Eye Opener… (kkb) Epi-1

Hello everyone… it’s me haritha.. with a small story about current track.. as I don’t knew that the railway sequence will be a dream.. I thought it as real..but not it really disappointed me a lot.. so I am writing the story from which abhi written to house without pragya….

Abhi enters to dadis room..
Da; where is nikhitha…??? Did you meet her.. why don’t you bring her at our home.. may be she Is not ready to come here as this much happened right… it’s k I will meet her a home…
Abhi who is silent at all this time..
Ab; no dadi… we can’t meet her again.. as she gone away from us… from me… my niku… my number one fan.. go away from me.. that too because of me.. dadi… do you knew.. it’s not niku the culprit… it’s that accountant.. but… when she told me that by looking into my eyes would you feel that it’s me who did this.. at that time I Must tell her that.. no I knew you can’t and I must support her.. but what I did.. even sarlamaa came to meet me that time itself I must go and talk with her… dadi I lost someone special In my life… my niku.. by telling so he goes to his room.. tanu and aliya who is hearing their talk hides..
Ali; tanu.. it’s our party time as that bhahanji goes away from our life.. now my tanu will be my bhabhi…
Ta; aliya… aliya.. I can’t believe this.. do you I thought pragya will be with him.. and make me lose at this time too..
Ali; if the plan is by aliya then no one can fail that…
They gave a hifi and leaves..

Abhi who enters room sees pragya there..
Ab; niku… (pragya is arranging the room ) abhi happily hugs her… niku do you knew where ever I searched I thought you leave me.. sorry fuggi.. I must believe you that time… as I always knew my niku can’t do this.. so sorry… pragya smiles… but niku you make me tensed so you have a punishment
Pr; punishment
Ab; haa.. you must never leave me alone and always be with me.. promise me kabhi bi kisi wakth mein tu meri sath rahengi… abhi forward his hand.. pragya places her hand.. abhigya smiles.. suddenly pragya vanish… abhi get sad…
Tu mera safar… ( plays ).. abhi is thinking his each moment with pragya and he is missing her alot..
Abhi take his phone.. in which he had pragyas pic..
Abhi touched at her face… nikku… where are you please come back.. without you I can’t do anything.. I will not do any like this next time.. I will support you… abhi lies on bed looking at her photo.. screen shifted to pragya.. pragya is talking with abhi by holding his photo..
Pr; suniye… now I am almost away from you.. I don’t knew if I can come back to you or not.. I knew its not possible right.. I have a hope till I am at railway station that you will come there to take me with you.. but that doesn’t happen…. I knew you forget me and my memories… your promises..( pragya thought about his last precious moment with abhi before accident.. as he tell that his heart will always beat for her )

Pragya wipes her tears.. it’s my fate.. when ever we both get closed… next moment a huge distance happen between us it’s happened many times… when we both love each other we need to stay away as tanu came claiming her pregnancy… then when you knew all my truth as mogambo is your fuggi.. the accident make you erase all your memories.. the day you will my maang again.. that day itself I made to stay away from you.. away to a long distance.. as kabhi bi kisi wath muje aapko kabhi dekh na sake..
But I think its better for you as my closeness is danger for you.. so I will stay away from you.. but I will never stay away from your memories.. al that I left in my life is that… I will live with that memories..
Pragya sleeps hugging his photo..

Sarlamaa enters room and sees pragya hugging abhis photo.
Sarla cries.. I knew pragya it’s really tough to you to stay away from him and his life.. but.. I can’t see my daughter in all this pain.. pragya in that house nobody needs you.. all wishes to make you stay from them.. even dadi too didn’t utter a word at that moment.. it is her who bring you to that homeClaiming that she will not allow anything bad happen to you.. but.. pragya beta.. still now I will promise you that if abhi came here to call you I will allow you To go.. but only when he comes… I too wish that happens… because I only then there will be a meaning to my bulbuls death..

