An extraordinary story (Part 1)


Hey guys this is the first time i’m writing a story…pls forgive me for my mistakes…hope u like it…

‘Hey u, the one in the white chudidhaar….come here’
Sanjeev and his friends were sitting on their bikes in front of their college, the prestigious Arundathi Devi College of Business studies, Mumbai(ADCBM) one of the many Arundathi Devi educational instituitions around the country.They were looking for the freshers.They were not really mean…just asked the names…made them sing a song or two…and ha, asked them to carry the seniors books to their classes. Sajeev actually never did anything he just watched his friends always! He looked at the girl whom his best buddy, Ajay, was refering to…someone in chudidhaar? He wondered… But the face he saw… there was something about her…he couldnt take his eyes off her…
She was just staring back, with a blank expression. ‘Ji, aap humse baath kar raha hai?’ Beautiful voice….but whats up with the aaps and hums Sanjeev wondered

Ajay-‘What?Ofcourse I’m talking to u…Do u see anyone else in a chudidhaar here, let alone a white one???’
‘Woh ji, kya aap hindi main baath kar sakthe hai? Woh kya he ki…hume english uthni aathi nahi….’
Ajay exclaimed’What???? You dont know english??? I mean…. whatever….just get out of here….’ ajay was getting irritated.
She started to leave when sanjeev asked ‘tumhara naam kya hai?’ ‘Nithya’ She replied
Sanjeev and ajay were final year MBA students…the most handsome guys in the college, they had a string of girls behind them. Sanjeev never minded them. And Ajay, he did take some of them for a ride on his bike and bought them an icecream or a coffee…but nothing beyond that…he always made it clear that he was not ready for a relationship.

But this girl, Nithya, there was really something about her that made Sanjeev to keep on thinking about her…’Bhai, we should go, its time for our lecture’ Ajay’s words brought him out of his thoughts.
They were sitting in their class…their professor was late, something that never happened before. Just then he came in and said ‘Hi guys, i have a surprise for u….we have new student, actually she got transferred from the ADCB Delhi… their best student, her professors say, and i think the best student ADCB ever had, i can say that from her marks and activity record….. ‘You are embarassing me sir, i’m not that gud, i think i’m just OK’ Came in a sweet voice, and a girl came in wearing a white knee length dress.
‘God, i think i’ve gone crazy…i have started to see her everywhere.’ Thought sanjeev. That’s when he heard ajay ‘Bhai isnt she that girl frm morning, the one who dont know english?’ ‘But isnt she speaking in english now’ someone else said. She was giving her intro
‘….in the delhi college. Had to shift due to some personal issues. The only one i know around here is anamika. I’m sure anu will introduce u all to me, wont u anu?’ Anamika gave her a thumbs up. The boys didnt know what was happening. During their intervals the guys were about to question her. But before thet she started talking to anu, well in a loud voice…

‘ Anu, yaar, when u told me about these geniusses in ur class, i didnt really think that they were this great. They just believed that someone could get into ADCB without even knowing english….’ This really angered ajith ‘how dare u? And u lied to us and ur clothes’ ‘What about my clothes??? I wear what i like….and i didnt lie…i told u that i dont know english that well…i know english way better than u think…and ha dont dare me…it just makes me want to do it more….’ Saying this she went out.
Sanjeev said ‘What was her name agai and what does she think of herself??? Princess of somewhere???’
‘You can call me that PRINCESS. I dont really mind.’ She was standing right there at the door, smirking….

Thats all for today guys…again, hope u like it…..pls tell me if u dont want me to continue….and sry for the mistakes

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