Explaining why Star Plus is suffering, and why we are Responsible for it!

Now, this is my second analysis on this topic and I want to make few things clear. This article/analysis, is my own thoughts. I do not intend to speak for anyone else. If you are someone who feels that you would be offended by anything in this article against some of your favourite shows, then please skip this article and go find another one. Honestly, this article is only for those genuine fans who are smart enough to take criticism and deal with it.
Sorry about the harsh words out there. I just wanted to set things clear.

Alright, coming to topic. Let me start with a brief introduction as to why I am writing this analysis.
All my experience of watching TV has been from Star Plus. I have actually never see other channels and I don’t intend to. But, in reality, Star Plus has been going to a very rough patch for quite some time. Their channel is in the low rankings. All their shows are not clicking with the audience. There’s a lot going wrong. But, if you think really carefully, viewers like us are the reason the shows are failing so badly.
Now, before some time ago, I used to see things the normal way. All I could see was, the show makers are being stupid and are not listening to fans. That motivated me into writing Fanfiction. Fanfiction in turn gave me so much support from people on this website. Their support gave me confidence to pursue Television Writing as a career. At this point, I am working on creating a career in television. And when I realised that, I took some time to analyse why all these things are going wrong with Star Plus. That helped me understand so much about the TV industry and I wanted to share what I understood with you all.
Now, I am going to go with according to shows and then, explain the main total problem.
Starting off…
1. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai
Now, this is a show that I have never watched. And I don’t intend to either. That’s because the show is very, very long. As a viewer, if I am watching a show, I would like to start from the starting to completely love a show. And sitting through what seems like 2500+ episodes is a painful task.
Secondly, the show is marginally a success right now. But, in honesty, it not nearly as successful as the show was in the time it was launched. Their new found success is due to the young leads, Karthik and Naira. But, the problem with YRKKH is that, the show is always running. Practically speaking, the makers have never planned the show enough that, this show can never end. So, even if they put all their brains into writing the show, all they would be able to do is, recycle old plots from very old episodes of their own show. And if I could take a wild guess, I will guess that very soon, in about few months, they will show Naira pregnant and then the story will shift to them being parents. The show will only be stuck in this vicious cycle.
Finally, YRKKH is a show that, even admitted by the creators, is a show based on sweet moments. The show is basically a collection of sweet moments, complied together. As much as I would like to see the show, the show never has any solid plotline that will drag you in. The only way someone new can join the show’s fandom is by randomly picking a recent episode and watching it. If he watches the episode and finds something to like, then he would continue to watch.
This is also the reason why YRKKH is the highest TRP drawer. Cause unlike the other shows, a viewer of YRKKH need to stick onto every episode of the show to keep track with the show. One episode missed and he will be lost forever.

2. Naamkaaran
Now, this show, I watched it without failing before the part where Ashish was shown to be bad before the leap. After that, I haven’t seen much but I have been keeping tabs. Honestly speaking, this show has the same problem as one other show on this list. The show started out as something, and now it’s turned out to be something else.
Now, as far as how successful this show is, I honestly think this show is a huge success compared to what the creators might have expected. If you think about it for a moment, they knew that only a specific audience would see this show before the leap. But, when they did take the leap, I kinda feel that they took a more commercial approach.
To give a bit of background, the Indian TV viewing audience can be divided into two groups. Group one, the people who see it on TV. Group two, the people who watch it on Hotstar. Now, I am someone who does both. Whenever I can, I watch in TV. When I can’t, I watch in the internet. Now, to be clearer as to why Star Plus is suffering, the timeline is divided again into two. Before Jio. After Jio. Before Jio, the Group One Audience was extremely high compared to the very, very little Group Two Audience. But, when Jio happened, people got opened to Internet and this allowed people to explore online watching more. Now, I am not going to argue which is a good method to watch shows in. But, being honest, Jio significantly increased the amount of viewers on Hotstar. This is probably the reason the show has a decent Rating and decent views online. Speaking of views online, let’s move onto the next show.