Next morning…
Abhi wakes up.. and get ready.. and sees tanu who is making ready his dress.. abhi went to wardrobe and take his dress..
Tanu; abhi I already arranged it..
Ab; I don’t like that..
Ta, then this it will be perfect..
Ab; I mean I don’t like you doing all this nonsense..
Ta, nonsense.. if I did it will nonsense and if that is done by that behenji its good right..
Ab; yes… if she did that I Will simply wore it..
Ta; abhi.. why are you not trying to understand me.. we are soon going to get married.. and after marriage this all are my right.. do you knew how much happy I am by doing all this.. I want to roam around you.. love you all the time.. tanu holds his hand.. and make her head lies on abhis shoulder.. abhi moves away suddenly…
Ab; tanu… this marriage will not happen.. it was a shock for tanu..
Ta; what??
Ab; yes tanu.. till now I don’t knew is I am doing right or wrong.. I don’t have any feelings for you.. not only that I didn’t love you.. it’s situation make me done all this… it’s your maas sickness make me to engage with you.. but now it doesn’t happen…
Ta; abhi.. what are you saying.. do you knew if my maa knew this what will happen to her.. abhi I knew you have no feelings for me.. but after our marriage it all will works…
Ab; no tanu.. after marriage my life will be he’ll.. I will be get upset by thinking that I haven’t got what I need..
Ta; what you mean..
Ab; if a person is close to us.. we don’t knew how he / she belongs to us.. but their absence make us feel.. like now..
Ta; abhi…
Ab; tanu.. now I knew what I need in my life and what I need not..
Abhi left the room.. and goes down..

Aliya confronts him.. Bhai where are you going.. as I have arranged a special party today to announce the date of marriage..
Ab; if marriages is cancelled which means party too right..
Aliya remain in shock.. Bhai how can you do like this.. don’t you think about that bichari tanu..
Ab; aliya.. I don’t need any explanation or your arguments.. as from this day onwards I will hear only the sound of my heart not my mind.. it’s because of that I lose my niku..
Ali; but bhai..
Ab; no more arguments..
Ali; now where are you going?
Ab; to find niku..
Ali; do you knew where is she..
Ab; no.. I don’t knew.. but for her I will travel the whole world and bring back to this home…
Ali; she is just your Secretary right..
Ab; no more than that.. by telling so he leaves..

Screen shift to one temple.. where pragya is praying to god… when pragya turns and sees abhi standing near to her..
Pr:aaap.. yaham bi… please go away.. I knew its my imagination that you are here.. which will not happen.. do you knew whenever I look I see you everywhere… there is no need for you to meet me. As I am not your wife as well as secretary now… so go away don’t disturb me… pragya turns and pray to god…
Priest came there with Prasad calling out name.. abhishek mehra..priest handover Prasad and pragya turns see abhi at some other place.. she doesn’t mind him as she knew that it’s not real.. but it’s her imagination… pragya without noticing him moved away from him.. but stopped as abhi holds her hands…
Pr; are you real…

Abhi pinned her to the wall..
Ab; what you just told to me..
Pr; what I told you…
Ab; I will not remember you as secretary as my wife.. what you meant by that..
Pr; vo… vo.. I just.. how you came here..
Ab; niku.. don’t try to change the topic…
Pr; sir.. look everyone is looking at us.. please leave my hands..
Abhi pulls her hands and make her forcibly sit on his car..
Pr; what are you doing.. I want to go…
Abhi placed hands on her mouth.. just shut up.. and if you tired to get out of the car you will see another abhi.. do you get that
Pr; ( in mind ) what he is up to. How he knew that I am here.. and how can he behave with me like this.. in such an anger it’s me who must anger on him right.. but he is anger on me.. what he tell he will show his another faces. Which is that face I have never seen till now..
By telling so they reached at mehra mansion..
Pr; why don’t you take me here… I want to go..
Abhi takes her in arms and move to his room.. on the way they met aliya and tanu.. they tried to tell something.. but he didn’t listen.. they entered room.. abhi make pragya stand.. pragya rushed to door to go out.. abhi locks the room and with key.. and place on pocket.. pragya tries to take it out.. abhigya fights each other.. at that it end up in an eyelock.. pragya moves away from him.. but abhi holds her hands..

