FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5 – Monster Boss

Precap: Manager informs Manik his new PA is Nandini Thakkar.
After knowing the girl who splitted coffee on his clothes is none other than his PA. He was angry at first but then smirked thinking about something. He said manager to leave.

After manager left Nandini wanted to say sorry n ask how is his health but Manik is Manik, he ordered her to bring coffee, she left to bring coffee, after 5mins she returned n gave the cup of coffee n was turning back when she heard something fell down, so she turned to Manik only to see the coffee cup on the floor n whole coffee on his shoes. She was shocked, she asked him r u ok sir?? He had some plan in mind without replying her he said clean the shoes. She was suprised, she asked

Nandini: what??
Manik: what, what?? Didn’t u listen to me, clean my shoes??

She being the PA kept quiet. N she very well knew y he was doing this. She cleaned his shoes, she asked him some work, he gave her so much work n that to finish it till evening. She returned to her cabin.

Meanwhile a cleaner went to Manik’s cabin to clean the cup pieces. In Nandini’s cabin, Nandini was thinking I thought people juz say he is monster, they were right. When I saw him in hospital sleeping he looked like a cute child but no when he is awake he is a monster, not only that he is monster boss. Her chain of thought broke when someone knocked on the door. She said come in to the person. There stood a Punjabi Kudi, Twinkle. Nandini looked at her, asked.

Nandini: hii! I saw u outside, ur an employee right??
Twinkle:yesss, I am.
Nandini: seeing ur attire I think ur name should be geet of jab we met.
Twinkle: no no, my name is Twinkle, I have dressed like her bcoz I love her.
Nandini: hmmmm, nice to meet u twinkle.
Twinkle: friends??
Nandini: friends

They shaked hands.Twinkle sat on the front chair of Nandini n started to talk her. Nandini thought she is talkative but sweet too. Manik was passing by Nandini’s cabin when he heard laughing sounds from her cabin, he sneaked in juz to see her smiling angelic face, he stared at her at least 5mins when reality hit him n started shouting at her for laughing when he gave her work. She was on verge of crying but Twinkle held her hand. Manik left n Twinkle said

Twinkle: sometimes he is worst monster n sometimes a loving human. I don’t know what’s his problem??
Nandini: what did u say a loving person?? How can anyone love him he’s so rude??
Twinkle: he’s a loving person, everyone r scared of him in this office but they all love him too.
Nandini: of course everyone will love bcoz he is awsum singer.
Twinkle: noo, they don’t juz luv him bcoz he is a good singer but also luv bcoz he is kind hearted. He without any reason doesn’t talk rudely with anyone. Did something happened between u both? Nandini said her the entire coffee issue. Twinkle said ohh that’s y he’s angry.

After a lil chit-chat she left scared of Manik. It was evening, Nandini completed her work. She went to Manik’s cabin n kept her files in his table. She left from there. Meanwhile, Manik came out of the washroom, he saw the files n was impressed as she completed everything in time n thought I shouldn’t have shouted at her, it should be Twinkle’s mistake, she is very talkative. Uff! I should say sorry to her n he reached Nandini’s cabin but she wasn’t there. I think she left so he also left from there.

(Thakkar Mansion)
Nandini reached her house. She said hi to Rishab who was sitting on sofa watching movie. She went to her room. It’s fully blue, she went to washroom n came out after getting freshen. She came to living room, sat beside Rishab n asked

Nandini: Rishu, where is amms?
Rishab: she went to Khurana’s Mansion.
Nandini: y there, anything special.
Rishab: yess, it’s 25th Anniversary of Mr & Mrs Khurana.
Nandini: yah, I forgot amms was saying me yesterday about it.
Rishab: btw how was ur first day at job?
Nandini: I don’t wanna talk about it.
Rishab: y??
Nandini: bcoz of my boss.
Rishab: y is he arrogant??
Nandini: yess he is. I forgot to tell u he is none other than ur favorite singer Manik Malhotra.
Rishab (happy): really?? Ur joking right??
Nandini: no I m not. N ur not going to meet him. Understood?? I vil bring autograph for u, k.
Rishab(sad): k
Nandini: awww my bro is sad. I know how to make u smile.

N she started tickling him, he started laughing. All the servants were smiling seeing the duo. Meanwhile in

(Malhotra Mansion)
Manik reached his home n was sitting on sofa. He was busy in work when someone came back of him n kept hands on his shoulders giving Manik massage. Manik said

Manik: I thought u were angry on me.
Person: I m still angry on u. Y didn’t u inform me about the accident. Am I not ur family??
Manik(stood n turned to the person): it’s not like that, no one knew about this other than Fab5.
Person: but still I m ur sis.
Manik: if u vil b angry on me, then I vil not give u, ur favorite chocolates.
Sis(happy): what?? My fav chocolates.
Manik: yess.
Sis: k I am not angry at you, now give me.

