FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 18)

Heya guys, wassup?? Missed the story, well its getting over, two chappys n epilogue left, have fun reading

Chapter 18 – Lost Hope

Precap: All were tired of drama
(Present Same Night)
Manik was being restless n called Cabir who was still resting n said

Manik: saale, aur kitni der wait karu?
Cabir(realising): oh shit! sorry bhulgaya
Manik(angry): kyaa?? Tu jo kaam karne gaya tha wo bhulgaya
Cabir: sorry yaar
Manik: jaldi bhija use
Cabir: k

Everyone were still resting, Cabir went to Alya n whispered something to her, she immediately got up realising y they were here, she went to mukti n she too realised the mistake, they both came to Nandini n took her in the room. Nandini was surprised on their sudden reaction n said

Nandini: kya hua tum dono ko?
Alya(making her sit): actualł hum yaha his kaam se aaye the hum wahi bhulgaye
Nandini: aur wo kaam kya tha?
Mukti: tumhe ready karke Malhotra Mansion bhijana
Nandini(standing up): no, I am not gonna meet him, I am upset wid him
Alya(again making her sit): but look from his point of view, if we were in his place, we could have done the same
Mukti: n he has something very imp to talk about
Nandini: I am going bcoz both of u, got it?
Mukya: alright

After 15mins, the duo came out n Nandini was looking heavenly beautiful in white dress, all boys looked on n our prankster said
Cabir: yaar, Manik ko maarne ka irada hai hai kya?
Nandini(red bcoz of anger): haa, how dare he act in front of us?
Cabir(scared): lagta hai waha jakar love nhi war hoga
Mukya giggled but seeing Nandu’s glares, they composed themselves, later a driver came n Nandu left with him. After 15mins she reached Malhotra Mansion, she entered n saw arrow to the left n was written n sorry on it, she went left n saw an arrow showing upstairs again sorry written on it she went upstairs n reached upstairs after getting another arrow with another sorry.

She looked around n found white colour arrangements there, she smiled seeing the beautiful arrangements but covered the smile. Then she heard Manik’s voice from back n turned too see him but she didn’t found him n then she looked down, he was on his knees n said

Manik: first of all I am sorry as I didn’t think about all of urs feelings, I didn’t knew what to do at that time but I did n eventually the person is out n v vil catch him but today I don’t wanna talk about anyone else except US. I want to talk about u n me, I know ur angry on me, but I have my own ways to handle u, since last 1 month we r together as a couple but only in private not in public n that’s y I wanna ask u do u wanna take our relationship to the next step n that is “Marriage”, I wanna marry u, wanna make babies with u, I want to grow old with u, I want to cry with u, laugh with u n fight with u, do u want to do the same, do u want a not-so-perfect life with me, if yess then taking a ring from his blazer, let me make u wear this n if not he got cut as Nandu forwards her hand n he happily looked at her but soon his smile faded bcoz she was in tears, he immediately stood up n hugged her tightly (did u all liked this, Ans please :- )

Manik: kya hua Angel, y r u crying?
Nandini(crying): Manik, I never felt so so special, I thought I vil be angry with u but
Manik: shhhh, please don’t cry I can’t see u cry, it hurts here, breaking hug n pointing towards his heart
Nandini: I am sorry
Manik: no sorry n thank u, now should I, showing the ring
Nandini: yess
Then he made her wear the ring, M&N was initiated on it, she smiled at the ring n again hugged him.

(Manik broke the hug n placed a kiss on Nandu’s forehead)
Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(Then he kissed her eyes one by one)
Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(Then he kissed her cheeks)
Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

(Then a chotu sa peck on her nose)
Huaa ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(He twirled her around)
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(N atlast he kissed her on her lips, he poured all the love for her in that one kiss)
Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai
(The kissed turned into a passionate one)
Teri ankhiyon ke sheher me
Yaara sab intezaam hai
(The kissed turned into wild one)
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham ki khurchane
(Now they both were breathless, they broke the kiss n rested their foreheads)
Yaara tere mere kharche me
Dono ka hi ek daam hai

(They looked at each other with atmost love)
Hona likha tha yunhi jo huaa
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
(They started dancing with rhythm of music)
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(He again twirled her)
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(He took her in his arms n placed her on the couch)
Hua ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(He lied beside her, hands entwined)
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

Manik started
Manik: Nandini, I want to inform something imp to u
Nandini: say Manik
Manik(sitting up): u have to be strong, after listening to me, don’t be weak
Nandini(she too sitting): I vil Manik, I am ur strong girl
Manik: I know n then he narrated the part which Fab4 didn’t about Ashok killing her parents, she was numb, she didn’t knew how to react but then Manik already has experienced the pain n took her in a hug, n with that she started crying n Manik consoled her. After 15mins of tears, she stopped crying, Manik looked at her n she was sleeping peacefully, he made her lie on the couch n went to fetch water.

