FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 20)


Well well, last chp is here n epilogue on its way, have fun reading…..

Chapter 20 – Marriages

Precap:- All run away
(Present Same Night)
All ran as Cabir was gonna come n yah all r gonna stay at Dhawan Mansion, Manan reached Manik’s room, both entered n Manik pinned Nandu to the wall, he started giving wet kisses on her neck followed by her shoulder, then he gave a love bite on her collarbone to which she hissed, he continued giving her wet kisses, then he left her neck n pecked her eyes, her nose, her cheeks n lastly was gonna kiss her when she stopped by keeping her palm b/w their lips, to which Manik got irritated n said

Manik: kya yaar, sab kharab krdye
Nandini: acha, I did, jabse ye kya kar rahe the, pointing towards the hickey he gave her which was totalling red
Manik(worried): I am really sorry for this, is it hurting??
Nandini: shhh, don’t say sorry for this, it juz shows ur love for me, n u can never hurt me, now I am gng to change my clothes, these r tiresome, showing her clothes, Manik nods his head but says, come after changing to which Nandu nods n leaves


Dhruv n Alya reach Dhruv’s room, Alya goes n changes her clothes n return to Dhruv’s room for giving his watch which he deliberately made stuck in her lehenga, as Alya entered the room, Dhruv locked it as he was back of the door n Alya said

Alya: Dhruv, ye tum kya kar rahe ho??
Dhruv(coming towards her): kya kar raha hoo??
Alya: mujhe kuch thik nhi lag raha??
Dhruv(close to her): mujhe bhi
Alya got nervous n fell on the bed n Dhruv hovered on her n pecked her forehead, same followed by her eyes, cheeks n then her lips, he placed his lips on hers, they kissed each other senselessly, Alya’s hands already made their way in Dhruv’s hair n pulling him more towards her, they broke the kiss n rested their foreheads.


Abhi n Mukti were already on bed, talking about Manan’s return but Abhi had some other plan n shushed Mukti by placing his lips on hers, she was shocked on his sudden reaction n immediately broke the kiss n said

Mukti: Abhi, what was that??
Abhi: what?? It was a kiss
Mukti: y did u kiss me??
Abhi: kya matlab y, I can’t kiss u kya?? Mukti: but we were talking na
Abhi: haa toh, I wanted to kiss u
Mukti(encircling her arms around his neck): oh like that, toh pehle puchlete na, mai bhi respond karti
Abhi(holding her waist): toh ab puch raha hoon, may I??
Mukti nodded her head n Abhi getting the green signal, brushed his lips on her n lied on the bed.


After awhile Nandu returned to Manik’s room only to see how adorable Manik was looking while sleeping, he had the peace which he didn’t had in past 3 months, she went n lied beside him while Manik hugged her n snuggled into her, she caressed his hairs n drifted to sleep.

Next day, all were down talking to each other when Manan arrived still in their nightwears juz freshened up, Mukti said

Mukti: tum dono ne kapde kyu nhi change kiye??
Manik: kyu, koi prob hai inme??
Mukti: no bas aise hi puch rahi thi
Manik: good

Meanwhile CM came n informed the breakfast is ready, all reached the dining table, n Manik like a gentleman pulled a chair for Nandini n with a smile she sat while Cabir said

Cabir: ahem ahem, ye sab kya ho raha hai??
Manik: matlab??
Cabir: tum dono koi date pe nhi ho jo, ye sab kar rahe ho?
Manik: oye, gf bf toh hai na, jaha chahe waha kuch bhi kare, tujhe kya??
Cabir(with fake tears): dost dost na raha
Manik: chup kar, ab mai puchta ho, waise kya kya kiya tumlog ne kal raat ko?
Navya who was drinking water spitted it while Cabir was caressing her back, n Nandu punched Manik in his stomach saying
Nandini: pagal ho tum, kya pucha, see Manik(taking seat): sorry, woh bhi aise hi sawaal kar raha tha
Mukti: wah Manik, acha sawaal tha
Manik: thanx
Cabir: chup karo dono

All kept quiet n had their breakfast, then all went n sat in living room when Cabir said

Cabir: toh Manik baba, ab kripya karke batiye ki tum dono in 3 mahino mein kaha the
Manik: kya yaar, kya kare ga jaanke, teri shaadi hui hai, bata honeymoon ke liye kaha jaraha hai?
Navya: Manik hume baato mein mat phirao n seedhe se bole
Dhruv: haa buddy, bol
Manik: k, so listen

