Hello everyone,

The episode starts with kunj,Swara and Twinkle again waiting for our late latifs Laksh and Naira.
Twinkle- Again that are late
Swara- Don’t worry they will come
Kunj- See Lucky is coming
They were shocked as Naira was not with him.
Laksh-Good morning!!
Swara- where is Naira?
Twinkle-Yeah where is she? She never does absent.
Laksh- Let me speak, she will come don’t worry
Kunj- Why didn’t she came with you?
Laksh-She is late
Swara- Don’t tell a lie lucky she is never late.
Laksh- umm actually she forgets to buy maths copy so she went to buy it.
Kunj- You should be with her
Laksh-She told me to go school as we were late on the first day so we should not be late again!!
Twinkle-Yeah she is right let us enter
They enter the school and went to prayer ground, still Naira didn’t reach.
The first period started. Shivaay entered the class and started to call will numbers for the attendance.

In other side,
Naira entered the school building as they were very famous in school so the watchman didn’t stopped her.
She ran towards the class room. Suddenly she hit someone and both of them fall down on the ground.
Naira-Ouch! Can’t you see properly?
Boy-Excuse me miss, I was standing here you came running towards me.
Naira-So what you should get side from my way (Both of them got up in full anger)
Boy-Wow at first you have done mistake and now you are shouting at me.
Naira-oh wait I have not done any mistake. It was your fault.
Boy-My fault! ! Are you mad?
Naira-How dare you call me mad you..you medhak! !
Boy-What you are are..
Boy-Yeah jungli billi
Naira was going to say something but she remembered that she is late.
Naira-Omg Shivaay sir will kill me today
Naira-I will see you, now i have to go to my class.
Boy-Hey! Wait can you tell me where is class 11 science?
Naira (while running)-Just follow me.
They both ran towards the class room. When both of them reach outside the class Naira was shocked to see that sir has already started the studies.
Boy-May I come in sir?
Shivaay-Yeah come
Both of them were entering just than, Shivaay-Not you Naira.
She was shocked and angry too with the boy.
Naira (in mind)-Huh! I was late because of him only but sir allowed him not me.
Shivaay (to the whole class)-Students met your new friend Karthik Goenka he is a brilliant student. He scored 10 cgpa in 10th.
Everyone welcomed him. He winks to lucky both of them smiled seeing each other. Swara,kunj and Twinkle were shocked seeing them and Naira outside.


So done with karthik’s entry.
I hope you all like it.
Do comment my comments are decreasing so if you don’t like this ff than please say I will stop it as I’m very busy still I write so please comment.


  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous Chappy.
    Pehli hi entry me dono ko zameen pe gira diya:D:D
    Karthik rocked Naira shocked B)B)
    And the Tashan begins.

  2. Raf

    It’s mind blowing dear… Fantastic…Liked it a lot…Don’t worry about less comments.. Everyone r busy na as school has also started that’s y comments r getting less i guess..BTW it’s awesome soumya…Keep writing!!
    How r u dr?? How is ua studies going on?

  3. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    Pls don’t stop di . Many may not be able to comment because of their busy schedule but we love ur ff a lot. Pls don’t ever stop this ff . Kaira finally met . Karthik is a studious boy here . Superb . Waiting to know more . Update soon and pls send the link of the next epi when u post it if u can

  4. Riyaditi


    |Registered Member

    Dare u stop this somu.. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 …. pls pls pls pls pls pls don’t stop yaar… ye ek hi ff hai jise mai padhti hu…. regularly…. and sachi sachi I love it… kal exams hai meri lekin phir bhi mai ye padhne aa gai coz I really love this one …… pls kuch bhi kar .. kitna bhi late post kar.. lekin stop mat kar yaar….
    And about the epi .. it was awesome mindblowing superb… loved it…
    Yaar pls stop mat krna … aur jab ye comment padhne to apna wall bhi ek baar check kar lena….


    Amazing episode…loved it so much.. finally Kartik ki entry ho hi gayi aur aate hi sherni se panga…eagerly waiting for next…

  6. Baby


    |Registered Member

    loved it alottt……β™₯
    wowwwoaaa just amazing
    osm nailed it……β™₯
    realation of lucky n kartik excited too very excited …..β™₯
    lods of love β™₯
    post soon….. πŸ™‚

  7. Yashu24


    |Registered Member

    Di it’s fabulous!!!! I loved it very very much!😍😍😍😍
    And di please don’t stop writing this, comments don’t matter.. there are surely lots of silent readers who.r reading your story and di maybe the readers r somewhat busy now , you will surely get good numbers of comments soon😘😘😘
    Just keep writing
    Take care
    Love you very much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. TUFriendsForever


    |Registered Member

    nice one somo laksh was not naughty this time n kaira fight was cute n then Shivaay strict teacher making them to stand out.amazing one n laksh karthick know each Ohoo waiting for the next epi

  9. Orchid


    |Registered Member

    😘😘😘😘loved it, but poz make Shivaay soft. He is soooooooooooooooo rude.😒

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