Pragya turns..
Ab; today I have some questions an I need answer from you..
Pr; if I don’t knew the answers then..
Ab; there is nothing hidden in my life that too from you.. it’s you who knew my life more than me..
Pr; no nothing like that.. as I am fan.. I just..
Ab; pulls her closer.. Is that only relation exist between us..
Pragya turned her face..
Pr; no I am your secretary.. but not now.
Ab; for that don’t you gave me resignation letter..
Pr: no… as I am the culprit then which means I lost job..
Ab; is I told you you did that..
Pr : you don’t tell as I am not too na..
Ab; which doesn’t means I too believe so..
Pr; do you believe that it was not me..
Ab; yes..
Pr; then why did you come to meet me..
Ab; I came there but I couldn’t find you.. I came to railway station too.. but couldn’t find you.. I called out your name as a mad person..

Pr; I hear that..
Ab; what you hear my sound even you don’t meet me.. do you have this much attitude niku..
Pr; no I tried but couldn’t find you..
Ab; k.. I understand… anyways sorry because of me and my family you need to stand as culprit.. and I must not make you to stand at jail.. but at that Time all the evidence are against you..
Pr: so you need evidence to believe me… right..
Ab; no niku..
Pr; no it’s lie…
Ab; I believe you more than anything in this world.. and I think you will not tell lie to me… to my questions…
Pr; hello. I have no need to answer your questions…
Ab; yes you need as answers were known to you only… so tell me why you tell so.. who are you for me..
Pr; secretary…
Ab; only secretary… nothing more than that..
Pr; vo… vo..
Ab; wife.. pragya get shocked..
Pr; your fiance is tanu na..
Ab; no.. because I have cancelled that marriage..
Pr; why?
Ab; because I have no feelings for her.. but have feelings for someone else..
Pr; who is that?

Ab; that I will tell you.. but answer me.. who are you to me.. why you knew everything about me.. why you knew what is going on through my mind.. why you always come to help me.. why I feel a connection with you.. why you stands with me even you knew that my life is danger.. when ever I felt sad or I get upsets.why you always came to change my mood.. tell me who is you niku.. you are not my secratory not my friend something more than that.. there is some connection with us which is unknown to me.. but known to you..
Pr; sir.. I just need to go.. my maa is..
Ab; no niku.. you can’t go like that answer me.. why I feel this much connection I feel that your maa as my own.. your rock star dadi as my own… why I feel that you belongs to me.. pragya turns at look at shock…
Pr; what you said now..
Ab; ya… why when you stay away from me.. I feel so sad.. I feel restless…. I feel that I have lost something in my life.. I lose all my hope..
Pragya look at him teary eyed…

Abhi holds her shoulders..
Ab; tell me.. niku what all this means.. and Is you my wife… is your memory which I forget… I knew at that day you tired to make me remember about my past.. tell me.. I need to knew after my accident all
Of them hide everything to me.. I think you will not..
Pragya sits in bed.. as in tears and in some joy… but don’t knew how to answer him…
Taliya and Dadi is continuously knocking the door..
Pr; sir… they are knocking for a long time…
Ab; that is not important than my life.. I need your answer…
Pr; I can’t answe you..
Ab; why?
Pr; I don’t knew answer..

Ab; niku look at me and answer to me.. I knew you knew everything and trying to hide all this..
Pr; some facts are to be hide of that harm someone special to us…
Ab; k.. nobody in this house will answer to me… right… k so no one have no feelings for me.. no one can’t see my pain right.. then why do I..
Abhi takes something from his pocket… and opened and started to drink it…
Pragya runs and threws the bottle.. it was poison..
Pr : what are you doing.. how can you do like that.. how can I stay alone without.. and hugs him.. I always tried to make you safe.. as you are my life.. I hide everything for you.. if u are there Then.. you forget your promise right you will not make me alone…