Manan were in the hospital room when doc came n all went outside, Manan heard everything what doc said about their operation, 5% chance n they thought that they won’t survive, when all went from outside, Manan wrote a letter n left from their, after awhile a nurse came to check on them but they both weren’t there, the nurse went to the doc, when Fab4 n Navbhi came reached the room n got shocked as Manan weren’t in the room, but then Alya found the letter n

Our Friends
We are very sorry for what we did, we heard everything what doc said n we decided that we can’t see u all shattered after our death, so therefore we are leaving before our death, we know u all will be broken but I believe my friends are stronger to take care of themselves n my family, n don’t try to find us, this is our last wish, so please don’t try, Amms I am really sorry for what I did but I can’t see u all crying n broken, I am really sorry n please don’t try to find us
Yours Manan

All were having tears but they controlled, n all left from their. Here Manan hiding themselves boarded a bus n the bus last stop was in some village, they both got down their n were walking, they both didn’t had anything from last day, n now bcoz of the sun, they both felt like fainting, on half way they both rested near a tree where they both fell unconscious after saying I Love U, the next day, Manik came conscious n found himself in a small room, he wasn’t in his tee n his bandage was removed, he tried to get up but he wasn’t that strong to get up, a man came n stopped him n said

Man: beta, tum yeh kya kar rahe ho??
Manik: wo, mere saath ek ladki thi, wo kaha hai??
Man: wo bhi yahi hai, tum chinta mat karo
Manik: mujhe usse milna hai
Man: tumhari haalat thik nhi hai, humne wo goli nikal di
Manik: kya, apne nikal di
Man: haa
Manik: mujhe usse milna hai
Man: dekho agar wo tumhe aisi halat mein dekhe gi, toh use bura lage ga
Manik: thik hai

Here Nandini came conscious n asked same qs but being a good girl she didn’t argue with the lady, her bullet was also removed by the lady.

When two people love each other n their family, not to see them shattered both left from there but God had some other plans, shayad God didn’t wanted them to live but when seeing their love for each other n family, God had to kept them alive, God can never come b/t loved ones

Manan didn’t wanted each other to see in their bad health, they wanted to meet each other after they get fully healed, n after 1 month, they both came face to face fully healed. They both took baby steps to come near each other, both had tears of joy as they survived, they will meet their family n friends, Manik cupped Nandu’s face n placed a kiss on her forehead which was never ending, both were feeling each other’s presence, after awhile both hugged each other tightly, both sat under a tree, lil far from the village n Manik said

Manik: Nandini, I am very happy, we both survived
Nandini: haa Manik, we both survived
Manik: hum jaldi wapis laut jaenge
Nandini: but Manik, hume jinhone bachaya unka kya??
Manik: right, maine unke baare mein socha hi nhi
Nandini: in this 1 month, I discovered that yahape sculs nhi hai
Manik: what?? Tumhara matlab hai, yahake bacche don’t study
Nandini nodded in a no, Manik said
Manik: toh hum aisa karte hai, build a scul here
Nandini: maine bhi yahi socha, but how??
Manik: have u forgotten I am The Manik Malhotra
Nandini: no
Manik: k, yeh sab chodo, I am gonna call Nanu
Nandini: k, till then I vil talk with the couple who saved us
Manik: k

Manan left from there n Manik went to a PCO near the village n called Nanu

Manik: Nanu
Nanu: Manik, tu sachi hai
Manik: haa Nanu
Nanu: mere bacche, kaha hai tu?
Manik: Nanu, mai aur Nandini, kisi gao mein hai
Nanu: acha, Nandini kaha hai?
Manik: wo yaha nhi hai, aur haa hum laut ne wale hai
Nanu: nhi, tum dono yaha nhi aaoge
Manik: but kyu Nanu?
Nanu: tum dono ke baare mein kisi ko pata chala toh prob ho sakti hai
Manik: par kyu Nanu?
Nanu: Nandini pe jisne goli chalyi thi, wo abhi bhi bahar ghum raha hai
Manik: matlab, Ashok
Nanu: nhi Ashok ne goli tum par chlyi, Nandini par jisne chlyi woh
Manik: lekin hum dono yaha kya karenge?
Nanu: oye tu mera nawasa hai, kuch bhi kar, but yaha mat aa, mai uss insaan ko dhundne ke baat, tum dono ko yaha khud bulaunga
Manik: k Nanu, par sab ka khyal rakhna
Nanu: thik hai
Manik: luv u Nanu
Nanu: luv u too bacha
They both hung up the call, n Manik went to Nandini n informed her about what Nanu said, now they both had to stay in the village

