FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 19)


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Chapter 19 – Return

Precap: Doc says he has lost hope
(Present Same Day)
Mukti: what r u saying doc?
Doc: I am saying truth, now juz pray to god
Doc left n Mukti fell on her knees n started crying, Abhi was consoling her, everyone were praying but nothing worked, Cabir said
Cabir: guys, stop crying, think something
Navya(crying): Cabir kya kare hum, haa
Cabir: shhh, stop crying, jab wo hosh me aayenge aur tum sabko aisi haalat mein dekhenge they vil be guilty
Navya(stops crying): haa, ur right lekin wo hosh me kese ayenge
Cabir: they both vil be concious soon for their love
Navya: hum aisa kyu nhi karte ki dono ko ek hi room mein lekar aate hai
Cabir: k

In 5mins both were in one room, all were praying for their consciousness but everything went in vain, they again became sad, their hope failed again when Mukti said

Mukti: ye dono abhi bhi hosh mein nhi aaye
Navya: tum chinta mat karo, bas pray
Alya: we are praying from last 5mins, nothing is happening
Dhruv: don’t see the time, juz pray with ur whole heart
Alya nodded n everyone started praying then Navya got an idea n made Manan’s hand entangled with each other, after 2mins, a machine was giving sound, Abhi ran outside n called the doc, the doc came n was shocked to see they were becoming conscious, he checked them n came outside, all came with him outside n doc said

Doc: I want to inform that now we can do the operation
Cabir: k, then start the operation
Doc: but the imp thing is there is only 5% chance of their survival
All: what???
Doc: yes
Cabir: k, then start it
Doc: k, then come with me for signing the papers.
All went with doc to his cabin, Cabir was gng to sign the paper but his hands were trembling that should he sign or not, he looked at everyone who nodded their heads, n Cabir was gng to sign when a nurse came n said

Nurse: s..sir w..wo ro..room n..no 110
Mukti: kya hua une?
Navya: bolo
Abhi: say naa
They all ran to Manan’s room n were shocked

After 3 months
Malhotra Mansion was decorated with flowers n people were running here n there with lots of work, some were caterers, so some were decoraters. A woman was shown shouting at workers to work fast as marriage is today not tomorrow, two pair of eyes were looking at the woman with a smile when one person said

Person1: dekho Nani kitni khush hai.
Person2: haa Navya, I know itne din baad iss ghar me khushiya aayi hai
Navya: ye sab tumhari wajah se Cabir, agar tumne hamari shaadi ki baat nhi ki hoti toh shayad sab abhi bhi sad rehte
Cabir: I know n they both turned back to see Manan’s pic on the wall n tears welled up in their eyes
Cabir(tears welling up): kyu kiya tum dono ne aisa, hamari dosti itni hi thi haa, aur choti tu, tune apne bhai ke baare me ek baar bhi nhi socha, Navya ke baare mein nhi socha, chodkar chalgye tum dono hum sab ko akele, kyu? 3 mahine hgye hai tum dono ko jaakar but aaj bhi sab rote hai(started crying) tum dono ko yaad karke, kyu kiya tum dono me aisa, Chacha,Chachi, Amms n Rishu ke baare mein nhi socha, Nana Nani ke baare mein nhi socha, y? Please vaapis aajao tum dono, please. We r getting married ki sab thik hojaye but hamare ghaav abhi bhi taaze hai, kya kare hum, laut aao tum dono
Navya: Cabir please sambhalo khudko
Cabir: how can I? Aaj hamari zindagi ka imp din hai par still I am crying for these two, kyu kiya inhone aisa
Navya: hum kuch nhi kar sakte, jo bhi hua Mata Rani ki marzi se hua n stop crying Nani will notice
Cabir(stops crying): tum thik keh rahi ho
They both turned to go back n got life’s biggest shock, they both saw Manan standing with tears n smile on their faces, both Cavya went to Manan n instead of hugging Manik, Cabir slapped him hard n Manik juz smiled as he knew this was coming anytime, but Navni juz hugged each other crying n Manik too hugged Cabir n said

Manik: saale, I missed u so much
Cabir: I missed u too
Manik: I am sorry
Cabir: phir kabhi aisa mat karna
Manik: never
They broke the hug then Cabir hugged Nandini n then Manan went to meet Nana Nani n Twinkle, all cried n cried, later Manan went to take rest, Fab3, Amms, Rishu didn’t know about Manan’s arrival nor Abhi, it was 4pm when Manan woke up n came down. Cabir said