3. Ishqbaaz
Ishqbaaz is a show that I watch very frequently. I usually skip a few episodes that seem boring, but mostly, I almost watch whatever happens throughout the week.
Now, one of the main reasons why I began working on this analysis is because of the fan base Ishqbaaz has in this website. Now, being a YHM fan, I remember there was a time when YHM used to have heaps of comments. But, even during that time, the maximum no. of comments used to be around 50-60. Compared to that, Ishqbaaz is heavy with the number of comments. At the least, you see 90-100 comments and in Friday, you see about 200. That’s something amazing.
Now, after some thinking, I realised that Ishqbaaz has insanely high views online and on Hotstar. That’s why Ishqbaaz is heavily promoted in Hotstar. But, as far as watching the show on TV… Well, honestly speak, I understand how much stressful it can get for someone who comes home after a long day, turns onto watch the show and is immediately frustrated by the overload of storylines in the show.
The show honestly has lots of flaws and I don’t want to bash on it. In honesty, the show has decent acting and phenomenal dialogue. Now, any Ishqbaaz fan still reading this article would have gotten pissed. But, really think about this, Every time there is an emotional scene, the show crams the scene with dialogue. Each time when you leave a comment as a fan, you never talk about how Anika looked, or how she cried perfectly. You never add how Omkara showed the emotions. We never say these kinds of things because even though the actors are great, they aren’t exactly the best of the best. Well, except maybe for Nakuul. On the other hand, the dialogues spoken by each and every character goes viral in one way or another. This simply is proof of how good the dialogue writing is.
As far as story concerned, Ishqbaaz’s main reason for not getting good ratings is due to the fact that show is very inconsistent. At some times, it’s super amazing. At other times, it’s very stupid. Normally, a show is supposed to find a balance between that. But, Ishqbaaz is compraised of too much storylines that, the show is always pretty much inconsistent. While this may be helping them maintaint he show on air, unless and until they try and fix this issue, they are in for huge issues.

4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I love this show. I love this show for many reasons and honestly, I feel guilt on myself for even continuing to watch this show.

Honestly, YHM is mostly a success. It’s not the best on the ratings, but as per the channel stats, YHM is still the second most rated Serial. So, the show is probably not going off air for a long time. Not atleast until it’s completely beaten in the rating.
Now, you might be thinking that I am some lunatic who keeps fussing about TRP. But, you have to understand. As much as we blame creators fro being TRP hungry, the truth is, TRP is the reason they have food to eat in their life. TRP’s provide their bread and butter.
Now, in the case of YHM, there is something very, very different. The show is completely hated by the online community at the moment. But still, the show is managing to get good ratings for the channel. I believe this is due to the fact that, YHM started as a progressive show. A show specifically targeted toward the Group Two audience watching in the internet. If you observe, the internet audience are very stern on what they watch. So, initially, people love YHM in both the mediums. But, slowly, as years went on, the show became more suitable for Group One people, watching it on TV.
For an example, there was this nice friend I met here, who was really pissed at Raman and Ishita slapping Ruhi. Personally, I don’t support slapping a kid, but if you tried to understand, for someone watching from a village or from a more rural background, slapping a kid would seem realistic. Now, people in these tows are the ones who watch it on TV, thus helping with TRP’s. So, it makes it natural for the show writers to focus on their interests. This is the reason in my view for all the hatred for YHM online.
This is also one of the reasons why Kumkum Bhagya is successful. It is because the show is not legally available online. And watching a show illegally is very risk nowadays.

Conclusion –
In conclusion, all I would like to summerise is that, by being a viewer online, we are, slowly, slowly, making the show go worse and which in turn, reduces viewers.
Best thing I would suggest is to, if possible, watch you favourite shows on TV.
Also, a small summary as to what are each show’s situation
1. Yeh Ristha Kya Kehalatha Hai – Hit on TV, Hit online. Struggling to make new storylines.
2. Naamkaran – Decent on TV, Decent online. The show is relatively new.
3. Ishqbaaz – Poor on TV, Exceptional online. Has too many characters.
4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Above Average on TV, Decent online. The show got stuck with satisfying audience, instead of focusing on making episodes better.

