FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 17)


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Chapter 17 – MeloDrama

Precap: Manik says I LOVE HER
(Present Same Night)
Cabir: I knew it
Mukti: what u know?
Cabir: yahi ki he loves her
Mukti: is me janne ki baat kya hai, v all know he loves her
Alya: Mukti, have u forgotten, he lost his memory, so he don’t remember last 3 months but
Dhruv: but he remembers their love
Mukti(hitting her forehead): yah seriously, I am dumb

Meanwhile Manik reached the place where Nandini was but to his surprise, 2 guyz were already on road n other guy was beating the 3rd guy. Manik then noticed Nandu was standing like a statue, n moreover her dress sleeves were torn, Manik hurried to her n made her wear his blazer, the 4th guy ran so the other two also ran. The saviour came to Manan n Manik said

Manik: thanx bro
Maddy: no need, she is my friend
Manik(surprised): what?
Maddy(forwarding his hand): yup, Madhyam Singhania, Nandini’s family lawyer
Manik(shaking hands): Manik Malhotra, but u seem too young to be a lawyer.
Maddy: actually, I am still studying but dad’s health is worse so all his cases r now handled by me
Manik: hmmm, v vil take leave
Nandini(who was not saying anything said): sir, I am going with Maddy.
Manik: Nandini juz lis he got cut
Nandini: I said na sir, I vil manage, isn’t it Maddy?
Maddy: of course

Both Maddy n Nandu left, now Manik was furious on her. He returned to home, all were waiting for him but without facing their qs, he literally ran to his room. Next day, Manik left for office, he was in his cabin when Nandu entered n handed him some files, she was leaving her wrist, she turned back n said

Nandini: sir, what r u doing? Leave me.
Manik: woah, aaj Nandini Murthy ko gussa nhi araha
Nandini: listen sir, I don’t wanna start a fight n she left.

Manik again was angry on her but he chuck it all n got engrossed in work, Nandini was in her cabin when Cabir came

Cabir(taking a seat): behna, Kapoor apne bill se bahar agya hai.
Nandini: wow, that’s amazing, where is he?
Cabir: in his home, btw did u meet Manik?
Nandini: I don’t wanna talk about him
Cabir: but he got cut
Nandini: bhaii
Cabir: k, then he got a call n left from there

Next day Abhi n Nandu invited Maddy for dinner to thank him for saving Nandini. They all had dinner n were in living room on couches, Nandini said

Nandini: Maddy tum yaha, any imp news?
Maddy: haa, actually.
Nandini: toh bolo naa
Abhi: itna soch kya raha hai, cmon say
Maddy: Nandu tumhe pata hai na, 2 saal baad saari property tumhare naam hone wali hai
Nanbhi: of course, we know
Nandini: tum, itni door ye batane aaye ho
Abhi: bol na
Maddy: tumlog bolne do ge to bolonga naa
Nandini: acha bolo
Maddy: k, u both have to meet Chacha
Nandini: but hum Chacha se pehle hi mil chuke hai
Maddy: noo, wo wale before he could complete Fab4 reached there. Nandini was shocked, n said
Nandini: tum sab yaha kya kar rahe ho?
Cabir: behna, it’s very imp
Mukti: haa choti, mai batati hoo
Dhruv: noo, mai bataunga, it’s about buddy
Alya: noo, humesha tumlog baat karte hoo aaj main kahungi
Abhi: guyz, take breath, kya kehna chahte hoo tumlog?
Nandini: bhai, mujhe uss monster ke bare mein baat nhi karna, Maddy chalo, v vil talk in my room
Maddy(standing up): k
Cabir(stopping Nandu): noo, pehle hamari baat suno
Nandini: I said na, I don’t wanna talk about him, Maddy tum kuch keh rahe the say na
Maddy: haa, wo actually again he got cut
Cabir: pehle meri baat sun
Nandini: noo, Maddy u say

Like this she wasn’t ready to listen Cabir n was asking Maddy about what he was talking n now both Maddy n Cabir got hyper n said (Imagine that they told it together)
Maddy: mai Shimla wale Chacha ki baat nhi kar raha, I am talking about Ashok Kapoor.
Cabir: Nandu, Manik ki yadash kabhi nhi gyi, Nandini n others were shocked.