Cabir: acha hua tum dono agaye warna mai tum dono ka romance kharab karne aane hi wala tha, Manik didn’t say anything, Cabir went to him n said
Cabir: kya hua, tu kuch bol kyu nhi raha, Manik juz hugged him n Cabir felt his shoulder getting wet, he broke the hug n said
Cabir: kya hua Manik, y r u crying??
Nandini: bhaii, apka tease karna, he missed it, isiliye
Cabir: pagal hai kya, itni choti si baat par emotional hgya, choti tune hamare Manik ko sach mein badal diya hai
Nandini: bhaii
Navya: ab sab chalo lunch nhi karna
All went n had lunch, after that Manan went for shopping of wedding outfits, Manik chose Nandini’s choice n Nandini chose Manik’s choice, both returned home n started getting ready, Manik was passing from Nandini’s room n saw her, she was looking breathtakingly beautiful but was struggling with her blouse hooks, Manik went inside when Nandini said

Nandini: thank god, u came nhi toh I would have stayed whole night in this room
Manik: I wouldn’t have let u stay
Nandini: acha, now leave that n help me with this, pointing the hooks
Manik finished the hook thing but didn’t leave Nandini n started giving kisses on her shoulder, Nandini smiled at him but stopped him to which he got irritated but agreed to her.

Later, guests started arriving n Manan were hiding in a room, later Mukti n Alya brought Navya down to which Cabir’s jaw dropped when Dhruv said

Dhruv: bhaii, muh to bandkar
Cabir: jab teri baari aayegi naa tab pata chalega

Cabir went towards Navya n gave her his hand to which she happily accepted, they both made each other wear garlands after lil masti, they both sat near the mandap n lights went off, all were shocked except Cavya, Nana Nani n Twinkle, they knew what was coming next, a spotlight showed towards the stairs, n there appeared our “Manan”, both with smiles descended the stairs hand in hand, here Mukbhi, Dhrulya, Amms n Rishu were shocked, Abhi said

Abhi: Mukti tum wahi dekh rahi ho jo mai dekhraha hoon
Mukti(lost n shocked): yesss
Here Dhrulya’s condition was same, Dhruv said
Dhruv: Alya r u seeing what I am saying
Alya: yesss
Manan smiled but their smiles turned into worries when they saw someone came n hugged Manik tightly.

Manik too hugged the person, after a lil time he broke the hug n cupped the person’s face n it was Simran with tears, Manik caressed her tears n said

Manik: Simi y r u crying???
Simran: y am I crying, bcoz of u both, mujhe itni khushiya dekar tum dono left us alone, agar tum dono nhi hote to today tum dono Mama Mami kese bante
Manan: what???
Cavya chuckled on their reaction, but

thers were still digesting what was happening around them when Dhruv went n touched Manik’s cheeks n hugged him tightly crying + saying

Dhruv: kaha chalagya tha buddy, u know how much we missed u??
Manik: I missed u too
Then everyone met each other when Cabir said
Cabir: agar tumlogo ka bharat-milap khatam hgya ho toh shadi shuru kare mahurat nikla jaa raha hai
Manik: ha ha, shuru kijiye
N with that they started the rasams n at last the vows, pheras, vermilion n mangalsutra finished, then both took blessings from elders n now Cabir was irritated n without seeing the next person he bent down to touch the person’s feet n half-way he stopped n stopped Navya too from touching the feet, n both stood straight n Cabir saw Manan standing with smirks n Manik said

Manik: bacha pao chune ki zrurat nhi hai, gale lag ja
Cabir(hugging with smile): saale

Later, Navya like a typical Madhubala started crying n Cabir instead of making her stop crying was giving tissues to her, Nandini being Nandini calmed Navya.

After bidding bye last time Cavya alone left for Dhawan’s Mansion which was too decorated n both got down from the car n there stood Cabir mom, with a smile as if she is meeting Navya first time but Cabir found something fishy but chucked the thought n both went towards CM(u know na what this means), she did aarti of the new couple n placed a rice pot in front of her, to which Navya pushed slightly n then entered n placed her feets in red water n entered inside, Cabir was shocked to see Fab4 n everyone present there except elders, all had smirks on their faces. Manik said

