Exposure of Tanu Nikhil and Champak

Guys first I thank each and every one who has read and appreciate my last week OS ( Tanu’s Exposure ) . This week I have written another OS of Tanu’s exposure but I have changed the title since someone else has posted it in the same title and same montage.

Guys just go through this OS and leave your comments. If you people don’t like it then stones egg tomato are also welcome.

The story starts with Nikhil hiring a maid for household works. The maid name is aakshya.
In MM, abhi is disturbed by champak’s entry. Abhi believes Pragya has an affair with champak. Abhi, who is angry with Pragya decided to get divorce from her by hearing tanu’s word. Pragya too signed in divorce paper and broke all relation with abhi. But she still lives in MM.

The story takes a month leap
After a month, abhi announces his marriage with Tanu is to be held in 3 days. The news has gone viral in all news channels and social networking sites.
. Tanu’s parents reached MM. Tanu is very happy and tells Pragya that I won, her marriage is going to happen with abhi. Pragya says to Tanu the U can’t share my kumkum, u will see the power of kumkum, by signing divorce paper my relationship with abhi doesn’t end.
Its marriage day, all the media and guest were present in MM since its rock star’s marriage. MM has been decorated beautifully. Marriage rituals has started. Pandit ask abhi and Tanu to take phera. On seeing this Pragya dadi purab aakash rachana sarla ma are shocked. Pragya is still standing helplessly. Her eyes filled with tears.

Tanu and abhi completes 6 phera and starts their 7th phera. Tanu is very happy that her marriage is going to fulfill. Suddenly a lady entered MM and shouts stop it. Everyone in MM is shocked especially Tanu and nikhil. The lady is Nikhil’s maid, aakshya. Abhi asks her, who are you??? Why do you want to stop this marriage??? Aakshya inturn ask abhi, why do u want this marriage to happen??? Abhi says the whole world knows the reason. Aakshya says but I don’t know. Abhi says that Tanu is going to become maa for my child that’s why he is marring Tanu. Aakshya says so u r marrying Tanu only for the child sake and not because of love.

Tanu says u r Nikhil’s maid, try to be in that limit. Aakshya says how do u know that I am Nikhil’s maid ??? Tanu was shocked by this question and starts to blabber. Nikhil interrupts and says to aakshya that if you speak even a word more than this, u will be fired. Aakshya says I have already resigned from the job and I don’t need it anymore. Aakshya calls a lady. When the lady ( a model acted as Nikhil’s wife ) came, asked aakshya why she called Nikhil’s wife ??? Aakshya says that she is not Nikhil’s wife. Abhi asks what do u mean??? Aaskshya says I mean , its time to tell the truth. The girl says I am a model and acted as Nikhil’s wife and has married to her lover 15 days back. Since I am a model my marriage news have been gone viral in online. She shows her marriage news in google with her marriage pic. Abhi cant understand anything and asks Nikhil what’s going on ??? Nikhil’s says whatever she told is truth. My wife has married someone else since they are officially divorced now. Aakshya interrupts and says Nikhil is telling lie. He is neither married nor divorced. Aakshya asks Nikhil to show his divorce papers if they are officially divorced. Nikhil was blinking and thinking what to do next??. Aakshya says Nikhil was doing drama these many days. This drama has started when abhi asked Nikhil to marry alia, but Nikhil was not able to marry alia since he has affair with Tanu. Nikhil Tanu and her parents, all the MM members were shocked.

Tanu on hearing this raised her hands over aakshya, but she hold her hands and said in bday party in front of everyone u proved Pragya as a characterless. Now I will prove the whole world that u r a characteress women. Pragya is shocked to see it and she can’t understand what’s going on.

Aakshya shows a video to everyone. In that video, Tanu is in Nikhil’s house enjoying with him along with abhigya’s divorce papers. In that video Tanu says finally I have won the competition between me and Pragya. She points Nikhil and says ur child is going to get abhis name. Abhi is shattered to see the video. In video Nikhil too joins with Tanu and tells he is happy and his child’s future is secured and his child is going to take Rockstar’s name. Aakshya says that this video was recorded by herself. while serving wine and food to Tanu and Nikhil she has fitted a hidden camera on the the table. Tanu tries to manipulate abhi but abhi is not ready to hear Tanu’s words. He was thinking how Tanu has mentally torched him in the name of the unborn child. Abhi was completely shocked and the rest of MM members are very happy that finally Tanu has been exposed for her guilt.

. Aakshya continues saying that most of MM members knows about it. When sarla ma comes to knw abt it, she met an accident. Nikhil was the one behind sarla ma’s accident and kidnapping. Aakshya shows a video that has been captured in traffic signal camera. She ask abhi to see it. Abhi sees a car hitting sarla ma. When he pauses and zooms the video, he comes to know that it was Nikhil driving the car. Sarla ma also joins aakshya and says its true only .