Manik went to change his clothes in the village’s attire as they both had to hide their identity, Nandini too went n both together came out of the rooms, Nandini started laughing on seeing Manik’s attire, Manik said

Manik: y r u laughing??
Nandini: u know tum kese lag rahe ho?
Manik: haa, joker ka Akshay Kumar
Nandini: Akshay Kumar ka toh pata nhi par joker zrur lag rahe ho
She again started laughing n Manik got lost in her laugh, but then he too said
Manik: tumhe pata hai, tum kesi lag rahi ho?
Nandini: haa, pata hai, I am looking beautiful
Manik(pulled her by her waist): acha, sirf beautiful
Nandini: hmmm
Manik: ur looking hot too
Nandini(hitting his chest): Manikkk
Manik: what??
Nandini: chodo, koi ajayega
Manik(nuzzling in her hairs): aane do

Juz then they both heard coughs n straightened themselves, the old couple were standing their with smiles, the old lady said

Lady: bhut pyaar karte ho na dono ek dusre se
Manik(lost): haa
Man: aur tum bhi
Nandini(lost): haa
Lady: tum dono shadi-shuda ho??
Manan(back from lala-land): noo
Lady: toh phir tum dono ko shadi karni hogi
Manan: kyaa?? Par kyu??
Man: kyuki iss gao mein bina shadi ke koi saath nhi reh sakta
Nandini: thik hai na, Manik apne kamre mein aur mai apne
Lady: par tum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte ho toh, shaadi kyu nhi karna chahte?
Manik: hum, hamare parivaar ke saath rehkar shaadi karna chahte hai
Man: acha, toh phir tum dono, ek dusre se nhi miloge
Manik: thik hai, ……kyaa??
Lady: haa beta, jo ek dusre se pyaar karte hai, wo shaadi ke baad hi milte hai, jab unke parivaar ko pata chalta hai
Manik: par
Nandini: Manik, wo keh rahe hai na, toh manjao, hum gao mein nhi toh ghar mein toh mil sakte hai na
Manik: thik ha

After deciding this Manan never met each other in front of villagers but at home they spends time, Nandini decided to teach the children of village, many said no but some said yes, every week Nanu sent money to them by which they brought books for children, one night after having dinner Manan were at terrace, lying on a mat, Manik didn’t said anything to which Nandini got to know that Manik is missing Fab4, she said

Nandini: Manik, don’t be upset na, Nanu said na wo kuch karenge
Manik: I am missing them like hell
Nandini: mai bhi, Amms, Rishu, Bhai n Navya
Manik: hum wapis chale jate hai
Nandini: but Nanu
Manik: Nandini, hum dono jaakar khud culprit ko dhoondte hai
Nandini: fine

They both decided to return back n called Nanu, this time Nanu too agreed as he can’t hide the fact that Manan r alive, he said he vil sent a car to which they agreed, n next day Manan informed the old couple about their return n they were happy n Manan also promised that they would send builders to build a scul, all villagers were happy about this n gave them blessings, they both left the village
(Flashback Over)

Manik: n after this u all know
Twinkle: iska matlab Nanu knew everything
Cabir: isiliye woh zyada time study room mein rehte
Mukti: taaki unke muh se sach na nikal jaae
Alya: right
Nandini: guys, wo yeh sab hamari safety ke liye hi kar rahe the na
Dhruv: haa guys, Nandini is right
All: yah

After 1 month
Dhruv was getting ready in sherwani n was going to wear his sehra but he was annoyed + angry on something, so was not wearing the sehra properly when Cabir came n said

Cabir: bhai kya kar raha hai??
Dhruv: kya yaar, pareshaan mat kar
Cabir: oh Alya se nhi mila isiliy gussa hai
Dhruv: haa, do din se use dekhne bhi nhi diya
Cabir: haa toh, its ritual naa, shadi se pehle dulha dulhan nhi milte
Dhruv: but teri shaadi mein toh aisa nhi hua tha na
Cabir: but u knw na circumstances kya the
Both became sad thinking about the 3 months but Manik heard this n said
Manik: buddy, 2 din se nhi dekha na, aaj dekhna, do din ke baad aur bhi beautiful lage gi wo
Dhruv: sach
Manik(straightening the sehra): of course

