FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2 – Coma

Precap: Mukti was shocked knowing Manik can die.
Mukti(grabbing doc’s collars): how dare u say he vil die haa. He can’t leave us n go do u understand that.
Doc(horrified): Miss Mukti plzz control urself, I m a doc not god that I vil save him from death.
Mukti: where is he? Where is Manik?
Doc: in OT.
She came out of her room n was finding OT. Meanwhile other side in hospital. A girl is sitting beside a boy who is lying on the bed unconscious. The girl’s friend came there. She hugged her friend n
Nandini: tum toh nahi ane wali thi na
Navya: mazakh karahe the hum. Apni saheli ko akele kese chod de.
Nandini: bhut nautankin karti ho tum Navya. They both were chit-chatting when a nurse came n informed Nandini they need this medicines. Nandini took her bag n Navya too joined her for going to pharmacy. Meanwhile Mukti was tensed it’s 8min since doc said about Manik’a state. She prayed to “god”: I have never asked anything from u bcoz I never believed in u but today I asking my friend’s life. Plzzz send someone to save him. God was in mood for make her wish true that’s when Navya n Nandini were going to pharmacy when Navya noticed Mukti walking to n fro in front of OT maybe praying to “god”. Navya was very happy as she was a big fan of Fab5. She said to Nandini.
Navya: Nandini wo dekh Mukti.
Nandini: navya tumhe har
jagah Fab5 nazar aate hy

Navya: Nandini, sacchi waha Mukti hy. Hum to ja rahe hy unse milne.
Nandini: noo, navya tum kahi nahi jarahi ho.
Navya: of course hum jaenge n she left. Nandini left for pharmacy making iss-ladki-ka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta look.
Navya reached Mukti n said Hi. But Mukti was in no mood to handle any fan. She said
Mukti: plzz go away, I don’t want to meet anyone.
Navya: to hum kaha tumse milne aye hy, tumhe dekh kar lagraha ur pareshan.
Mukti(irritated): yess, hu mai pareshan mera dost waha life r death ke beech hy r my kuch nhi karpa rahi ho.
Navya: kon hy woh?
Mukti: Manik
Navya: kyaa???
Mukti was hell annoyed she thought y m I talking to her. She was going away when Navya being Navya asked her continously how all this happened. Mukti atlast was in mood to breakdown, she burst out everything n was crying. Navya also had tears after hearing her. She was consoling her when Nandini arrived. Nandini saw Mukti in that state n was concerned for her. She gave Navya a what-happen-look. After Mukti stopped crying Navya explained Nandini. Nandini went to Mukti n said
Nandini: Mukti, I can help Manik.
Mukti(suprised): how??
Nandini: bcoz my blood group matches his.
Listening this Mukti got up from her seat, tears of happiness were flowing from her eyes. Nandini wiped her tears n said go call the

Doc. Mukti went n called the Doc. Still 5mins were left, Doc immediately called the nurse n sent Nandini with her. After 1 hour Nandini came back with bandage on her hand. Mukti rushed towards her n took her in a bone-crushing hug, Nandini hugged her too. Navya had tears in her eyes seeing them. Mukti broke the hug
Mukti: u don’t know Nandini, what u have given me, I can’t thank u enough.
Nandini: Mukti u don’t need to thank me, agar koi meri jagah hota to shyad wo bhi yahi karta.
A nurse came n informed Dhruv is asking for her. Mukti took Nandini n Navya with her. Dhruv saw them n asked Mukti who r they. Mukti explained him everything. N he too wanted to hug her but his state wasn’t for a hug. Mukti said to nurse that bring Alya too here with her bed bcoz she can’t walk. As Fab5 were VIPs no one can say no to them. In next 15 mins Alya was also in Dhruv’s room n she too wanted to hug her but u all know it. Doc was operating Manik since 1 hour, a nurse came n informed that Cabir is conscious now. Fab3 were very happy. Mukti went to meet Cabir, Alya was gossiping with nanya n Dhruv was bored. Mukti reached Cabir’s room.
Cabir: mujhe to laga tum sab mujhe bhulgaye.
Mukti: haa bhulgaye the isilye free aasu bahara he the hai naaa.
Cabir: awww Mukti tu gusse me bhi cute lagti hy. She punched him in stomach n said
Mukti: phir aise kabhi prshan mat karna. Bhut dard hota hy
Cabir: tere mooh se emotional baate suit nai hoti.
Mukti: Cabir akhri baar tu kab serious hua tha.
Cabir started thinking, Mukti became annoyed n said
Mukti: tu soch ta rahe my jarahi hoo. He became serious now n asked
Cabir: Fab3 kaha hy, kese hy?
Mukti: woh sab thik, sirf Manik ki surgery ho rahi hy
Cabir(panicking): kya surgery, kaise surgery, bol na.
Mukti: stop panicking, he vil b fine n she said the whole drama.
Cabir: itna sab kese hgya r mom woh kha hy, is she k??

Suddenly a nurse entered with Cabir’s cell it was ringing. Cabir picked the call n it was her mom. She was fine n safe. She didn’t met with any accident, it was a plan for Fab5’s death but unfortunately “god” have some other plans for them. Cabir informed his mom about the accident leaving Manik’s part. After finished talking, he said Mukti about it. Cabir for changing the mood asked
Cabir: btw where is the angel who saved our monster.
Mukti: oh yah, I forgot about her, juz a min I vil bring her n she left the room. After 2 mins Mukti came with Nandini.
Mukti: Cabir this is Nandini n Nandini this is Cabir Fab5’s joker. Nandini chuckled listening the word “joker”. So Cabir milna chahte the na angel se kesi lagi Angel.
Cabir: sacchi angel hi hy ye. Nandini blushed. Mukti giggled seeing N blush.
Mukti: k now stop this blushing session. Let’s say the nurse to shift Cabir in Dhruv’s room. N Mukni left, after some time Fab4 were together. Dhruv: btw Nandini what r u doing in hospital.
Nandini: actually my brother, oh no I forgot about Rishab, I vil check n come n Nandini left. After 30mins she returned, everyone were silent. She asked
N: what happen guyz?? Achanak sab chup kyu hgya, mai gayi wqt sab thik tha phir
Nv(stammering): Nandini actually…baat…yeh…hai…ki
Cabir: ki Manik
N: haa bolo Manik kya
Mukti: woh coma mein chlagya hy
N(shocked): what???
Dhruv(angry): jiski wajah se ye hua hy hum use chodenge ny.
N: tmhra mtlab kya hy??
Alya said her how they got a call n they were coming in the midway car turned. Nandini was shocked bcoz she didn’t know this part. Fab4 together said v vil not leave that person.

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