Abhi asks purab to call the police. Purab does. Abhi becomes emotional and starts to taunt Nikhil and Tanu. Aakshya says her work is not yet over. Still a person has to be exposed. Abhi asks still who is left??? Aakshya replies Champak. Abhi says what????

aakshya says that champak is Tanu Nikhil’s man. They have hired champak to spoil bday party as well as ur relation with Pragya. Champak says that she is telling lie. I don’t know who Tanu and Nikhil is. Aakshya goes towards champak and tells I have exposed Tanu and Nikhil easily. It wont take even a minute for me to expose u. So its better u yourself tell the truth to everyone. But champak says that he was not able to understand anything.
Purab interrupts and tell now u will understand. He starts to hit champak. Purab hits champak continuously. Atlast champak blurt out the truth. Abhi is shattered and his eyes filled with tears in guilt.

Pragya asks aakshya Who are u ??? How did u know our family matters ??? Why u r so keen to expose Tanu Nikhil and champak??? Why do u want to prove my innocence in front of the world??? Pragya again asks who are u ???

Purab says its BULBUL. Aakshya is shocked to hear it. Purab says only bulbul can think about Pragya di life this much. Only she has the courage to make Pragya di’s life happy. Aakshya runs towards purab and hugs him. Both purab and aakshya are emotional. Later aakshya reveals that she is BULBUL. After plastic surgery her face has changed and she got her voice through treatment( one person has helped her in treatment). Everyone’s eyes ate filled with tears in happiness. Bulbul then hugs sarla ma and Pragya.

By that time the police enters MM and was about to arrest Tanu Nikhil and champak. But abhi interrupt and insist the policemen not to arrest Tanu. Tanu was very happy on hearing it. All MM members are shocked by this. Dadi asks abhi what he is doing??? Why he is trying to save Tanu???? Abhi says that he is not helping Tanu. If Tanu is punished by sending her to jail, she will live peacefully inside the jail. But if she stays outside she cant even live even a minute peacefully. Now the whole world knows about Tanu. So from now each and every minute in her life is going to be an hell. She is going to suffer in upbringing her child. Tanu was shocked to hear it. She tries to say something to abhi but Pragya stops her and slaps hard. Then Pragya says to Tanu that now u might have understood the power of kumkum. Don’t ever show ur face to me again else I will make ur life even worsen. Police arrest Nikhil and champak. All the guest and media persons leaves MM.
. Tanu’s parents who is ashamed of tanu’s doings, asks sry to all and says that they were unaware of their daughter’s reality. Our upbringing has gone wrong. And they left the place leaving Tanu alone. Abhi asks security to throw Tanu out of MM.
Agar Hum Sath Ho………..song plays while abhi and Pragya staring at each other……….

Guys hope u all like this OS. Please do tell your opinion about the story. Whether its positive or negative comments doesn’t matters.

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  1. Awwww superb shona…???
    Hats off for Ur thoughts?
    If bulbul will come back.. Its really awesome?
    Nice OS???
    &in real kkb new promo is came..tanu is gng to expose soon..

    1. Roli aka Shona


  2. This OS of kumkum bhagya is going to be the best I can possibly enjoy watching to my heart desire and be extremely pleased about great story upcoming and bulbul coming back in a terrified way and exposing tanu,nikhil and champak is just the greatest thing ever for this serial and finally pragya gets back her happiness and her kumkum her fight was worth it.

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Hi riyah Mehra
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  3. Super os I really loved it to the core

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      Hi monesha
      Thank you for reading my os.

  4. Riyashri

    Hello Shona Di…….Amazing Written !!! Waiting to see more updates from u !!!
    Hope cvs reads your story and get some useful idea !! I will be really happy if something happens like this in real show !!! Superb OS !!! Keep Writing !!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Hi riyashri
      Thank you for your comments and I will keep writing

  5. Awww suprr really nice os
    i love it
    i will be really happy if somthing happens like this in real show

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Hi inzam
      Thank you for your valuable comments

  6. Superb episode. Loved it yaar… What an entry made by our bulbul… ???

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you nirmal

  7. S ur ryt os going too best compare to real KKB…what a powerpack ff…bulbul ur rock dear…excellent writter..really loved it..i want to share something with u all ppl…KKB tele updates written in all ff superb..all writters have best knowledge best creativity sense…in my point of view real KKB lost…ekta kapoor she is not best writter…she does not have own sense own brain..she would know all gud things from u(because u all ppl best writter)…i frankly say i don’t lyk ekta kapoor show hereafter..her story how to making me how to destroy the gud ppl life…v teaching everythat that bad things…previous i was bigfan of KKB now i hate all ekta kapoor shows…not me ly..my friends also hate ekta kapoor show…v never see future show also…she lost her deserved…u all ppl r best writters…creating gud things…everyday i come to read to ur all ff except KKB real story episode…waiting 4 next 1…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Rajesh for sharing ur views

  8. It was awesome

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      Thank you abhigya

  9. awesome…i love it!!!

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      Thank you abhigya 2

  10. Lovely dear it wil be nice if it hapns in real kkb superb???

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  11. Superb yaar really sema chanceless n awesome…

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  12. super…bulbul entry is super….

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  13. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice…

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      Thank you cutiepie achu

  14. awesome entry by bulvul…wow I wish da cvs read dis os and get some ideas from it to end the Tanu track.. really superb shona d… looking forward for some more os from u….

  15. I wish this would happen in actual serial very nice I didn’t expect this the reentry of bulbul and it is a great idea

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