After awhile, a boys reached to the Marriage Hall, lil later Mukti n Navya brought Alya down n here Dhruv’s jaw dropped + he was gonna faint when Cabir held him n said

Cabir: kya kar raha hai, maine toh sirf muh khula rakha tha par tu toh behosh hi hgya
Dhruv: sorry, but she is looking
Cabir: I know isiliye when I saw Navya I also did the same
Dhruv: sorry Bhai

Then Alya came, both sat down n rituals started, Cabir tied the knot n pheras, vermilion n mangalsutra was done by Dhruv(lol), later they both took blessings from elders(Amms, Nana, Nani, Chacha,Chachi), later Dhrulya left for Vedant Mansion where Nandini was waiting for them with pooja’s thaali n Manik was irritating her(actually romancing), Nandini was getting irritated as he was nuzzling in her hairs n Cabir was trying not to see the adult movie gng on.

Dhrulya reached their n Nandini did their aarti n same goes with Alya, the rice pot n red colour water, she entered the home n all sat in living room waiting for the milk with rose petals, Nandini brought the thaal of milk, n all excitedly sat near Dhrulya, Dhrulya sat opp sides n this time Cabir put the ring as they didn’t have trust on Manik, he could do the same with Dhruv too to which Manik made faces.

Alya found the ring in juz 5mins n all hooted, Dhrulya as per the rituals, Dhruv took Alya in his arms, n all already reached up, to irritate the new couple, Dhruv said

Dhruv: so guys, bolo kya chahiye??
Mukti: 10lacs
Dhruv: what?? Cabir se toh 5lac hi mange the na
Mukti: haa toh, ab 10lac chye, any prob?
Dhruv: haa hai, mere paas sirf 5lacs hai
Mukti: oh toh, pehle hi sab plan kar liya tha
Dhruv: haa, abhi tum 5lacs rakho n waise bhi mere haath dard horahe hai, jaldi jaane do
Alya: Dhruvv, mai itni moti ho
Dhruv: baby, aisa nhi hai
Navya: Mukti, jaane do na bechara ko dard ho raha hai
Mukti: k

They took 5lacs n let them go inside, all waited outside the room n they heard a clock ring, the sound stopped but a lil later again the same sound came, they all started laughing as they all did this, they placed atleast 10 clocks n in such places that they they won’t find, all laughed alot n left from there n inside Dhrulya were getting irritated.

After 1 month
Abhi was lying on the bed lost somewhere, when Nandini entered his room, n shouted

Nandini: bhaiii
Abhi: kya hua, kyu chilla rahi hai??
Nandini: aap abhi tak ready nhi hue
Abhi: haa toh ho jaunga, isme prob kya hai?
Nandini: shaadi aaj hai, kal nhi, jaiye abhi n get ready, fastt
Abhi: k
Abhi left n after 15mins, he came in his sherwani looking dashing, Nandini went awww on her bro, then she made him wear sehra, he placed a kiss on her forehead n she left from there.

The Thakkars/Murthys reached the hotel where marriage was gonna held, Abhimanyu was waiting to see Mukti as he didn’t see her from last 2 days as per the rituals, n there she came looking more hot than usual n Abhi was going to her but Nandini stopped him in b/w n said

Nandini: bhai, what r u doing?
Abhi: what, I am gng to bring my bride
Nandini: no, ur not gng anywhere, see kitne log hai yhpar
Abhi: right
Abhi waited for Mukti, she came there n both sat down for the rituals, Manik tied the knot, then all rituals were done, both took blessings from elders n Mukbhi left for Thakkar Mansion where Amms was waiting for their arrival, she did the aarti n again the same rituals of entering the house were held n again everyone excitedly waited for the ring game, n Mukti found the ring, elders already went to sleep bcoz of tiredness, after this Navya said

