FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 10)


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Chapter 10 – Manan’s Friendship

Precap: Manan gets to know about new couples.
(Present Same Day)
It was evening now. Nandini wanted to know who was behind the accident of Fab5. She asked

Nandini: Cabir tumlogo ko pata chala accident ke piche kon tha?
Cabir: haa pata chalgya
Nandini: who was it?
Cabir: hamara janmo ka dushman ‘Harshad’
Nandini: Harshad….. ye kon hai? I know mai kuch zyada hi pochrahi ho but I want to know.
Cabir(sad): Harshad hamari hi team me tha, v were Fab6 but Harshad ne hum sab ki dosti ko 2crore me bechdiya. Uss din se hum Fab5 hgye. Hum se jalta hai wo ab, aisa nhi tha ki humne use second chance nhi diya par usne phir hamari dosti ka bharosa toda, hume nhi pata tha ki wo hamare saath aisa bhi karsakta tha. We all hate him.
Nandini(understanding the situation): ok, jo hua use bhuljao r chalo games khele, whats say??
Mukti: haa choti sahi keh rahi hai
Nandini: acha, ab mai choti hgyi.
Alya: chalo leave all that, konsa game khele?
Dhruv: truth n dare kesa rahega?
Navya: acha idea hai. They all agreed n started playing, first bottle stopped Cabir, Manik gave him dare to kiss Navya. Cabir went near Navya n was going to place his lips on her but instead gave her forehead kiss. All went awww, but Manik start punching him for not finishing the dare. Next was Dhruv, Navya dared him to run in his underwear for 5mins. He did as was ordered. Next was Mukti, Nandini asked her how many boyfriends did she have before Bhai? Mukti said 10. Navni were shocked on learning this. Next turn was Manik

Cabir: Manik I dare u to look in Nandu’s eyes without blinking till 3mins.
Manik: seriously dis easy dare.
Mukti: kya yaar Cabir itna easy dare.
Cabir: tumlog samjhe nhi bhut khtrnak dare hai, ek baar tum ye dare karo uske baad pata chalega.
Nandini: kya matlab Cabir?
Cabir: kuch nhi toh shuru kare
Manik: k, 1….2….3 start. They started n everyone were giving Cabir what’s-happening look. He gave them wait-n-watch look. It was almost 3mins but Manan didn’t break the eye contact. Everyone were becoming restless, they thought pata nahi ye kab blink karenge, but to their dismay, nothing happened. It’s been 5mins but still n after this everyone understood what Cabir meant. They all were smiling seeing them n thinking bada maza aayega. Navya went inside n brought two eggs, she broke the eggs on their heads but still they were lost in each other. After this Mukti went n brought water pipe n Abhi started the tap. The water’s pressure was so much that Manik fell on Nandini breaking the eye contact.
Cabir: yeh dekho hum yaha ine hosh me laane ki kosish krrhe the r ye uske upar hi chlgya. Everyone started laughing ?.

Manan felt embrassed n straighten themselves n went to their rooms. Nandini changed into pyjamas n was resting when she heard a knock on her door, she opened the door only to see Manik. Manik came inside n said

Manik: I am sorry for what happened before
Nandini: it’s ok.
Manik: actually I want to ask u something, may I?
Nandini: of course u can
Manik(hesitating): Can we be friends?
Nandini(worried): ok we can.
Manik(happy): seriously we can be?
Nandini(happy): yess. After this they both deleted each others phone nos so that they can add the nos again as first step of friendship. Manik took Nandu’s no n went from there. He was thinking what to name her no. He thought something n wrote “Angel” while Nandu wrote “Monster”. After 15mins a servant came n informed Nandu, dinner is ready.

She went to the dining area, everyone were coming one by one, at last Manik came there were two seats available, all couples were sitting together n thought ki kuch der pehle jo hua uski wajah se ye uske saath nhi bethega but nothing happened like that instead Manik took seat beside Nandini n Nandu smiled at Manik. Everyone were shocked, they all had dinner in peace.

After dinner Manan went to their rooms while the three couples were seated in lounge. Mukti started

Mukti: yaar tumlog ko kuch ajeeb nhi laga?
Alya: haa mujhe bhi laga
Dhruv: yess mujhe bhi
Cabir: guyzz kuch bhi laga ho but leave it. They all chit-chatted a lil n went to their respective rooms.

Nandini wasn’t able to sleep when she received a message, she checked n it was from

Monster-tomorrow is first day of our friendship, so we should start with likes, dislikes n hobbies. Whats say??
Me: k.

After this lil chat session, Nandini slept. At 9am she woke up, freshen up
n went to the kitchen to have something. No one was there, she went n was preparing coffee n french toast for herself when someone said

Someone: mere liye bhi banao
Nandini(turning to the person): thik hai Manik. Manik took a seat while Nandini prepared breakfast, after 10mins, she came n sat beside Manik to have breakfast, as planned they were sharing their likes n dislikes.

