Eyes; Behind Those Grey Shades (OS)


Hello friends. This is my fifth OS, a treat to Ragini-Laksh fans. So, here we go,

“Please, don’t do this to me. I love you very much. Please don’t leave me. Don’t go away.”

The girl begged to the heartless prince, standing over there in front of her, wearing his usual mask of arrogance.

He is the most good looking guy I’ve ever seen in my life. He is hot. He is rich. He has class. He has attitude. He is one of the top scorer of the batch. He is the captain of the college football team. He plays guitar and sings as well. Always clad in his semiformal wears and a grey shade, looking extremely handsome that sometimes I feel a dire need to carry inhaler in my pocket. Sometimes, I feel envy of his shades that barred me looking whats behind that. I want to look into his eyes. Eyes that can express the feelings that sometimes words fails to . But he is always a mysterious dark prince for girls like me. All in all, he is fully loaded with talent, good looks, money and attention. He has that aura that girls are on their toes to readily throw themselves onto him but he is a tough player, a badass. A stubborn, arrogant and self-centered badass, girls could kill for and I hate him for that because I can never stand among them. HE, The Handsome Hunk, Laksh Maheswari, dream boy of every girls, and I’m one in the crowd, among them.

I’m the last one in the queue, Ragini Gadoddia, a plain girl with a straight head. I stand nowhere to his comparison. I’m a mediocre. I’ve nothing, regarding class, attitudes, looks n all except my actual self and bunch of true companions like me. He is like one forbidden reign for me I can never reach in my life. I’m a simple girl for anyone like him to even have a look at.

The things that connect us is, my father was his family driver, and we are in the same college, same batch. I born in their servants quarter, I lost my mother and live there till my father’s death. My dad sacrificed himself, saving his master’s life when I was sixteen. That’s the reason I’m studying in this expensive college with him. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m having a shockingly affective crush on him. I automatically steal a glimpse of him whenever he was around though I’m well aware of the underlinings between us which he will never cross and I can never cover, in the wildest dreams also. Well, this is my lovestory, uh..uh.. one sided funny crush story.

Well, right now I’m outside a room witnessing all this scenario through the slightly open door. I’m on the top floor of our college building, which is going through some renovation process. Students like me never walk up here because its mostly occupied by the hot and desperate couples. I don’t know what pulled me here but I came here and stopped outside this room while going through the corridor. It was a teary shriek that made me stop here and peek inside, then I saw the fashion diva of the college, Kaira Awasthi clinging to the man loaded with everything except emotion.

“I love you Lucky. I can do anything for you. Try to understand, please.” She cupped his face.

“I don’t care.” He said carelessly and jerked her hands off him, “Don’t you ever try to show me your face now onwards.”

He pulled away from her and it was only then I realize I’ve to move away from here as soon as possible. I ran to the opposite corridor but it wasn’t too far when I lost my balance and fell back, over someone. Everything blurred into vision till a ‘thud’.

“Thank god!” I whispered haggardly, when I was assured that nothing happened to my delicate bones also after a heavy collision with a hard fleshwalls.

Whoever was on my back, I must say, he has a tough muscular body. My body ached with the contact. Crooning my head a little back I looked down on my landing and my mind stopped functioning. My bad luck, there was that handsome face of his wearing his usual grey shade on his eyes. I don’t know what’s that with his shades, but he never forgot to have that on once, to my knowledge. He has always a grey shade on his eyes, only brand and its style changes with day. At the moment, one part of me provoke me to push off the barrier blocking me from his million dollars look.

“Sorry.” I whispered faintly because I’m on the stage almost lacking of oxygen.

He didn’t say a word but I can feel his uneven breaths fanning on my face. His body reflexed beneath mine, I think I have gained the extra weight, suddenly selfconcsiousness shadowed me. Then, he placed his hands on the sides of my waist and in a swift move he shifted me out of him. He stood up while I was still sitting on the floor wondering what will happen next.

“Be careful.”