Now, if you think I gave a wrong opinions. Also, let’s discuss more in the comments.

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  1. I agree that Ishqbaaaz is not doing well on tv but to be honest I believed that it’s because of the time it plays and also there are lots of competitive serials from other channels which aired at the same time as ishqbaaz. I’ve always said that Ishqbaaaz is famous within youths and nowadays we’re all aware that teens and early adults are always hooked up on their phones and the fastest and easiest way to watch their favourite shows is to go online. And talking about it’s late night airing, as a college student myself it’s really hard to come back from school/college u get rest, continue with ur daily routine and when its night time you’ve either got assignment to complete or need to study, so where will u get the time to watch a serial when you’re aware that u can watch it on websites 3hours before it’s airing time on tv?
    Really, in my opinion ishqbaaz and naamkaran are the best serials currently on air on star plus. Ishqbaaz has got many characters (we hould not forget that Ishqbaaaz is bout the three brothers and obviously their love interests including their family- it’s a family show) but really how many characters are in YHM?
    I’m a huge ishqbaaz fan and I know the actors are all doing justice to their on screen characters ! You know that the actors are doing a great job when the dialogues that they uttered left an impact on the viewers?
    Am sorry if I hurt or offend anyone as this is just my own thought on the topic and I didn’t intend to degrade anyone’s thoughts/opinions!

    1. ishqbaaz has become a sub-standard serial ,unable to
      to compete with its competitors.Even its online rating
      has come down.YRKKH and Naamkaran are able to
      withstand similar competition.

  2. totally agree
    I also feel that ishqbaaaz best for online but not so good for tv
    I think now ishqbaaaz become couplebaaaz

    1. Isqbaaz is Boringbaaz couplebaaz with no end
      to any raaz.

    2. Hi Mannu, ishqbaaz has become couplebaaz because it was and it is meant to be about the couples. Why would they named the show “Ishqbaaz” if it wasn’t meant to be about the couples?
      Ishqbaaz means lovers- no one will become an ishqbaaz without his/her love interest!

  3. totally agree
    for ishqbaaaz

  4. Aku

    Well I don’t agree with you on yrkkh point.. in actual there is just a small lot of people who are interested in Karthik naira most of the people hate these two immature insecure selfish mean foolish mannerless and idiot and fake naira.. and not only the character but people have started dating the actors especially Shivangi cuz of her overacting and because of her insecurity despite being the lead has spoiled the whole show.. just to show her mahan they started all the sensible and mature people as if they are nothing and don’t know anything be it Devyani Rajshree Naitik rajbanna or even for that matter naksh and Karthik .. in order to give her security they have sidelined other characters due to which Kanchi portraying such a sweet character gayi left the show.. and Pooja Joshi too and Yash Gera as well.. and I won’t be surprised if others too leave the show.. they have sidelined gayi Karishma Mishti whose story would have been handle in such an amazing way.. and the way they showed keesh wedding and handled Akshara’s death was very very very very displeasing and disappointing.. in starting the show used to look real.. people could relate to the show.. but now everything is just fake be it kaira romance fight patch up overacting everything is nothing but fake.. and yes most of the people these days are watching the show for a glimpse of keesh all are fed up with kaira and in no show ever we have ever hated the leads so much as we do now kaira naira Karthik Shivangi mohsin

    1. Just a few words

      They have sidelined even Ananya, Yash’s story! They behave as if they aren’t even married ?? chill Aku babes! No use in raising floor pressure! Watch good scenes alone ffw the others! Some blessed souls write the daily episodes! I am so very thankful to them!

  5. Nivedita

    Agree on some of your analysis for most of the shows.

    I am not a yhm fan since I started following Hindi sp shows this year only..after a decade long hiatus.

    But your YRKKH- comment is wrong..I agree that since it’s running for years knowing the back story may hamper a new fan to start seeing the show, but the greatest thing if YRKKH- is that you can start or stop the show anytime you wish since they don’t drag the tracks much..I tend to watch it quite on n off depending on my liking of the plot.

