Eye Catching Scenes Of The Last Few Episodes

The past few episodes of YHM we’re colourful and eye catching. So I have taken some captures of those beautiful scenes and from this article, I’m going to present it to all of you. Take a look at these…….

Ishitha dancing with Raman
Lovely moment
Dancing moment

Pammi and Romi
Sweet Ishu
Shagun & Mani
Kiran & Shagun
Remember something??
Adi and Aliya are just like their Mom & Dad!
Past moment…
Papa do something na ??
Ok ok Ruhi . Let me help you. ?
Help me Ishi ma ????
Adi and Aliya are so amazing ??
Handsome Adi ??
Ssoooo greattttt ??
Really.. see Adi from mirror!!
Just the same!!
No words!!
Happy happy happpy scene for me taraaaa….
Don’t you remember anything? Really??
Just amazing!
Awesome dress!
Mani & Shagun
Well done Shagun ?


Ruhi & Aliya are gorgeous
Lovely Pihu
Ishima’s one and only son
She’s so pretty!
Little Pihu
She’s looking more pretty

I hope you all liked these beautiful scenes I captured. Their dresses were amazing. That’s why I thought of doing this. Thank you for peeping into this. There were more beautiful pictures but I think this is enough.

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  1. Riana

    Pari this pic album was really cute !!! ???

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much Riana Didi ???????

  2. Aafiya

    Beautiful pics…

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ?

  3. Kira

    This one is cool

    1. Priyu

      Aww ? thank you so much ??

  4. Loved it!I’ve felt before,aliya has more ‘ishita’ vibe in her looks than ruhi. Now I’ve these photos to prove my point! Ishita’s dresses are so elegant since the Budapest track. Seeing Pammi aunty brings back happy memories.Like always, Shagun’s fashion sense is cool.& I find Kiran very pretty. I wish she had more dialogues.

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ? yes Aliya is so great ??? her dresses are very nice. Yeah Raman looks so huge ? even I noticed that ?

  5. Seeing Raman from old episodes makes me sad.He looks so huge now-like a wrestler,not businessman.

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