FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 16)


Wassup guys?? I know I am late but I am not sorry for that as I guess, my story is getting boring, isn’t it?? But still I vil cont it, have fun reading

Chapter 16 – I Love Her

Precap: Fab4 shocked to see the signature
(Present Same Day)
Fab4 were shocked to see the sign as it was none other than their enemy’s sign Harshad, but they were having many questions, y did he sign, he could have let him die n etc. They were gonna ask further but they heard sound from Manik’s room n then they noticed Nandu wasn’t wid them, they all ran to Manik’s room to see, everything was broken n was on floor, Nandu was standing wid tears n Manik was holding his head as if it can blast any min, David calmed him n made him lie, everyone left from the room, Nandini said

Nandini(crying): I am really sorry, I couldn’t stop myself how can he forget me, our love, I went to his room, n was trying him to reminisce myself but he started throwing everything
Mukti(side hugging Nandu): it’s not ur fault, if  I was in ur place, I would have done the same, don’t be sorry
Cabir: so doc what r u gonna say about this?
Dr David: see, he don’t remember anything n if v force him to remind than he can have headache n he vil lose his control.

Dhruv: n what about the person who signed the papers, did Manik meet that person?
Dr David: no Manik didn’t, the person said he vil meet him n went inside but when v all too went inside Manik was still unconscious, so he didn’t met him, as the person never showed up after that, later when Manik came conscious, he was asking how is he here, he was in Mumbai, where were u guyz, then we got to know where he was staying, so we checked there n they informed that today it was his flight, we didn’t wanted to give him discharge but he was too adamant to leave, so to take care, I also came wid him.
Cabir: are any chances that he vil gain his memory back?
Dr David: I can’t say anything, v didn’t know that after surgery he vil lose his memory.
Mukti: what? Then how could he?
Dr David: k now, I vil take ur leave.
Cabir: come I vil drop u.

Cabir left wid Dr David, Mukti went wid Nandu to drop her, Dhrulya were wid Manik in his room, both were on couch when Alya said

Alya(head on his shoulder): baby, ye sab kya hgya?
Dhruv: don’t worry everything vil b fine.
Alya: did u see Nandu, she is broken, how vil v handle these both?
Dhruv: I too saw she is hurt n broken, but v can’t lose hope, v have to b strong.
Alya: hmmm, I wish sab thik hojaye

Meanwhile Mukti informed Navbhi about Manik, they both reached at Thakkar Mansion, Nandu wasn’t able to control herself, she was still crying at his behaviour, Mukti was trying to calm her but she wasn’t, after awhile Abhi entered her room n sat beside her

Abhi: Nandu, stop crying
Nandini: I can’t bhai, I can’t
Mukti: mai isse kab se chup kara rahi hoon, but she is
Abhi: apni bhabhi ko aise pareshaan karte hai, haa?
Nandini(surprised n stopped crying): what, bhabhi? Ap ne shadi karli, kab?
Abhi: arrey, bina shadi ke bhi Mukti teri bhabhi hi hui naa
Nandini(teasing Mukti): oho, see ab u r my bhabhi
Mukti(blushing): chupkaro tum dono
Navya(entering wid tray of coffee cups): areyy, hume to laga yaha aasu bhaye jarahe honge lekin yaha toh teasing session chalu hai
Nandini: Navya, come n u also tease
Navya: k

Like this Nandu was distracted but she knew that everyone were trying to make her happy n she tried to smile wid them which wasn’t happening, after a lil time, Mukti n Navya left, n Nandu went to her room, trying to sleep, which was far away from her. She went to her balcony n was gazing at stars. Next morning Nandu got ready n left for office, u all know na she is his PA. Manik too reached office, he was in his cabin when the manager entered

Manager: Good Morning Sir, did u have any work?
Manik: yess, any imp deals?
Manager: yess, ur PA have the files
Manik: what? When did I kept a PA?
Manager: sir ur joking right, u don’t remember u kept a PA
Manik: mind ur tongue, n send her
Manager(scared): k, k sir

Manager left n send Nandu to his cabin, Nandini had made her mind that she vil however make him remember everything. She entered the cabin

Nandini: Good Morning sir
Manik: oh so ur my PA, that’s y yesterday u came to receive me
Nandini: yess sir
Manik: k, did u bring the files which I asked?
Nandini(coming near him): here r the files
Manik(took the files): k now u can go

Nandini was leaving but then she heard a sound n saw Manik tearing the papers, she got shocked n was ran to him but she slipped bcoz of a paper, she was going to fall but Manik held her in time n they shared a cute n long eye lock.