Abhi remained silent as he is listening to all what she is said..
Pr; you are always like this.. you take your life in risk.. in that day you take that bullet on to you for me.. and that accident which Is made for me.. but it’s you who gets into it.. my closeness is always harm you then why I…. I don’t need anything… I don’t need a tag as wife as secratory.. I want to see you happy.. that’s big for me..
Abhi broke his hug..
Ab; so your are my wife…
Pr; ( as she knew she blabber out everything ) yes.. I am..
Ab; then why you hide that..
Pr; as my memories make you life in danger as doctor said.. so I thought its better to don’t recall all past..
Abhi hugs her tightly.. pragya too..
Ab; so fuggi is you right..
Pr; haa.. so you are nikhitha abishek mehra said abhi..
Pr; no pragya abhishek mehra..
Ab; pragya…

Pragya explains everything happened to his life till now..
Pr; I knew all this facts are unbelivable for you.. but..
Ab; as I believe you.. I believe all this.. sorry fuggi.. because of me you need to bear a lot.. but from nowonwards I will make you smilee always..
Pragya smiles..

Abhi gets up from pragyas lap..
Ab; before starting a new journey in want to tell you something.. it’s purab who inform me that your place and I saw you going to temple and I reached there and last night I saw a dream in which I saw I am filling your maang.. and this is not poison just water..
Pr: what?
Ab:haa.. if you don’t tell me truth I need to that…
Abhi leaves where are you going.. said pragya..
Ab:I need to talk with someone… abhi opens door..
Aliya look at abhigya.. and sees pragyas maang fill with kumkum..
Ali: Bhai.. what all this..
Abhi slapped aliya hard.. which makes aliya fall on ground…
Ta; abhi you can’t do this.. next slap..
Ali; Bhai.. I think this nikhitha tell something against us.. second slap.. ab; don’t call her nikhitha.. as she is Mrs. Pragya abhishek Mehra..
Da: abhi..
Ab; yes dadi.. what you all think that I will never came to knew all this..
Ali: Bhai… I don’t want to hurt you only.. next slap..
Ab; for what you are doing all this aliya.. it’s fuggi who must do anything against as because of you she loss everything…
Tanu who tried to go away..

Abhi holds her and slapped at both cheeks.. I haven’t meet such a shameless women in my life.. and you played with rockstar so you must regret for that.. police came there and arrest aliya and tanu..
Before going away.. pragya gave a slap to aliya..
Pr; I always consider you as my sister.. when ever you harm me and your Bhai.. I hope that you will change..
Next slap to tanu
Pr; tanu… what you thought that you can snatch him and money… for that you even tried to kill my maa.. I didn’t such a cheap women who kill and take advantage of her baby to get something..
By telling police take them..
Mean while sarla purab all reached there.. sarla too slaps the both..
Pr: maa..
Ab:sorry auntyji.. making you all in vain..
Sa:it’s k betaji.. I knew you will return to us.. as I have hope in my daughters love.. abhi look at pragya.. purab hugs abhi..
All feels happy..

Scene shifted to abhigyas
Room.. as they both are in packing..
Pu; where you both leaving..
Ab:purab.. we wish to start our new life in our farm house..
Purab hugs him.
Ab; but you are also coming with us.. not alone.. with bulbul.. raj bhaiyya came there with bulbul..
Pu: bulbul.. they both happily hugs..
Pragya hugs bulbul…
Pu: raj bhaiya..
Ra; purab.. she is with me… as she is not all cure that’s why.. and she is not ready to come in front of you all..
Bu: don’t scold bhaiyya.. it’s me who make him so.. as I don’t want you all suffer because of me..
Purab slaps her and hugs her..
Bul; ouch.. it’s paining purab..
Pu; it’s not that much pain.. which I felt without you..
Ab; k guys.. next scene at farm house..
All sits in car and leaves… to led a new life without problems without aliya.. tanu.. going to make their own world..
Episode ends

I don’t knew what you all feel by reading this.. it’s really so long one.. but seeing the episode it’s make me to write so to express my frustrations.. sorry if I bored you all

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