FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3 – Phyciatrist

Precap: Fab5 decides they will not leave the person behind the accident.
Nandini thinks of something n says
Nandini: guyz sorry for the interference but I guess u all should get underground for sometime. Don’t talk to ur managers, don’t go in front of media, people should not no about this accident.
Cabir: but why?
Nandini: bcoz if media vil show news of ur accident n u all r still alive then it vil be a big prob, i mean the culprit vil get alert. I think u all should take decision after Manik gain consciousness. So whats say?
Cabir: I think she is right, what u guyz think?
Fab3 in union: right
Cabir: cool then, no one vil login on ur social networks n keep ur cell phones off, got it.
Fab3 in union: yess.
Fab4 did group hug n Navni were smiling seeing them.

Nandini went to check Rishab. Doctor said to Nandini that Rishab will be discharged in next 2 days. She was very happy, she went to inform Navya about it. Navya too was happy. After 2 days Rishab got discharged, Nandini went with Rishab to home while Navya was with Fab4. Nandini after preparing lunch for Rishab, went to meet Fab4 n Navya. They all appreciated her food.

It’s been 2 weeks since the accident, Manik is still in coma. Fab4 were fine now, they r trying to keep Manik happy in that state too but they themselves r sad. Nandini wanted them to smile, she got an idea n went to Fab4 asking them to sing a song. They all agreed to her request. They all brought their instruments n Cabir started the song.
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin

Chahe tujhko rab bulaa le
Hum na rab se darne waale
Raahon mein dat ke khade hain hum
Yaaron se nazrein chura le
Chahe jitna dum lagaa le
Jaane na tujhko aise denge hum
(Dhruv started)
Jaane tujhe denge nahin
Do kadam ka yeh safar hai
Umr chhoti si dagar hai
Ek kadam mein ladkhadaya kyoon
Sunn le yaaron ki yeh baatein
Beetengi sab ghum ki raatein
Yaaron se rootha hai saale kyoon

Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
(Cabir coming near Manik started)
Chaar pal bhi jee na paaya tu
Yaaron se nazrein milaa le
Ek baar tu muskura de
Uth ja saale yun sataata hai kyoon

Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
N Cabir finished the song, but Nandini’s plan failed as she wanted them to be happy, but in vain they all were crying. Mukti was now hurt n angry, she went towards Manik n shouted at him
Mukti: y r u hurting us haa, can’t u see everyone r tensed for u, get up do u understand that?
Cabir: Mukti, kya karrahi hy, pagal hgyi hy.
Mukti: mai nahi, yeh pagal hgya hy, jo hum me se kisi ke ankho me aasu nhi dekh skta tha aj wo khud hame rularaha hy
Cabir: Mukti calm down plzzz.
Wo apni marzi se toh nhi gya na coma me.
But Mukti couldn’t bear the pain n left the room. Navya was going to console her but Nandini said she vil go.

Nandini came out n saw Mukti crying sitting on the bench. She went to her n said
Nandini: Mukti, tum to bhot strong thi phir aj kya hgya tumhe
Mukti: mai kya kru Nandini, I can’t see Manik nor my Fab3 in pain, I kept myself strong but today I couldn’t handle myself.
Nandini smiled after hearing n stood up, Mukti asked
Mukti: kya hua Nandini, tum smile kyu karrahi ho?
Nandini: kyunki mujhe tmhra solution mlgya hy
Mukti: r wo kya hy?
Nandini: tum mere sath chlogi tabhi pata chlga.

N Nandini took Mukti with her, they reached a cabin, cabin had a name plate “Phychiatrist”. Mukti after reading it asked
Mukti(angry): mai tumhe pagal lagti ho jo tum mujhe yaha lekar aai.
Nandini: noo, tum pagal ab ho nhi par andar jakar ho jaogi
Mukti: kya matlab hy tumhara?
Nandini: tum chalo to sahi
Nandini took her inside the cabin, a person was seated on the seat n his back was towards them. Nandini called Bhai n the person turned. The boy came towards them n hugged Nandini. Nandini said turning to Mukti this is my brother Abhimanyu Thakkar. Mukti said
Mukti: but tumhare bhai ka naam is Rishab hai na.
Nandini: haa hai par ye mera big brother hai Abhi Bhai.
Mukti: oh iska matlab tum 3 siblings ho
Nandini: haa.
Mukti: waise y did u bring me here?
Nandini: haa mai to bhool hi gyi thi.
After saying this she whispered something to Abhi. Nandini left the room. After 30mins Mukti came out smiling n blushing. Nandini seeing her said                                               Nandini: oho, I have never seen any tomboy blush.
Mukti: chupkar.

They both went back to Manik’s room. As they both entered the room Cabir said                             
Cabir: Nandini tumne ise aisa kya kaha jo ye itna smile karrahi hy    Nandini: Cabir maine toh aisa kuch nahi kiya jo bhi kiya bha Nandini got cut by Mukti as she said ye topic chod do guyz r manik pe bhi dhyan do. They all got their whole attention on Manik. Nandini thought how Mukti changed the topic. It was night, Navni left for their respective homes, Cabir have a mom so he too left after insisted by Fab3 n Fab3 was wid Manik in hospital. Manik have no parents. It was morning, Rishab wanted to meet Fab5 so Nandini after preparing breakfast left for hospital, on the way she met Navya.

Navnira went to Manik’s room only to see Fab4 sleeping, sitting near the bed, their heads on the bed. Dhrulya right side n Mukbir left(Cabir came at midnight). Nandini went to wake Mukbir n Navya went to Dhrulya. They all woke up n got freshened up. After having breakfast, Fab4 gave their autographs to Rishab. Fab4 were talking to Rishab(Rishab can talk)
Cabir: so u all stay here
Rishab: noo, we stay in Manglore, we came here for my checkup.      Dhruv: ur Abhi Bhai also lives with u both?                                                  Rishab: noo, he works here so he stay here.
Alya: u both stay alone in Mangalore or with ur parents.        Rishab: we dont have parents but grandma, we call her Amms.         

Meanwhile Abhi came to meet Nandu n Rishab. Nandu asked Abhi what happened yesterday between u n Mukti? Abhi replied u dont need to worry. Nandini nodded her head. Abhi then went to talk with boys n girls were talking with each other.

So guys, how was it?? Kya kaha hoga Abhi ne jo our tomboy blushed?? Think think?, waiting for response………..
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