyz u r understanding right)
Nandini: so u all never tried to do anything??
Cabir: what could v do?? Now leave it n go to sleep. I think u got to know how arrogant he is. Right??
Nandini: yes. I got to know n Good Night to all of u. With this she finished the call.

Next day Nandini was passing the same cottage, she thought to meet the old couple but when she reached the cottage she saw it was locked, she thought where they left?? A man was passing so she asked him

Nandini: bhaisaab yaha par jo rehte the kaha gaye??
Man: aj subah ek badi gaadi ayi thi wo dono usi me gaye the.
Nandini: badi gaadi…. Acha thik hai thank you bhaisaab. With this she left for office.

(Malhotra Mansion)
Old Man n Old Lady were roaming Malhotra Mansion while Twinkle was guiding them. Twinkle stayed at home as Manik wanted her to. They reached Manik’s parents room. She was turning back from the room but the Old Couple insisted her to open this room as they wanted to know who gave birth to such kind boy. Twinkle never say no to elders so she unlocked the room. As the Old Couple entered the room, Old Lady felt dizzy when she was about to fell Twinkle held her asking r u k? Old Lady nodded but Twinkle thought of calling Manik n she did the same. Manik reached in no time. Twinkle was waiting in lounge, Manik reached asking her where r they?? She informed they r in Neyonika n Raj’s Room. He ran to the room, Old Lady was seated on bed, Manik sat in front of her on knees asking

Manik: ap thik to ho na??
Old Lady: haa beta mai thik hoo. Tumhe aane ki koi zarurat nhi thi.
Manik: mai kese nhi ata, ap dono ki zimmedari li hai nibhani to padegi.
Old Man(pointing towards Neyo n Raj’s pic): r they ur parents?
Manik: yess, did u know them??
Old Lady(crying): yess, how can I forget her, sh-she wa-was m-my dau-daughter. Manik was shocked. He asked

Manik(stammering): m-my mo-mom w-was ur dau-daughter.
Old Man: haa hamari beti thi.
Manik: par apne kaha tha ki apke bacche nhi hai.
Old Lady: haa nhi hai sivaye Neyonika ke.
Manik: par mom ne kabhi nhi btya apke baare mein.
Old Man: kya batati wo?? Jab humne usse sab rishte tod diye the.
Manik: par kyu??
Old Lady: kyunki wo apni shadi se bhag gyi thi, tumhare dad se shadi karne ke liye.
Manik: ap log ne kabhi mom ke doondh ne ki kosish nhi ki.
Old Man: kabhi nhi kyunki hum guilty the, usne bhaag kar sahi kiya, kyunki jisse hum uski shadi hone wali thi usne hume apne hi ghar se nikal diya.
Manik(angry): kyaa?? Kon tha wo??
Old Lady(caressing Manik’s face): ye sab chod do ab hum sab saath hai. After this emotional session, the three went down n Manik left for office.

As Nandini entered office, she went to Manik’s cabin. She saw Manik was talking on phone n was tensed. He ran outside, from that time Nandini was waiting for him. He reached at office after 1 hour, he entered in his cabin n saw Nandini waiting for him. Nandini saw him n came to him asking

Nandini: tum achanak kaha chlgye the??
Manik: ek min, kya kha tumne, mai tumhara boss ho, mai kahi bhi jaa saktu hoo. N with this he gave her some work n she went. As Nandini came outside she thought maine isse pucha hi kyu, bhool gayi thi ki ye monster hai.

It was lunch time, Nandini called Twinkle asking
Nandini: how r u??
Twinkle: I m fine, how r u??
Nandini: I m fine, thank god u didn’t come today
Twinkle(acting sad): y??
Nandini: bcoz agar tum ati toh mere kaam poora nhi hota.
Twinkle: agar bhai ne nhi kha hota toh mai ajati.
Nandini: oh!! Bhai ki chamchi.
Twinkle: acha mai badme baat krti hu, Nani bula rahi hy.
Nandini: k bye…. Ek min Nani matlab, Manik ki Nani.
Twinkle: haa hamari Nani. Acha mai badme call krti ho. Bye
Nandini(confused): bye. She thought pata nahi Fab4 ne mujhse kya kya nhi kaha. She finished her lunch n went to her cabin.

She was seated in her cabin when she thought pata nhi mujhe aisa kyu lagraha ki wo accident accident nhi tha, aiyyo nandu CBI banna band kar. After this lil CBI session, Nandini went to Manik’s cabin to give him files. It was evening now, Nandini left for home but thought to meet Twinkle, so she went to Malhotra Mansion, as she was going inside she saw Twinkle was seated with the same Old Man who Manan met at rainy day. She entered n the Old Man saw her, he asked Twinkle

Old Man: who is she??
Twinkle: she is Bhai’s PA
Old Man: hmmm. Toh isilye uss din ye uske saath thi.
Twinkle: kis din??
Nandini: wo sab chodo r ye bolo ki yahi hy tmhare Nana.
Old Man: haa.
Nandini: lekin uss din apne nhi btya ki Manik apka grandson hy.
Old Lady(coming out of kitchen): hume bhi nhi pata tha, par jab Manik ke parents ki photo dekhi tab pata chala.

After learning the story of past n how Manik brought them to his house, she started respecting him. After this Nandini left for home. Manik happily returned home, had dinner + talks. Then all had Good Night session n went to their respective rooms as Manik gave Nana Nani the biggest room of the house. They all drifted to sleep.

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