Manik: Cabire kya dekhraha hai, aankhe phad phad ke
Cabir: tumlog toh waha
Mukti: hum waha the ab yaha hai, kya farakh padta hai
Dhrulya: right
Twinkle: so Cabir Bhai bthyna
Cavya sat on a couch as others were already seated as if it was their own home, Cabir said
Cabir: so, kya karna hai??
Abhi: have patience yaar, pata chal jayega
A lil later, CM came with a thaal filled with milk n some rose petals in it n placed the thaal on the table, Cabir said irritatedly
Cabir: like seriously, yeh sab, kisne diya idea, Nandu ne right???
Manik: no maine diya
Cabir: what??? Tu kabse ye baccho jaise harkate karne laga??
Manik: I vil say later, now lets get started

Cabir sat at left n Navya at right of the table, Manik then dropped the ring in the milk n Cavya started finding the ring, but Cabir instead of finding the ring was playing with Navya’s fingers to which she got irritated n said

Navya: Cabir, hum ring dhundrahe hai, hamara haath chodo n she bit her lower lip for saying this in front of everyone, all chuckled n Cabir left her finger but Manan were passing smirks to each other n Nandini said
Nandini: kabse dhundrahe ho Bhai, agar apne nhi dhundi toh room mein nhi jaa sakte
Cabir: what??? Ur joking na
Aryaman: no she is serious
Twinkle: tumse kisi ne pucha kya??
Aryaman: mai tumse baat nhi baat nhi kar raha
Manan(whispering): lagta hai we missed something, they both chuckled as they both said together, others were shocked to see them smiling n Mukti

Mukti: tum dono kyu smile kar rahe ho??
Manik: kya matlab, ab hum smile bhi nhi kar sakte, itni badi saza
Alya: chup baitho n concentrate on game, again all looked at Cavya who still didn’t find the ring, Dhruv said
Dhruv: lagta hai, they dont wanna go to their room, isilye they didn’t find the ring
Mukti: haa right, so guys in guest room n girls in Cabir’s room with Navya
Cabir: wait wait, kya matlab hai tum dono ka
Alya: jo tumne suna, chalo guys
Cabir: wait, mujhe to lagraha hai ring iss thaal mein hai hi nhi
Mukti: what?? Mazakh kar raha
Cabir: sachi, tu dhund
Mukti started finding but she too didn’t get, all were confused but then all stared at Manik
Manik: kya hua tum sab ko, aise kyu dekhrahe ho?
Nandini: haa bolo, kya hua tumlogo ko? They didn’t say anything n Cabir said Fab3 to hold Manik, Manik was struggling to move out from their grip but they all were finding the ring n they all stopped n eyed to Nandini, she first was surprised n started running in hall, all got grip of her n made her sit beside Manik, n Manik said

Manik: kya yaar, itni si cheez nhi sambhal payi
Nandini: shut up
Cabir: chup dono meri suhagraat kharab karne chale the, all chuckled but Cabir’s glares made them stop, now CM came n said
CM: stop playing around, u all r not kids now n Cabir take Navya to room as per the tradition u have to take her in ur arms
Cabir: what?? Hath dard na hojaye
Navya: shut up, Cabir
All smiled n Cabir took Navya in her arms n went to their room but to their dismay all were standing in front of the room n his smile faded, Cabir said
Cabir: ab kya chahiye??
Mukti: paise
Cabir: kitne??
Mukti: 5lakh
Cabir: abhi nhi hai, kal account mein ajayenge
Mukti: abhi
Cabir: yaar, tu bol make-up kit?? What u want?
Alya: same as she wants.
Cabir: Nandu tujhe
No reply, the all turned only to see Nandini trying move Manik who is nuzzling in her hairs, Mukti said
Mukti: Manikkk, chod use
He immediately left her n Nandini giggled to which Manik gave her a glare n she stopped n went to Mukti
Cabir: toh bata tujhe kya chahiye?
Nandini: wahi jo inhe chahiye
Mukti(muttering): acha hua yaad hai ise jo maine kaha siwaye iss Manik ke
Alya chuckled listening her n Dhruv said
Dhruv: kya hua?
Alya: nothing

After a lil fun, they let them go in, they both went inside when Twiman arrived n Twinkle said

Twinkle: Cabir Bhai kaha hai?
Nandini: andar chalegye
Twinkle: itni jaldi
Manik: madam, bhut late gye wo, tum kaha thi
Twinkle: iske saath pointing to Aryaman
Aryaman: kya??
Twinkle: we were helping aunty so
Manik: dont worry now keep quiet, lets hear
All laid their ears too the door n a tat-tat-tat-tat sound started coming, all started laughing while Cabir said
Cabir: What The Hell??? N he came to the door all heard his footsteps n as the knob turned down all ran away.

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