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FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 12)


Heya guys, the most awaited chappy is here, have fun reading it, luv u all

Chapter 12 – I LOVE U DAMMIT

Precap: Manik’s Bday
Manan were in Manik’s cabin discussing about some work, when someone entered n shouted Surprise. Nandini turned back to see who is he n she was shocked. She took some steps forward n the person hugged her.
Manik’s POV
Who is he now? Aur iski himmat toh dekho, sidhe aakar usse hug kardiya, Oh God.
Ye abhi tak usse hug kar raha😠, uff thank god they broke the hug but wait😠, the guy broke the hug n said
Guy: how r u baby?
Nandini: I am fine, how r u handsome?
What the hell is happening, what did he juz say ‘baby’, how dare he? But alas y am I getting angry I should be happy for my friend, ‘friend’ is she really my friend? Oh god what r these feelings?
End of POV
Nandini: tum NY se kab aaye?
Guy: kal aaya, pata chala tum Mumbai agyi toh mai bhi agya.
Nandini: oho, mere bina ek pal bhi nahi reh skte
Guy(dramatically): haa yaar nahi reh skta
Nandini: chupkar, now meet my boss Manik Malhora
Guy: arre inhe kon nahi janta, he is famous singer.
Nandini: accha tujhe to pata hai ye kon hai but he don’t so let me introduce. Manik this my childhood friend Aryaman.
Manik: hello, nice to meet u.
Aryaman: me too, accha Nandu mujhe Navya se bhi milna hai aur aaj ghar jaldi aaja hum shopping krne jayenge.
Nandini(excited): thik hai
With that Aryaman left, both again engrossed in work n as Nandu said she vil return early, she left office early.

Manik was thinking of Nandu when Cabir reached his cabin n saw him busy in pondering. After 5mins of thinking Manik noticed Cabir standing n said
Manik: tu kab aaya? Come sit
Cabir: jab tu kisi ke khayaalo me khoya hua tha
Manik: chup mai Nandu ke baare mein nahi soch raha tha, he bit his lower lip.
Cabir: maine toh Angel ka naam bhi nahi liya
Manik: ab chod r bata tu yaha kese, kuch kaam tha?
Cabir: topic change karna toh koi tumse sikhe, haa actually aaj hum practice mere ghar pe karte hai.
Manik: accha k, I vil message Twinkle ki don’t wait for me.
Cabir: k, evening me aaja
Manik: k
They bid bye n Manik again started working. The day went hectic.

Next day Nandu was in her cabin of MC(Music Company) when Cabir came. She wished him morning when he said
Cabir: haa toh bol behna kya kaam tha?
Nandini: oho mai apki behna kabse hgyi?
Cabir: shyad jabse Navya meri girlfriend hgyi😀
Nandini: accha bhai ab kuch kaam ki baatein hojaye
Cabir: haa bol
Nandini: actually I wanted to know Manik ke parents ke koi enemy the?
Cabir: nahi
Nandini: koi business rival?
Cabir: no
Nandini: koi kisi wajah se didn’t like Malhotra’s?
Cabir(after thinking awhile): haa the naa, Kapoor uncle he never was fond of Malhotra’s, Harshad ko bhi he never let Manik meet, pata nahi kya prob thi?
Nandini: hmmm🤔
Cabir: par aaj tu CBI kyu bani hui hai?
Nandini: actually I think uncle aunty ka accident nahi balke
Cabir: murder hua tha?
Nandini: exactly
Cabir: par tujhe aisa kyu lagta hai?
Nandini: aap uss sab ki tension mat lijiye, aap bas mai jaise kehti hu waisa kijiye, is it k?
Cabir: k meri behna. They shared the plan n Cabir bid bye to Nandu n left. Nandini was still in her cabin when Aryaman entered n said
Aryaman: yaar tu kitne companies mein kaam karti hai?
Nandini: kyu thak gaya phir phir ke?
Aryaman: haa yaar. They both were laughing at Aryaman’s joke when Manik was passing by n
Manik’s POV
Yaar ye kitna chipku hu, aaj bhi agya besharmo ki tarah, mujhe isse Nandu se door rakhna hoga, par Nandu looks so happy being wid him, kya mein apni friend ke liye over-possessive horaha ho? Yaar jab bhi mai isse friend kehta hu I feel like I am saying wrong agar friend nahi toh ye kya hai?
End of POV
Manik left from there. Next two days went busy n Pundit was looking at Nandu with his evil intentions but she was giving him damn n was busy with her friends.

Next day Nandu was alone so he thought today he vil take advantage of her.
Nandini was passing from jamming room of Malhotra Mansion when someone pulled her in the room. It was Pundit. She asked

Nandini: what do u think ur doing??
Pundit: well well I am going to r n Thud before he could say  further Nandini slapped him hard. He said
Pundit: how dare u slap me??
Nandini: ye mujhe bhut pehle hi karna chye tha.
Pundit: tum me bhut himmat agayi ha, abhi nikalta hu ye himmat
Nandini: uss din mere saath koi nhi tha par aj sab hai suna tumne
Pundit: maine toh sunliya par koi aur nhi sunsakta tumhe
Nandini: juz shut up n don’t u dare touch me
Pundit: tum kahogi aur mai maan jaunga
Nandini started running in the room from one corner to other n Pundit was laughing. He held her wrist n she took the drumsticks n hit his head. He held his head which was bleeding.