Navya: guys, hume kuch batana hai
Nandini: haa bolo, Navya
Navya: w…wo act…actually
Cabir: Navya, kya hua, tum thik toh ho na
Navya: haa hum thik hai
Manik: toh bolo, kya bolna hai??
Navya: wohumpregnanthai she said all in one go
No one got what she said but someone got what she said
Nandini: whattt??? R u serious??? She hugged Navya tightly n literally jumped on Cabir, all were totally shocked when Manik said
Manik: Nandini, what is happening??
Nandini: Manikkk, Bhai dad banne wale hai
All: whattt???
Cabir: sachi
Navya: muchi
Cabir hugged her tightly while all went awww on them but Manik said
Manik: ahem ahem, bhai hum sab hai yaha
Cabir(breaking the hug): toh, tu bhi sab ke saamne hi shuru ho jata hai
Manik: wo sab chod, gale nhi mile ga
Cabir: of course milunga

All hugged each other n congratulated Cavya, later as rituals say, Abhi took Mukti in his arms n moved towards their room where all were waiting for them, Abhi said

Abhi: bolo kya chahiye??
Nandini: bhaii, Paris ke tickets
Abhi: what???
Navya: what, what?? Sunaiyi nhi diya kya, tickets
Abhi: lekin, abhi kis ke paas tickets hote hai?
Manik: haa Nandini, Abhi thik keh raha, abhi toh uske paas tickets nhi honge, hum kal lelenge
Nandini: k, Manik.

Without any arguments, they let them in, Abhi locked the room n placed Mukti on the bed, she smiled at him, n then slowly he started removing her jewelry, after 5mins, she was free of all jewelry n Abhi hovered upon her, putting all his weight on her n then they heard a sound, tak, but they didn’t care about n as they were gonna proceed further, tak-tak-tak n both fell down as the bed broke, all who were outside started laughing n here Mukbhi were bali ke bakre(lol).

After 3 weeks
Manik was waiting on the stage for someone n obviously that someone was his shining star n there she appeared like a star n he was literally ogling at her, his trance broke when he felt a pat on his shoulder n he said

Manik(turning back): not again Cabi he stopped as he saw Amms n said
Amms, aap
Amms: haa mai
Manik: kuch galti hui hai, arrangements mein
Amms: nhi kanna, bas yeh kehna tha ki, use aise mat dekho, bhut saare log hai yahape, kuch bhi bol sakte hai
Manik(lowering his gaze): sorry Amms
Amms: sorry ki baat nhi hai, tumhari hi hone wali biwi hai, shaadi ke baad jitna dekhna hai dekhlena, Manik was shocked n looked at Amms n she winked at him playfully, she left but Manik still stood in shock n again someone patted his shoulder, he turned n saw Nani standing n she said
Nani: kya hua, kaha khoya hai?? Nandini toh iss taraf hai, waha kaha dekhraha hai, sagaai karni hai ya nhi??
Manik(shout): haa haa, karni hai
All giggled on his sudden reaction n Nandu embarrassed, Nandini reached the stage n Manik gave his hand which Nandini ignored to which Cabir muttered
Cabir: ab kya karega, aag lagadi isne, ab meri behen pata nhi kya karegi

The ceremony started n Manan made each other wear the rings, all hooted n clapped for the couple, both took blessings n the night ended but not for Manan as Nandini was still mad at Manik but was sleepless bcoz she didn’t talked with him, she received his message

Monster: jaan sorry na
Me: what sorry haa, pata hai how embarrassed I was
Monster: but Nani ne bhi aisa sawaal pucha, toh mai kya karta
Me: haa toh, shout karne ki kya zrurat thi

The messages stopped n Nandini got worried but juz then she felt two arms encircling her waist n she tried to remove the hands but they were too strong n he said

Manik: sorry naa
Nandini: no sorry
Manik: toh kya karu??
Nandini: jao yaha se
Manik left her ho
was gng back when Nandini hugged him from back to which he smirked n Nandini
Nandini: zyada khush hone ki zrurat nhi hai
Manik: mai kaha khush ho raha ho?
Nandini: o Mr, mai tumhari hone wali biwi ho aur mujhe pata hai, tum kab khush or naraz hote ho
Manik(turning back): acha
Nandini: hmmm
Manik: toh tum ab gussa nhi ho, right??
Nandini: kisne kaha, nhi hoon.
Manik: acha toh ho, thik hai phir I vil leave
He again turned but Nandini stopped him n said
Nandini: please don’t go, stay with me
Manik didn’t say anything, took Nandu in his arms n placed her on the bed n lied beside her, caressing her hairs, she snuggled in him n drifted to sleep n he too. Next two days went in shopping for functions.

