That Eyes!!! Twinj os (HBD nacheez and chiko)

Hi.. See whose back?? Baadme dekna ab… This os is dedicated nacheez urf shruti urf forever fan of twinj and my chiko urf chehak urf chiku… I know mai late hun but mere net pack empty hogaya tha isliye jaldi nahi kar pai… Chiku ko happy birthday boldia lekin shruthi – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU HAPPY EVER…

Pls drop ur cmmnts and let me know hw was it… Plz silent readers too..

Lets begin…

A girl is in the arms of boy… Both staring lost in each other… Then both of them come in her senses… And the boy being shocked says “that eyes…”


A girl is shown happily twirling stretching her arms (like a girl happily turns typically,). She is wearing a umbrella type burkha…
#link for better description-

It seems like she is really happy… She is also wearing a naqaab…(Muslims woman wear it to cover their faces)
#link for better description-

A boy was passing by when the girl collides and falls directly in his arms… Their eyes meet for the first time and both gets lost in each others eyes.. The boy was not able to see her because the naqaab covered her face down till her eyes.. He only noticed her eyes… She goes from there but turns back and takes a glance at him… The guy has fallen for her… Fallen for her eyes.. He is kunj.. Kunj sarna.. The heart throb of the college and all the girls die for his charm… By then he never met her… But he believed his fate… If she was written in his destiny he would surely meet her…

As said earlier kunj is a college going student… He meets a girl wearing specks with one plait and books in her hand where he understands her to be a nerd… She is a shy girl who doesn’t talk much… Her name was twinkle… Twinkle starts loving kunj but doesn’t confess… One day she confesses it but kunj rejects her saying she is a nerd who is not as his level. He laughs at her. Whole college gets to know about it and used to tease her. As a result twinkle gets heartbroken and leaves the college. Her mother tries finding an boy for her… But every boy rejects her for her looks… Finally one of the family agrees for alliance but the boy is an womanizer… He agreed to marry her just because he loved her body. Twinkle aware of it still agrees to marry him just for her mother who thinks her to be burden.

Kunj here is desperate to find his lady love. He is trying his level best to find her but is failing miserably… He gets the invitation for twinkle’s wedding… It was in mumbai so they had to travel a week before… Kunj to arrives there…

In this period of time he gets to know about twinkle’s character and feels guilty for being so rude to her… He also gets to know her fiancee is an womanizer… He feels bad for her… The night before her marriage kunj goes to ask forgiveness from her but he witnessed her pain which she was confessing to her babaji.. The adopted child, whole school and college referred her as nerd, her fiancee who is an womanizer, and lastly about kunj- she confesses how much she loved him, how much his words hurted her, how much pain she have buried in her heart and cries her heart out… Unknowingly tears flows from kunj’s eyes too and he leaves from there…

On the marriage day…

The rituals get started and the priests asks them to bring twinkle… Twinkle comes down… She looks breathtaking beautiful in her light pink and pink lehenga with heavy diamond jewellers. Kunj gets mesmerized and looks at her. Twinkle avoids eye contact. Twinkle sits in the mandap and the rituals starts. Couple (Twinkle and her fiancee) starts taking the vows.. they were about to complete 6th vow when twinkle strikes on something and slips but on the nick of time kunj gets holds of her and she lands up In his arms…

Flashback ends

Twinkle is in the arms of kunj… Both staring lost in each other… Then both of them come in her senses… And Kunj being shocked says “that eyes…” he realized that the eyes were of same girl with whom he has fallen in love… He pulls her up and says “Twinkle I know ur the same one . U hv met me that day na…,” Twinkle now starts crying and reveals that she was the same girl in burkha and he didn’t noticed her eyes because of specks… Kunj too confesses his love and twinkle gets more than happy… They both get married and lived happily ever after…

——————-THE END-—————–

Hw was it??? I hope I have not bored u all…

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative… Any confusion do ask me… Ignore if any mistakes…

Love you all…



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  1. SidMin

    Loved it so sweet 🙂 Keep writing such stories 🙂 Love you 🙂

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    Awww! That was so sweet!
    Keep writing dear! That was amazing! I loved it!?

  3. Ramya

    Wowwwwww tamanna
    Awesome Awesome amazing os loved it
    N love u

  4. Chiku

    Awwwieee!!!! Sooo cute. Just loved it.
    Thank u so much for posting it for my bday????
    Love u

  5. Lovely story…

  6. Omg… tamanna meri janu tu agai wapas.. Kesi hay tu ?….I missed u and ur writing soo much……and os toh very amazing tha teri tarah…..luv it very much…..come back with ur another awesome story k saath….
    Stay happy…..luv u janu……

  7. Roshini125

    No words…..but nly I can say is…

  8. dreamer...arundhati

    Tammu jaan lovely os

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    Awesome amazing fabulous

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    Fantastic yrr

  11. Baby

    tamanna it was spr cute 😀
    loved it awwww…….srsly speechless♥♥♥♥
    loved it to core♥ 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥

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