What! he didn’t sound mad at me. I was expecting some shouting and yelling. I stood up. God! is it a dream? I’m right in front of him. I’ve never been this close to him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked gloomily.

I lost my mind to voice out. Something fluttered inside my belly and burst into electric shocks.

“Now, stop drooling over me and get out of here.” He said curtly breaking my chain of beautiful thoughts.

I flinched hearing his rude tone, well he came back to what he actually is, The emotionless jerk. Never have I ever been caught staring at him like a love sick puppy, which I do very often and today he did not only caught me but insulted me as well.

“You didn’t say that, right?”

“Stop being desperate. Just go away. I’ve a lot of cases like you to deal with.”

Wow! exclusive insult. I’m very much sure this is not a dream anymore.

“Hello, who do you think you are? Salman Khan?” Well, I don’t know what gave me that strength to talk to him like that but he was taken aback by my act. And little do I care about him in the situation. I like Salman Khan, the first crush of my life before him and hell I would let go of that insulting remark that he had put on myself, “You are no one to say anything like that to me, ok. I don’t know what made you feel that I would fanned around you like your other bimboes but I won’t and please keep it inside your thick head. Don’t be overconfident of your looks, money or anything, because somebody doesn’t care what and who you are and count me one of them.”

‘Bravo! that was awesome speech’, one side of me screamed satisfied where other side warned me, ‘what have you done stupid?’ Whatever, I shrug it off and looked back at his dumbstruck posture. Well, I don’t know what will come next but I’m pretty sure it won’t be nice. I hurt his self-esteem. So, its better to escape the wrath of this wounded-dark-prince than waiting for his next not so good comment.

“OK, so I’m overestimating myself, right? Then tell me, what and who the hell am I?” He asked me, restlessness and something more evident in his voice.

I never expected this kind of reaction from him but I’ve to answer him now that he is no one to play with girls’ feelings. Somehow, by this I can voice out my crushed feelings. I turned back to him for the next blow, maybe it’ll help me come out of his charm.

“You know what, you think that you can have anything you wanted in your life. You try to make others feel small in front of you. You insult others. You play with the feelings. You have all the things you don’t deserve. You are one self-centered, rude and arrogant man with no heart but I know you are weak enough.” I looked up, again that shade, “I don’t know what’s that with your shades but it always feels like you are hiding your vulnerability behind that. Take that off someday and face yourself, let your eyes speak what you are then you’ll come to know who you are.”

After that enthusiastically energetic speech I waited for a mind numbing slap or something like that but he went away without a word. Strange and relieving at the same time.


Walking through the entrance, I scan all around, my sight could go through, with a thumping heart. There was a different kind of heaviness weighing in the air around me. I’m feeling like this from the day I initiated that daring and awfully foolish talk of mirroring the darkhead to his actual self and its almost a week of my mental torment. I’m just waiting for the intensive blow to come to my way.

“Hey, gorgeous!” Someone whistled from the back.

I keep my pace on without bothering to look back.

“Hey, Ragini!” The voice called my name this time.


I turned around to see a guy from my class but I don’t know anything more about him, except his name is Kabir and he is one from Lucky’s friend circle. I don’t know what made him come here to me but it’s quite surprising that he called me by my name because no one ever try to talk to me like him, before. This college consists the contrasting shades of students, Where I stand to the opposite end from what they calls best. So, there is no chance anyone would like to waste their time on such a useless person like me.

“Can we talk for a moment, beautiful?”

He said flirtatiously with a candy smile, that has the power to raise any girl’s heartbeat but not me because I hate it when it comes to me.

“We r having it, I guess.”

That’s a bit rude, but I can’t help it because I’m like this. I’ve no control in my mouth. I don’t know how to react to such flirt. He is the first one I’m facing in my two years of college life. I can see his face losing its colour.

“Straight girl, hmmm, I like it. OK, let’s not waste the time, do you want to go out on a date with me tonight?”

“Excuse Me!!”

“You will be, but before that I want my answer. Will you come?”