After 5mins when he returned he didn’t find Nandu n started panicking, he called Cabir but he too denied that she didn’t returned to Thakkar Mansion, he then went to check security camera in which he saw, a man wearing black clothes entering the Mansion n after 10mins left from there with a coffee bag, his eyes were red with anger, n then he started finding Ashok with Cabir n Abhi. The whole night went in her finding, all were tired but not Manik as it was his Angel’s sawaal, how could he rest. It was morning now n Manik was still finding her in every place, n then he remembered Harshad n made a call to him asking Ashok’s hideouts , he informed there are 3 hideouts in Mumbai, Manik then reached the first hideout but didn’t get anything, then the second one, nothing n now the last hideout, n here Ashok was torturing Nandu as bcoz of her his son hates him n asking where r the property papers, Ashok then said

Ashok: itna salon se tujhe dhundraha tha aur tu mere hi shehar mein thi
Nandini(tied to chair): haa thi toh, aur tumne mujhe kidnap karke thik nhi kiya, Manik tumhe nhi chodega aur mai bhi, apne bhai ka khoon karke bas nhi hua toh mujhe bhi marne ka plan bnya, how dare u? Mere mom-dad ka murder kiya
Ashok: haa kiya maine murder Neyonika, Raj aur there maa-baap ka ka bhi
Nandini(in tears): kyu kiya tumne aisa, haa?
Ashok: mera bhai hone ke bawajud he helped Neyonika to run from marriage, aur das saal pehle tere mom-dad woh wasiyat(the property is on Nandu’s name but if anything happens to her, the property will be given to Ashok bcoz he is her Chacha but then Nandu’s dad got to know Ashok killed Nyo n Raj, Nandu’s parents returned to India but they too met wid an accident actually murder attempt, I think u all got everything now, right @TanviMahatab ?) change karne arahe the lekin usse pehle hi maine unka accident karwadiya
Nandini: tumhe bilkul bhi pachtava nhi hai, naa?
Ashok: kyu hoga, maine kuch galat nhi kiya
Nandini: tum mera kuch nhi bigad payoge.
Ashok: acha

N juz then Manik made entry in hero style, he shouted
Manik: Ashok, leave her
Ashok(laughing): kya, tu kahega aur mai chod dunga, pagal hai kya?
Manik: seedhe se chod do use warna tum yahipe maroge
Ashok: oh, toh tu yaha mujhe maarne aaya hai
Manik was taking baby steps towards Ashok n he pointed a gun on him, Nandini was shouting at Manik to stop but he is Manik, he was juz moving forward n Ashok was taking steps back n alas he shot a bullet at Manik n here someone shot a bullet towards Nandu (Imagine they both said together)
Nandini: MANIK

The bullets straightly touched their hearts, n both were still looking at each other with tears, everyone were numb on their place, everything freezed, Manik collapsed on floor n Nandu closed her eyes, all came to reality n took them both to hospital, Ashok was already in police custody as officers saw him shoot at Manik but who shooted at Nandu ran from there, all were waiting for the doc n he came when Cabir said

Cabir: doc, say naa vil they be fine?
Doc: listen, we can’t say anything
Mukti: but why, u can’t say haa?
Doc: we have to operate them, n for that they both have to be concious which they are not.
Dhruv: so make them concious
Doc: we tried everything but they aren’t
Alya: we don’t want to listen anything, do whatever u can but make them concious
Doc: sorry, we can’t say anything, we have Lost Hope
The world freezed for them listening to the doc.

So kesa laga, liked it?? I guess u all have lost fun in this story n this is the truth, I am not being rude, it’s the truth, I know that…..

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