4th Day Sangeet
All got ready n reached Thakkar Mansion for Sangeet, Cabir reached the stage n said

Cabir: guys, aaj hamare Manan ka sangeet hai, par bhut rukha sukha lagraha hai, toh thoda fun hojaaye
All: yayyy
Cabir: k, so here comes me n my Madhubala
Cavya danced on The Breakup Song(they didn’t break up, k?)
Dhrulya danced on Radha(SOTY)
Mukbhi danced on Larki Kar Gayi Chull
All enjoyed the couple dances, n achanak all lights went off n a spotlight showed on the stage, where our hero was sitting with a guitar n he said
Manik: this is for my shining star, he started

Haan aa…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)
(He said this looking at Nandini n both reminisced their accidental meet)

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage (x2)
(Both reminisced their friendship n how Manik changed from Monster To Manik)

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe Khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye
(Nandini knew he meant everything what he said n had tears in her eyes ti which Manik signalled not to shed)

Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)
(All smiled at the duo’s eye talk, some blessed them n some were jealous bcoz of them)

Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye
(Nandini started while Manik smiled at her)

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)
(Nandini now reached beside Manik n placed her head on his shoulder while he held her possessively by her waist)
O.. aa…

All clapped n hooted while elders of family had tears n prayed for them umptieth time, then all family members danced on Salaam E Ishq n like this the eventful night finished.

5th Day Mehendi
All henna designers were sitting around Nandini n were choosing the design but our Angel was confused what to choose n juz then our hero looking dashing as always entered n all girls were ogling at him shamelessly n he gave a damn to all n sat beside his shining star n helped her choosing the design, after 2 hours the design was over but one thing was left our Monster’s name on our Angel’s hand, Nandini said

Nandini: Manik, chalo leave
Manik: what??
Nandini: what, what?? Maine kaha jao
Manik: oh toh ma’am ka kaam khatam hgya, toh mai bhi jao
Nandini: haa, jaao ab
Manik: mai nhi jaunga
Designer: dekhiye hume aapka name inke palm pe likhna hai, toh isiliye
Manik: oh toh ye baat hai, k I am gng.
Nandini: tum aise hi maangaye
Manik: haa, I want to find my name n after that *smirk*
Nandini(hitting his shouder): Manikkk

Manik laughed n left from their, at night all girls were planning for hens party while Nandini was admiring the henna on her hands which were in darkest colour, when Alya noticed her n said

Alya: ye dekho, jiske liye party hone wali hai, wahi yaha nhi hai
Mukti: Nandini, kya soch rahi hai??
Navya: areyy, dekh nhi sakte kya tum dono, wo mehendi ka rang dekhrahi hai
That’s when Mukya noticed Nandini’s hands n were surprised to see her henna more dark then their marriages henna, Alya went to her n said
Alya: OMG!! Manik loves u so much.
Nandini: Alyaaa
Mukti: what Alya?? Wo sahi keh rahi hai, look at ur hands
Nandini: bhabhiii, aap bhi
Navya: kya bhabhi, tum inhe chida rahi thi na, ab ye tumhe tease karenge, now bhugto
The night went in teasing n Nandini turning red.

6th Day Bachelors n Hens Party
Today was the last day, both were gonna get married tomorrow, so the friends decided to have a party for the couple, no rituals were today except one, from today onwards Manan were not gonna see each other till marriage to which both agreed but as usual our baba had some other plans, it was afternoon, all were busy having lunch, Nandini wasn’t hungry but reality was she was missing Manik, it was only half day but she started missing him, she was in her room, sitting, resting her head on bed board when she felt a soft pair of lips on her forehead, a smile crept on her lips n she encircled her arms around his neck, n said

Nandini: so aagyi meri yaad
Manik(on top of her): tum toh aise keh rahi ho, jaise u didn’t missed me
Nandini: who said I missed u
Manik: oh toh ma’am didn’t miss me, to phir main bhi chala jata hoon, he tried getting up but Nandini didn’t let him go
Nandini: Manik, I missed u
Manik: I know isiliye aaya hoon aur ab jao n have lunch
Nandini: no
Manik: yess
Manik got up n made Nandini also get up n sent her down while she smilingly came down, all girls were surprised to see her smiling as if she met Manik, n then Mukti immediately made a call to Abhimanyu asking to check Manik is at home or not, here Abhi went to check Manik’s room but didn’t find Manik, he was gonna leave the room when he heard washroom’s door sound n turned to see Manik, Manik asked him any prob to which he nodded in no n left the room while Manik smirked.