It didn’t take too much time for me to get away from the guy, who I think is mentally unstable. Oh god! his lecherous voice is still ringing into my ears. Its making me sick to my stomach. Restless I took a long strides to get miles away from his reach but then another voice hit ears,


I looked up to see a guy with a bucket of roses and my mind slipped into all sorts of possibilities. It was awkwardly terrifying, how he was staring into my eyes. My head snapped around to see a bunch of students looking at my direction. I’m not used to with this kind of extra attention.

“Hope, I didn’t disturb you?” He asked in a polished tone.

“Nah.” I tried to sound calm.

“This is for you.” He thrust the bucket on my hand.

“But, I can’t take it.” I said panicked.


“I don’t know anything about you and I don’t take anything from strangers.”

“That’s it. OK, my name is Nishaan and I’m on my final year. I like you from the first day of your college but I couldn’t express my feelings then due to some reasons. But they say, its never too late to take a move, right, so I want to officially propose you here.” He said and bend down on his knees.

“God! what are you doing? Please get up. We’ll talk about it.” I muttered in a low voice.

“I want to propose you in a proper way.”

“Please stop it.” I said, my vision blurred with embarrassment.

“OK. Don’t cry. I’ll wait.” With that he went away from my sight.

Getting a grip on myself, I went inside the other corridor and was near the library when someone pulled me inside the storeroom and placed a hand on my mouth. My eyes flared with horror seeing the no 1 flirt of the college, Darshan.

“Hey, don’t shout. I just want to say that I love you.” He whispered huskily and my temper reached to its peak.

Is this a game?

“What the hell you think you are doing? Just get away from me and don’t you ever dare to do this again.” I turned around to leave.

“Hey, I really love you. Please don’t go away from me. I can do anything for you. Please try to understand.” His words remind me of someone and my head bubbled up with realisation and anger.

“Got you. So, he is behind all this.”

Wiping the tear off I walked inside the classroom and welcomed by the stinging silence. Without giving a heed to anything my eyes roamed around for him and then stuck on the blackboard with a message written on it, in the broad letters, I LOVE YOU RAGINI GADODDIA. My tensed muscles ached with the tinge of frustration and I burst into the fit of curses, “Whoever you are, just face me like a man? If you have a little guts then come out, you blo*dy bastard…”

Frustrated I run out of the classroom and then suddenly my steps stopped near the stair.

“I know, its you. Now just wait and watch.”

I climbed up the stairs to the top floor and to the same corridor in a breath and find him there, facing the other side.

“So, you are behind all this. What do you want from me?”

“……” He didn’t budge.

“What do you want to prove by doing this all hmm? Whats your problem? Why can’t you look on yourself than poking your nose into other’s life?”

He didn’t turn but then he broke his silence, “How easily you accused me for the second time. Impressive!”

“What do you mean by accusing, I’m voicing out the truth. You are a crooked person who can’t face the reality. You can go to any limit if anything doesn’t go according to you. You troubled me with those guys, because I made you realise what you actually are. Because I hurt your self-esteem, your ego, right? Now, whats next? Rape?”

“F*ck off.” In a blink he covered the distance between us and grabbed a handful of my hair from the back of my head, “Shut the hell up. I’m listening to your bullshit doesn’t mean that you can blabber anything beyond limit.”

He was dangerously intruding into my space and my god! he wasn’t having a shade on his eyes. His deep-ocean-like-swirling-black-eyes almost knock the life out of me. I feel him so close to me, without any barrier.

“Leave me.” The words broke into the vulnerable whisper.

“Before that, tell me, what’s my fault?”

I heard his voice intense enough to raise my heartbeats and his blazing orbs were already holding mine as a captive.

“I’ve already cleared everything. Now, let me go.” l said haggardly, escaping his heated gaze.

“I want to hear those again. Look at me.” He let out the gritted words almost closing that inches gap between our face.

I almost passed out with the tension but then his grip loosened on me and he let me go of his hold.