After having breakfast, they watched movie. Everyone woke up by 12pm. They again were shocked to see this both were having fun. Cabir went to them n said yaar tumlog akele fun kar rahe ho n Manik said aja tu bhi maze kar n all had fun, the day went like this n everyone returned to their “Sweet Homes”.

2nd Day of Friendship
Manik was seated in his room when he received a message from

Angel-aaj lunch mere ghar pe, usi beech u vil get to know my favorite food, whats say??
Me: k.

Manik got ready n reached at 1:45. Nandini came n opened the door, Manik took a seat for lunch, Nandini brought lunch, they had lunch n talked about the favorite food of Nandu. Before going Manik informed Nandini to be ready tonight as they vil go to Manik’s favourite restaurant. It was 8pm when Manik came n they went for dinner.

They reached Manik’s favourite restaurant, they ordered Manik’s favourite food. Then Manik drove Nandu back home.

3rd Day also went simply, they roamed their favourite places in Mumbai.

4th Day was also same, they shared their lil secrets but at midnight Nandu woke up n came down to eat ice-cream but to her luck there was no ice-cream. She didn’t wanted to wake up Bhai, so she was going back when she heard a knock on door, she thought its her thinking but again there was knock, she went to the door n asked who is there? But no one answered her, she again asked n at last she opened the door. She saw Manik laughing, she got angry n said

Nandini: tum yaha kyu aaye ho?
Manik: aww, tumhe gussa agaya
Nandini: haa, koi aisa darata hai?
Manik(holding his ears): ab maaf bhi kardo
Nandini: noo, never.
Manik: thik hai, mat karo maaf, phir ice-cream bhi nhi milega.
Nandini(happy): kyaa ice-cream?
Manik: haa ice-cream lekin ab jab tum mujhe maaf hi nhi karne wali toh
Nandini: acha thik hai kardiya lekin next time aisa mat karna. N she took the ice-cream n started eating, Manik was juz admiring her childness, he saw some ice-cream was on Nandini’s lips, he removed the ice-cream by touching her lips, they had a cute eye-lock.

After this ice-cream session, Nandini asked Manik how he knew that she wanted to have ice-cream? Manik said my heart said n I brought it. She was amazed listening to him, after that Manan went to Manik’s car where Nandu first time hugged Manik n thanked for the ice-cream. Manik went n Nandu too in her room.

5th Day of Friendship
Nandini was sitting in living room when she recieved a message from

Monster-u can’t believe we got an album of 2crore.
Me-what seriously!!
Me- Congratulations!!
Monster- not like this, u have to arrange a party at my place for Fab5 n Navbhi
Me-k as u say, I vill b there by 4pm
Monster-k vil b waiting ?

After this lil chat session, Nandini dressed up n went to Malhotra Mansion for arranging the party. She arranged everything, only one thing was left n that was Pasta-Manik’s favourite. She started chopping vegetables when Manik n Mukti came in the kitchen. Mukti was boiling the Macaroni n Manik was juz joking there. Nandini was laughing n by mistake cut her finger. She hissed n Manik took her finger in his mouth(sorry guyz dont know how to say it, u guyz understood na) while someone was admiring them n that was Mukti. After this Manik bandaged her finger n said u r not gonna prepare the pasta, did u get that?? She first objected but Manik is Manik he didn’t let her do that.

After that everyone enjoyed the party, Manik informed Fab4 that shooting of album vil b after 2 days, after this everyone returned to their homes.

6th Day also went simple, they visited zoo n had ice-cream in ice-cream parlour, fans were juz drooling at Manik n were thinking who is the girl with him?

7th Day Nandini wanted to do some fun, she wanted to get drunk, all clubs were closed as it was 12am, but Manik wanted to fulfill her wish, they both intruded a shop n took two bottles of beer from there. The owner was running behind them but couldn’t catch them. It started raining n Manan were laughing at what happened before, Nandini was so happy that she said

Nandini: Manik I can do whatever u want me to. Manik heard this n said
Manik: k, if u can then plzzz forget whatever happened 2yrs before n bring Music back in ur life. She was shocked. But said
Nandini: k I vil, but u also have too do something for me.
Manik: what?
Nandini: u stop blaming rain for whatever happened
Manik: but how can I?
Nandini: u can’t forget that day, but can make new memories na, so I vil sing today for u n u should always remember this night, k?
Manik: k then start.
(Nandini started doing the steps)

Zulfon se baandh liye baadal
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lage paagal

(She did the same steps in the song)
Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…

Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham…

(Manik started)
Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away
Let’s start jumpin’
My heart goes pumpin’
I love you in every way

(Nandini started)
Dhadkano pe boondein jo giri
To nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham…

Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham…
(Nandini finished)

Nandini was very happy, she hugged Manik n thanked him for bringing Music back in her life. After 5mins of hugging, they broke the hug n Manik drove Nandu back to home.

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