It was night n all left for party venue n coincidentally both the couple’s venue was same but no one knew bcoz girls n boys selected different halls n all were still far, Manan were getting bored but others were enjoying as they were partying after long time, Nandini went to swimming pool’s area n sat dipping her legs in water, she saw Manik’s face in water n thought she was imagining, she closed her eyes n opened n Manik’s face wasn’t there but saw him sitting beside her, she said

Nandini: r u real??
Manik(whispering huskily): yes baby
Nandini(blushing): Manikkk
Manik: toh tumhare grp ne yaha party rakhi
Nandini: aur tumhare grp ne bhi
Manik: haa, but I am very happy
Nandini: me too
Manik: tum kis wajah se ho? Mai toh isiliye khush hoo, kyunki Cabir ne bhut hot ladki ko bulao hamari party mein
Nandini: aur main isiliye kyunki Mukti ne ek very hot ladke ko appoint kiya
Manik: acha, mujhse bhi zyada
Nandini: haa, ek pinch zyada
Manik: acha
Nandini smiled at him but he is also Manik n he started tickling each other, she laughed her heart out n atlast both hugged each other tightly, n after lil lovey-dovey talks both left, n returned to their grps smiling.

7th Day Haldi + Marriage
Next Morning all woke up early n started cross checking all arrangements, Nandini got ready in yellow colour dress till her knees, she was gng to leave the room but with a sudden pull, she was pinned to the wall n their stood her Manik, he said

Manik: madam aise kaise jaogi, pehle hone wale pati se toh haldi lagwalo
Nandini: thik hai, hone wale patidev
Manik made her sit on the bed n brought a bowl with lil haldi n went to her cheeks n pecked them n pasted the haldi softly on her cheeks while she was blushing like hell, n same goes with her hands, he placed a trail of kisses on her arms n pasted haldi on her arms, then he reached her legs n kissed them calmly n then pasted haldi on her legs too, juz then both heard a knock n Manik stood up n left pecking her forehead, Nandini opened the door to find Navya standing n Navya was shocked to see Nandini in haldi, she said

Navya: Nandu, ye haldi kisne lagayi
Nandini(lost): hone wale pati ne
Navya: kya?? Manik aaya tha
Nandini(back from lala land): wo….haa
Navya: ohh
Nandini: please kisi se mat kehna
Navya: hum to nhi kahenge par yeh haldi sab kehdegi
Nandini: wo I vil see, bas kisi ko batana mat Manik aaya tha
Navya: acha thik hai chalo

Meanwhile here Manik was seated on his seat n Nana Nani were covering him with haldi to which he was making faces, now it was Dhruv’s n he with a smirk moved towards Manik while Manik said

Manik: buddy, tu smirk kyu de raha hai mujhe
Dhruv: wo kya hai na buddy, mere badle ka time aaya hai
Manik: kya matlab?
Dhruv: pata chal jayega
Dhruv went to the bowl n took hand full of haldi n before Manik could react, Dhruv smacked the whole haldi on his face, n started running n Manik was chasing him saying
Manik: buddy, tune thik nhi kiya
Dhruv: meri haldi pe bhi aise hi kiya tha yaad hai
Manik: oh, isiliye
Dhruv: yess
Both were showing tom n jerry show while Nana Nani were praying to keep them happy.

It was Marriage time n Nandini was sad n happy when Amms came n said

Amms(placing her eyes kajal on Nandu’s neck): mera bacha kisi ki nazar na lage
Nandini: kisi ki nhi lagegi Amms
Amms: tu kab itni badi hgyi kanna
Nandini: Amms
Nandini hugged her, Chachi entered n she too joined the hugged, after lil emotional n teasing session, all went downstairs, Nandini felt an intense gaze on her n was finding him when she felt a pat on her shoulder, Navya was smiling at her, here Manik was looking at his bride looking breathtaking in her wedding dress, he left the mandap n went to Nandini n both descended the stairs together when said muttered

Abhi: jab mai apni biwi ko lene ja raha tha, isne rok liye but see here dulha seedhe dulhan ke saath aaya, I vil not leave u

