The episode starts with a beautifully decorated room with disco lights, balloons and ribbons by this decoration we can get to know that a birthday celebration is going on. Many children of age 15-16 were dancing on the songs played by D.j. In the centre a beautiful girl was dancing amazingly. She was wearing a short frock of baby pink colour. She was just looking like a doll. Suddenly from her back a boy came and started dancing near her. She didn’t mind as she was fully engrossed in dancing.
The boy said-You are looking very beautiful Swara (She is none other than Swara aka Shona)
She takes it as a compliment and replied-Thanks Rahul (Rahul is not a good character in this ff, he is negative)
He was going more close to her but he landed on floor by a punch on his nose. All were shocked by this.
Rahul was super angry, he saw towards the direction from where he got the punch.
Rahul(shocked and afraid)-Naira! ! (She is our Naira aka sherni, she was wearing a scratched jeans and top)
She shouts-how dare you came close to her?
Rahul-I was just dancing with her
Swara-Are chill my sherni….but Naira interrupts her
Naira-Shona I’m handling na so pls don’t stop me
Again Naira looks at him with anger and was going to say something but a boy interrupts her
Boy-Omg sherni why are you scolding him, he is so innocent yar
Rahul-Yeah lucky bhai I have not done anything (He is Laksh aka lucky, he was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt he was looking so handsome)
Rufina-Lucky how can you say that he is innocent
Abhija-Yeah we all have seen him misbehaving Shona
Ishita-We should just break his teeth
Janvi-Lucky ishu is right just beat him

All were saying something except Naira she was silent as she know her best friend.
Swara-Gys leave it
Laksh-Yup let’s go and dance gys and rahul bro drink this (he gives a glass of cold drink to him) and chill bro.
When he drinks that his facial expression changed. He hold his stomach and ran towards bathroom.
All starts laughing and praised lucky. Naira gives hi-fi to to lucky and hugged Swara.
Swara was so happy seeing lucky doing something for her.
Than a boy came and said-Lucky what you have done now without telling me
Laksh-Kunj bro you missed that (He is kunj,he was wearing black jeans with a black shirt)
Naira-Yeah bro you have missed an awesome thing.
The trio laugh except kunj.

Then a girl came running she was wearing a white gown.
Girl-gys it’s my b’day and you all are enjoying here without me, how can you all do this to me
Swara-Awww my b’day girl Twinkle (She is Twinkle the b’day girl)
Laksh-Next time we will inform you and winks
Naira-Don’t worry twinkle your b’day is not over yet
Suddenly kunj started singing the Buddhu sa man hai (from the movie kapoor and sons)
And pull twinkle to the centre. Naiswalak join them. Everyone danced and enjoyed a lot. After some time Twinkle cuts her b’day cake. After the celebration everyone returns to their house.


Sorry for late everyone.
Hope you all likes it.
I will add my TU friends in my each episode this was my surprise this idea was given by Rufi. I hope she will read this so I’m missing you rufi.

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