Manik went to his room followed by his sis. He took out a box of chocolate n handed her saying jitni khani hy kha par teri ye twinkling smile nhi jaani chye aur ye kabhi mat kehna, ur not my family, besides Fab5 ur my body part, ur Manik Malhotra’s sis. The girl had tears in her eyes n hugged him tightly. He smiled at her.

Next day at office was also a busy day. Manik changed his mind of saying sorry to Nandini. Today also he gave her a lot of work bcoz of which she had to skip her lunch. Twinkle came to meet her again, seeing her engrossed in work she thought lagta hy ye kaam me itni busy hy shyad lunch bhi nhi kya, my iske liye coffee laati hoo. She was going to bring coffee when Nandini said I vil also join u for coffee, Twinkle was suprised how Nandini knew what she was thinking? Nandini patted her shoulder n said don’t be suprised, when I make friends, they r for forever, so it’s very important(imp) to know what’s in their mind. Twinkle smiled at her. They both were going to coffee machine when Nandini felt dizzy n she was about to faint when Twinkle held her. She made Nandini sit on chair n brought water for her. She asked r u okay?? She replied yah it’s juz I didn’t had lunch for the first time so. Twinkle was very angry on Manik, she was about to go his cabin when Nandini held her hand n said no need to go. It was evening again Nandini n completed her work at time n everyone left for their homes.

Next day was also very busy day. Everyone were running here n there with files. Nandini today was also very busy, Twinkle was continously asking her to have lunch but she didn’t, now Twinkle was very angry on both Manan. She thought jab tak mai isse kahungi yeh nhi manegi, I have to talk to sir. N she left the cabin. It was evening, Manik was sitting in his cabin busy when someone knocked the door, he without seeing the person said come in. The person entered, he looked up, she was a girl. He asked

Manik: what u want??
Girl: y r u giving her so much work?
Manik: who?? Whom r u talking about twinkle?
Twinkle: I m talking about ur PA Nandini. She is working since morning without any meal. If u r giving her so much work then at least u should not ask her to submit it the day itself. Yesterday also bcoz of u
Manik: what bcoz of me??
Twinkle: she was going to faint.
Manik:what?? U leave I vil talk to her.
Twinkle: u sure?
Manik: yesss.

Twinkle felt relief n left saying Good Evening. After she left Manik called Nandini’s cabin telephone, she didn’t picked at first, he again called her, she again didn’t pick, it was now third time but again the disappointment. He got angry n stood up to go her cabin which was juz beside his. He reached the cabin n open the door of her
cabin just to see she was fainted n was lying on floor with papers beside her. Manik ran towards her, took her in his arms n placed her on the couch. He made her drink water. Nandini opened her eyes, he asked

Manik: r u fine??
Nandini(stood up): yeah. I vil juz complete the work. She was going towards back to her when he he held her hand. She felt like a shock when he touched her. She turned turned to Manik
Nandini: yess sir, do u need something??
Manik: yeah. U sit here.
Nandini: but sir, work is still left.
Manik: work is not imp, health is imp, so sit here I vil send some food n don’t try to move, do you understand. She nodded her head. Manik left.

After sometime a man came to Nandini’s cabin n handed her food. She ate the food licking her fingers. It was 9pm n Nandini completed her work now. She went to keep the files in Manik’s cabin.  Manik was also in the cabin. Manik saw her n

Manik: ur still here??
Nandini: ur also here na?
Manik: have u forgot that I m ur boss?
Nandini: noo, I haven’t forgot but but beside I m ur PA, I m ur angel too.
Manik (stood up shocked): what u mean?? Ur the same who took care of my family in my absence. She nodded her head. He was so happy to meet the person who took care of his family. In happiness he didn’t know when he hugged her. They both got shivers hugging each other. They broke the hug n Manik had guilt in his eyes for what he did in past three days with her. She said
Nandini: no need to be guilty.
Manik: y shouldn’t I??
Nandini: bcoz if u had known that I am the same person u wouldn’t have done it.
Manik: u knew everything than y didn’t you said before?
Nandini: bcoz u never let me talk.

They both talked a lil when Nandini said she vil leave. He said he vil drop her.

How was it?? Did u all like it? I am only updating for choti n Anji, love u both as u support me, but noth others, Take Care u both, waiting for response……….
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