All rituals were held, Cabir tied the knot n both took pheras, n Manik filled her maang, then made her wear nuptial tie, both smiled at each other n got up to take blessings from elders, Manan left for Malhotra Mansion, Manan reached Malhotra Mansion n Nani was waiting with pooja’s thaali, both came to Nani n she did the pooja, then as per the rituals, Nandini slightly kicked the rice pot n entered her new home, n then dipped her feet in the red colour water while all were waiting for them in the living room, Nanu n Nani already left to sleep n youngsters were ready to enjoy the game, Navya brought the milk’s thaal n Manan sat opp to each other, Dhruv dipped the ring n Manan started finding the ring, Manik found the ring n made Nandini wear it in the thaal itself, she smiled at him, n showed her finger to everyone but also said that Manik found it, all were leaving when Dhruv stopped them n said

Dhruv: guys, I want to inform u all something
Manik: bol buddy
Dhruv: wo….baat….ye….hai….ki
Alya: Dhruv say fast na
Dhruv: itna aasaan nhi hai, tumhi boldo
Alya: woh
Mukti: bol na Alya
Manik noticed Dhruv nervous, he went to him n said
Manik: tu mujhe bol, kaan mein
Dhruv nodded n whispered something to Manik n Manik smiled ear to ear n hugged Dhruv tightly n pecked Alya’s forehead, all were confused, Cabir said
Cabir: bhai, hume bhi bata
Manik: haa, kyu nhi, acha Cabir bata, tu abhi konse phase se guzar raha hai?
Cabir: mai…. I am married
Manik: no, ek aur phase hai
Cabir: mai…. Da he was shocked n looked at Dhruv n said
Cabir: mujhe nhi pata tha, tu itni jaldi aisa karega
Dhruv: bhaii
Cabir came n hugged him, while Navya said
Navya: koi btayega kya ho raha hai?
Manik: Navya ji, aap konse phase se guzar rahi hai?
Navya: hum…. Preg she stopped n looked at Alya, n went to her n hugged her, all by the time understood the matter n jumped on hone wale new dad aka Dhruv, now all left for Manan’s room.

Manik took Nandini in his arms n reached his room, where all were standing smilingly, Manik said

Manik: toh bol Twinkle, kya chahiye??
Twinkle: woh…. Bhai I want Disneyland’s ticket
Manik: k, Manik eyed Nandini n Nandini took Manik’s phone from his pocket, n dialed a no, Manik informed the person to book a ticket for Disneyland n ticket should reach the next morning n cancelled the call while Twinkle said
Twinkle: impressive, bhaii
Manik: thanks, Alya u??
Alya: I need new closet
Manik: Ramu kaka, Ramu kaka reached their n handed a key to Alya, Manik said
Manik: go n check ur room’s closet
Alya happily left from there, Manik said
Manik: Mukti, u??
Mukti: I want my fav chocolates
Manik: go n check ur room, Madhubala u??
Navya: I want world’s delecious pickles
Manik: what?? Pickles mai kaha se laao
Cabir: Navya last week I brought pickles, uska kya kiya?
Navya: dont worry Cabir, hum mazakh kar rahe the, wo kya hai na, Manik sabki wishes puri kar raha tha but hume pata tha, wo hamari wish puri nhi kar paayega
Manik: acha, kal tak tumhe mil jaayenge, ab mai jaao
Cabir: haa jaa

Manan went inside, all were waiting for sounds, no sound came but a message came n all checked their cells, it was Manik’s n it said

Manik: guys, bahar wait karne se kuch nhi hoga, koi awaaz nhi aane wali kyuki, tum sab ne jo bhi plan kiya tha, use maine flop kardiye, isiliye jaao n have a peaceful night

All were shocked reading the message, all had qs but didn’t disturb them n all left.

Inside the room, Manik made Nandini lie on the bed, but she sat n Manik removed her earings n bit her earlobes while she hissed, then with his teeths he removed the necklace, then the bangles n placed kisses on her hands, Nandini lied down only with the nuptial tie, n Manik hovered upon her n placed a kiss on her neck n entangled hands with each others n darkness made its way juz leaving the moonlight spreading in the room.

Longest Chp, ain’t ??
So confusion cleared na?? Love u all for supporting me n I am gonna return with new ff very soon, u all r gonna love it, I guess….
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️❤️

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