“You know, whatever you said to me, if anyone else in your place would have said that then he wouldn’t have survive a day, like you. I let you go because…” He stopped abruptly.

“You cannot deny the fact that whatever I’ve said is right.”

“You are wrong, OK. You are completely wrong. Whatever you did proved me that you are one headless judgemental stupid.”

“You didn’t say that, right?”

“Yes, I did. What did you say that day, I used to play with the feelings right, then what about you? You also played with the feelings, what about that?”

“What rubbish?”

“If it’s rubbish then look into my eyes and deny this.”

“Its not a game ok. You cannot hid the fact that you are troubling me because I hurt your ego.”

“You made those guys fall for you. You played with their feelings. There is someone who is battling inside for your love, do you even have an idea? Someone is spending restless days and nights because of you, do you know?…”

“Stop this bullshit ok. I don’t want to hear you anymore.”

He was playing with my minds now and I can’t stand it anymore.

“You can’t escape the reality today. You called me bully, player, heartless, vulnerable jerk right, now what happened to you. I took off my shades, I faced my actual self, now its your turn, look here who am I?” He held my hand.

My heartbeats skipped hearing him. What he is up to now, “What do you want to prove?”

“That I love you. A lot.”


“Come on, say something.”

His desperate voice nagged me for the answer but I’m not gonna believe what I’ve heard. He is revenging on me and nothing more. Something broke inside me and a part mocked at me, “Leave me.”

“I said I love you.” He said.

“How many times and to how many girls have you applied this trick?” My voice sounded a little hurt, because it actually hurt me.

“You are saying that because you have a mindset that I’m a f**king emotionless jerk who plays with the feelings.”

“Because you do.”

“Oh really? Then tell me when did you see me doing that kind of business?”

“You left Kaira that day, also after her beggings.”

“You too left Nishaan and Darshan there.”

“That was different.”

“What was different? Dont be a hypocrite, everything is similar. You left those guys because you haven’t anything like that for them and I left her the other day because I didn’t love her. I always treated her like a friend and nothing more but she was obsessing over me that’s why I left her, now what do you say?”

Nothing. Well, I cannot say anything now, so it’s best to keep mum.

“I know you are a thickhead stupid and it’ll be hard for me to make you realize that I really love you but I do, from the day I came to know what is love. I refused to go abroad for higher studies because I wanted to be around you. Everyone here is well aware of my feelings for you except you. The boys whom you met today are indeed my friends but whatever they said was their genuine feelings. They never voiced out before because of me. You never had any guys behind you not because you aren’t beautiful but, because I shielded you always from them. And I know, you also like me.”

“I don’t like you. How can I believe in your words?”

“Dont act smart, I saw you many times staring at me like a lost treasure. My focus was always on you, so don’t lie.”

Little embarrassing but its ok.

“You used your shades for that purpose, you are such a jerk.”

“I know but I wanted to pretend as a normal being and my feelings were too much for me to have a control over. Your presence always affected me the way that I lacked of my breath sometimes.”

“Why didn’t you say before?”

“Will you mind, if I do that now?”

There wasn’t left anything to stop my feelings anymore and without even my knowledge I wrapped my arms around him. If this is a delusion, lets just fall into it, for once.

“I love you.” His voice gave me the strength and finally I let out my emotion,

“I love you too.”

“You hurt me that day.” He said with a pout, breaking the hug and cupping my face.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want that.”

“I’m really very sorry.” I said holding my ears.

“Boring.” He faked a yawning act.

“I love you Lucky.” I said looking deep into his glassy eyes.

With that he pulled me in a bone crushing hug and pecked on my forehead.

“Apology granted. And love you too soon to be Ragini Laksh Maheswari.”

Thank you so much for reading.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Well, one friend asked me the other day for writing down on RagLak pair, this is especially on your request Savi Singh.

Ignore the grammatical errors. I don’t know how many mess I’ve done in this story because I’m typing in the bedtime, so please excuse my mistakes.


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