Nandini(shout): what? Kya kaha bhai aapne? Manik ki yadash kabhi gayi hi nhi
Cabir: haa
Nandini: but how u know?
Cabir started
Fab4 reached at Malhotra Mansion n saw Manik near the bar, they all went towards Manik n Mukti said

Mukti: haa toh Manik bata, y did u call us?
Manik: actually, I wanna share wid u all something.
Dhruv: haa buddy bolna
Manik: wo, actually
Alya: Manik say na
Manik: Ididn’tlostmymemory he said in one go
Cabir: Manik I didn’t hear, what did u say?
Mukti: haa bol, kya kaha?
Manik: meri yadash nhi gyi
Dhruv: agar nhi gyi then ye act kyu?
Manik: mujhe laga meri yadash jaane ki news dekhkar wo Kapoor bahar ajaye ga
Alya: toh that doesn’t meant to act in front of us, y did u act in front of us?
Manik: mere mann mein jo aaya, I did that.
Cabir: n did u meet Harshad?
Manik: yesss n
Manik was unconscious when Harshad came to meet him(u all remember what Dr David said), Harshad sat beside him when Manik came conscious n saw Harshad, he said

Manik: tu yaha kya kar raha hai, I don’t wanna talk wid u
Harshad: I know, tum mujhse baat nhi karoge but I have something imp to talk
Manik: jaa tu yaha se, please
Harshad: but Man he got cut
Manik: kaha na maine go
Harshad: it’s about Nandini
Manik(shocked): what???
Harshad: yess
Manik: what is it?
Harshad: dad ne meri bail karwaiyi uske baat I went to meet him but he was underground n I being his son knew his hideout, I went there but when I reached there I heard him talking on phone, he was saying to someone “how did they get to know, how? U have messed up everything, he is Manik Malhotra he can go very far juz to destroy me, I killed his parents, so he can do anything”. I was shocked, I never knew he is so cruel, then after sometime he called someone else n said ” uss ne sab kharab kardiya, u don’t mess up again n don’t let them know ki murthy’s ka bhi murder I did, suna tumne, I was too shocked, I thought he is a good person but, he is monster, I didn’t knew, who r murthy’s, so I started finding about them, n then I got to know that Thakkars were murthy’s but they changed their names.
Manik: kyaa? How could he?
Harshad: I am really sorry for what dad did
Manik: wait, if ur dad is so cruel that means Fab5’s accident also he did n u didn’t do anything, right?
Harshad(lowering his gaze): yess
Manik: y didn’t u inform us?
Harshad: I loved my dad, n I didn’t wanted anything to happen wid him but after knowing his truth, I hate him.
(Flashback Over)
Fab4 were shocked when Manik said
Manik: guyz, no one will inform Nandini about her parents, I vil talk wid her.
Cabir: k lekin, tu yeh bata y did u inform us? Mere matlab hai, tu yeh baat humse chupa bhi sakta tha
Mukti: haa, Cabiraa is right, say
Manik(looking here n there): wo actually I need a favour
Alya: hmmm, what is it?
Manik: actually, before coming here I met Abhi, he asked me did I meet Maddy?
Fab4: Maddy?
Manik: sorry, Maddy is their family lawyer
Dhruv: toh isme lawyer kaha se aya?
Manik: he said that Maddy likes Nandu, n today they invited him for dinner, n Maddy said to Abhi that he vil propose her today.
Fab4: what???
Manik: so I want u all to make her talk to me, send her here.
Cabir: aur hum aisa kyu karenge?
Manik: u have too
Mukti: agar humne aisa nhi kiya, toh?
Manik: toh tum mein se, koi nhi bachega
Cabir: Navya ki Mata Rani dekhrahi hai, ye apne hi dosto ka khoon karna chahta hai
Manik: nautanki kahi ke
They all had a group hug n Fab4 rushed to Nandu’s home.
(Flashback Over)
N u all know what happened after that, Nandini was shocked but more shocked were Fab3, Mukti said

Mukti: Maddy u mean, Ashok Kapoor is Nandini’s Chacha
Maddy: haa
Dhruv: but no one knew about Ashok Kapoor having a family except his wife n son.
Maddy: yah, that’s because Nandini’s dad broke all ties wid him for what he did with Neyonika anty n her parents.
Alya: oh god guys, I vil faint now, how many prob in juz 3 months, first we met Nandu, Navya n Abhi then Nana Nani n atlast these truths.
All collapsed on couches, all were tired of so much drama, all closed their eyes.

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