Meanwhile Fab5 came back home as recording was cancelled n were seated in lounge when Mukti noticed Nandu’s handbag was still on the couch. She said

Mukti(going towards the bag): Manik mujhe lagta hai angel abhi bhi ghar mein hai.
Manik: kya?? Par yaha toh nhi dikhrahi
Mukti(showing her bag to him): ye dekh uska bag
Manik: I think wo washroom me hogi. N juz then they heard a loud sound from the jamming room. They all ran to jamming room which was locked, they heard voices from inside. Manik called Nandu’s name n she heard him but before she could respond Pundit placed his hand on her mouth, she immediately bit his hand n called Manik. Manik heard her n tried to break the door but couldn’t. He was getting restless n kicked it hard n it opened. He saw that Pundit was trying to tear her top but Nandu was saving herself. He went to him, punched him hard on his face, blood started oozing from his nose. He kicked him. Anger was visible on his face, Cabir stopped him but he didn’t, then Nandini stopped him. He stopped n engulfed him in his arms n lil later they broke the hug. After awhile police came n took Pundit. Everyone were asking if she is okay? She said

Nandini: I am ok guyz.
Cabir: aaj tune dikha diya ki tu meri behen hai
Nandini: awww bhai.
All sensed Manik’s anger n left the room. Nandu held Manik’s hand n said
Nandini: I wanted to inform u about Pundit but Manik cut her off
Manik(angry): kab haa kab?
Nandini: plzzz calm down Manik
Manik(same as before): how can I haa? Kya soch rahi thi tum? Tum wait kar rahi thi ke kab wo tumhe kidnap kare aur he got cut by Nandu as she also got hyper n said
Nandini(angry): shut up Manik, u want to know na I did this bcoz  I LOVE U DAMMIT. n I didn’t wanted ur ca before she could complete he placed his lips on hers. Nandu was shocked she didn’t knew how to react but her hands themselves made their way too his hairs n fisted them deepening the kiss. After awhile they parted their lips n rested their their foreheads. Without saying anything, Manik left Nandini in the room. Nandini too left from there. Fab4 were still seated in lounge of Malhotra Mansion thinking what happened to Manan when Twinkle n Nana Nani entered the Mansion. Fab4 noticed a guy wid them,they recognised it was Aryaman. They asked how come he was with them n he said I met them while shopping n helped them with shopping bags. Nandini came to MC as she knew Manik wouldn’t be there. She completed some files n returned to home exhausted. She freshen up n was going to sit on her bed when she noticed a box. She opened the box n saw a red dress kept with a note

My Favourite Colour For My Favourite Lady

Nandini smiled n went to change the dress. She looked amazing.
Nandini was looking at herself when a driver approached her n informed that Manik has sent him, so Nandu gave herself one look n left. As she sat inside she saw a box of chocolates wid a note

Ur favourite chocolates, wanna taste wid u😘

Nandini again smiled at seeing the box of chocolates. After about 30mins, Nandu reached the place n was awestruck seeing the path of lights. She started walking through the path.

She now was getting restless n wanted to see the person who have arranged everything she loved n started calling his name when she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned she saw Manik on his knees, nervousness was totally visible on his voice. He started

Manik: I don’t know how people confess their feelings so easily but I can’t do it, but I can’t lose u wid out saying my feelings, I have always tried to see u as a friend but my inner voice always said ur not my friend n then when I always saw u with Aryaman I didn’t felt good n whatever happened today I got to know that I can’t lose u. Ur Fab4’s Angel but for me ur my Shining Star, widout u I am incomplete, whenever u smile I smile, whenever u cry I cry, n whenever u love me, I LOVE U TOO. I vil love u hamesha.
Nandini too sat on her knees n said she too loved him. They stood up n hugged each other tightly, n then Manik pecked her forehead, her eyes n then eyed her lips n looked at her eyes which blinked only for him. With that he placed his lips on her taking her in KISS OF TRUST n KISS OF ETERNAL LOVE. After the kiss, he slid a ring in her finger which Nandini was admiring.

After this, music played in background n they started dancing.

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon…
(Steps r same as couple dance)
Main Mera Dil Aur Tum Ho Yahaan…
Fir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Waha…
Tum Saahasee Pehle Dekha Nahin…
Tum Isse Pehle The Jane Kahaan…
(He twirls her n she smiles)
Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada.
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga…
(They hug)
Rehte Ho Aake Jo Tum Paas Mere.
Tham Jaaye Pal Ye Vahi Bas Main Ye Sochu…

[Female:] Sochu Main Tham Jaaye Pal Yeh Paas Mere Jab Ho Tum… [x2]

Chalti Hai Saansein Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Dil Theherne Laga Hai…

Tanhaiyo mein tujhe dhoonde mera dil.
Har pal ye tujhko hi soche bhala kyun.

[Female: x2]
Tanhai mein dhoonde tujhe dil,
Har pal tujhko soche.

Milne lage dil, pehle se zyada. Pehle se zyada ishq hone laga.
(They did same steps n finished the dance)

After that, they had dinner which was Nandu’s fav food. They both returned n Manik left not before forgetting Good Night Kiss😬. They both slept thinking of their new relation.

So kesa tha ye?? Proposal pasand aaya?? Finger-crossed Mahn. N yah surf awesome comments se kaam nhi chalega, aisa comment maro ki, I can’t explain, waiting for response………
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