Nandini’s POV
Manik, u lost ur memory, but u still care for me like before, I still have effect on ur touch, y r u behaving like old monster boss, I juz don’t wanna leave u, I can’t stay wid out u, please come back, I miss my Manik who loves me alot, who cares for me, who shares everything wid me, wid whom I can share everything, who cries like 2 year child in front of me but behaves like a monster in front of others, I miss u Manik, I miss u
End of POV

Nandini: leave me
Manik(leaving her): ye lo chod diya
Nandini: ouch, what the hell?
Manik: chodne ke liye kaha, chod diya
Nandini(getting up): monster kahi ka, y did u tear the papers?
Manik: mind ur language, mai jo chahu wo karu tumhe kya
Nandini: arggh, I hate u
Manik(smiling): me too

Cabir was watching from outside wid a smile, as he saw Nandu coming he hid behind a pillar, Nandu went in her cabin n Cabir too went behind her, Nandu sat on her chair when Cabir entered

Nandini: bhai, aap yaha?
Cabir: aise hi
Nandini: kuch pata chala Mr Kapoor ke bare mein
Cabir: noo pata nhi kaha chup kar baitha hai
Nandini: hmmm

After a lil talk, Cabir left. Next 2 days went in Manan’s fighting, everyone were now scared of both as how Nandini fights wid Manik the Monster, third day Fab5 made plan of outing, all went to mall to have fun, Mukya shopped, Manik, Cabir n Dhruv were waiting for them in a cafe, all were staring at Fab3, they were sitting s if they r normal humans, not some stars, a girl approached Manik for autograph to which he happily gave her, then the girl said him about their latest song which was a hit now(guyz remember 2crore album, pundit), Manik was asking Cabir about the album but the girl was confused as y Manik is asking, n asked them what happened to him but no one was willing to ans but Manik said he lost his memory, Dhrubir were shocked how could Manik say a fan such imp thing, meanwhile Mukya arrived there, the fan left n Dhrubir chuck the thought, they all had lunch at cafe n planned to go at club. They planned to call Navnibhi .

Fab5 n Navnibhi reached the club, all were having fun, Manik was seated near the bar, having a glass of alcohol in his hand n was looking at a direction without blinking his eyes n it was our Angel.

Manik’s POV
What the hell?? What is she doing wid that guy, oh god is she trying to make me jealous, Nandu move away from him, he doesn’t seem good, I can clearly see evilness in his eyes, let everyone go I vil not leave that guy, how dare he touch my Nandu, arggh.
End of POV

Manik’s trance broke when he felt a pat on his shoulder, he turned n saw Cabir who was having a smirk, Manik said

Manik: kya hua, tu has kyu raha hai?
Cabir: mai yeh soch kar has raha hoo, ki tujhe Angel ko kisi aur ke saath dekhkar gussa kyu araha hai
Manik(drinking): what rubbish? Mai kyu gussa honga, tu pagal hgya hai n he left from there

Cabir’s POV
Itna saaf dikhraha hai kitne gussa araha hai, lekin chupa kyu raha hai ye, chal kya raha hai iske dimag mein, yadash gayi hai lekin pyaar waisa hi hai toh phir kyu nhi manta ki Nandu se pyaar karta hai, jab bhi wo iske pass jati hai ye monster jaisa behave karta hai, akhir chakkar kya hai, I have to find it.
End of POV

Nandu was now tired so she went to freshen but when she was returning someone pulled her in a room, Nandu shouted

Nandini: what the hell? What r u doing?
Manik: what am I doing? What were u doing outside haa?
Nandini: what was I doing?
Manik: u were dancing wid a guy, a stranger n that close
Nandini: so what? It’s my life, I vil do what I wanna do, ur my boss not my bf that what u vil say I vil do
Manik: be aware of him, he doesn’t seem good.
Nandini: I know what I am doing.

Nandini left from there n Manik too left, it was time to leave, Nandu was still angry on Manik so she said she vil come on her own, everyone left n Nandu too left n was walking on path, when a car approached to her, it was the same guy wid whom she was dancing earlier, he was drunk n was asking she want a lift to which she was denying, n was walking ahead but someone held her wrist n saw another guy from the car. Meanwhile Fab4 reached Malhotra Mansion, they all were seated in lounge, after awhile Mukbhi arrived n Manik noticed Nandu wasn’t wid them he asked

Manik: Abhi, Nandini kaha hai?
Cabir: haa, where is she?
Mukti: wo, pata nhi kisi baat pe upset thi, so she said ki wo khud aajayegi
Manik(stood up): kyaa, pagal ho tum dono, use akele chod kar agaye
Dhruv: buddy, choti bacchi nhi hai wo, she vil come by herself
Manik: shut up, I vil bring her
Cabir(stopping him): kyu tujhe itni tension kyu ho rahi hai?
Alya: yess Manik say, whenever she came in front of u, u lose ur control
Mukbhi: bol na Manik
Manik: juz shut up u want answer then listen I LOVE HER, n he left.

OMG!!! Ye kya ho raha hai??
Manik loves Nandini, but iski memory is lost, he is loving her once again??
Harshad signed the papers, but y??
He could have left Manik die
Keep guessing….?
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️️❤️️

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