    IB total character count isn’t the actual problem, but rather their inconsistent plotlines, loopholes and plots that never get any closure..that’s it’s greatest weakness..imho..

    I like you am an IB fan n I watch the show both online and on TV..

    Naamkaran too I love it’s plots, only reason for not watching it frequently is that I am not too much of a fan of all the actors and the background music
    ..though I do love their choice of songs for romantic situations..and if I turn on the show..it’s hard to not watch the show..

    Colors too has an online application voot, but they still seem to have good TRP.
    So online isn’t the only culprit..

    I also feel Zee maybe manipulating their TRP data..since BARC n Zee have some conflict of interest people at the helm.

    Because currently colors and sp only seem to have quality produced programs..and Sony ocassionally too.

    But Zee is ruling the roost despite crappy programming, production values and stories..I have tried watching their successful shows, but none of them that I saw are as good as the other 3 channels.

  6. You forgot Rishton ka chakravyuh, although it’s still new ?
    I didn’t watch Naamkaran before the leap and only got hooked on it after stumbling upon the unique Neil and the Holi drama with Rhea. Like Avni, I was shocked and awed by him to go against his family for Rhea’s respect, even though he didn’t love her. And there’s been no looking back for me! Now, the main reason why this show is not as popular is because it is struggling to find a way to make both groups (as you said) happy! They need the (kinda) old/conventional storyline to draw the attention of the TV group and maintain the freshness/unique/uncliched story going. Because frankly speaking, no other show on Star Plus (or TV, for that matter) will show a (now) happily married couple understanding each other and standing by each other while trying to save the guy’s daughter he didn’t even know he had for 5 whole years! Quite a lot to handle, right! But the issue you pointed out- that the show started out as something and turned into something else- I can only share my opinion, that is – this turn was for the best! Irrespective of all the hate comments against Neil for being a man and accepting Mishti as his daughter and not abandoning her, I love his character for just that – being mature and responsible and not turning a deaf ear to those who need his help! The before-leap Naamkaran was way too negative for my liking, but this is just the right mix- a hero to root for, a heroine to die for, and a story to put my books on hold for ? (even though that story does get admittedly a little too much to handle at times, but then which show is perfect??)
    I really liked your review/analysis though ? hope to read more again ?

  7. I know what I am going to say will piss u off completely but I have to say it. Yaar it’s not life people have life beyond “TV”. Personally, I am a part of lot of fanclubs, I also write ffs and I am known as a serial insect in my school. Whenever I sleep or do some work the first distracting thought that comes is ‘IB’. I am telling u all this coz I want u to know that I am a genuine fan of IB and this compels me to say this “this is not life” this is just a pass time not some thing really important which will affect our life. These things come and go. I know u would be thinking y am I even writing this comment but trust me jitni mehnat yeah sab sochne mein lagate hai na hum utni mehnat life mein agar lagaye na toh bahut accha hoga. Anyways I wish u all the best for your career?????????

  8. Mona_2005

    For true ishqbaaz is good but Earley it was better
    Dollar bole oberoi closed because of less trp an dafter that ishqbaaz trp is also less
    The reason is not that it’d not good or its boring but it’s of 1 hour (that’s my opion) as nowadays even a 8 class student don’t get time to enjoy much so how a person watch 1 hr TV show that with almost 20 minutes ads and at time 10
    Also there are more very less fans who liked all the three couples equally,some are shivika some Rikara some ruvyy and they only like watching only those who their favourites thats why Rikara fans keep bashing on shivika fans
    I even don’t agree with half an hour as I think the CVs are rushing but I need to see the results
    Ishqbaaz is good but still it could be much improved and instead of bringing more new entries they should focus on their present characters.

  9. Lillianalieben

    well agree with u. naamkaran is an unique story and i also agree that before leap, there were very less audience compared after he leap and also i was a YRKKH fan. but as i say i was a fan of YRKKH but not anymore but what u said i also felt same and coming to naamkaran. yes there are very less audience than on online after jio came but according me there can be many people who may watch the show when it is aired and once the episode is over they can watch it on net. even i do that and to be hones it’s the only serial i watch currently other than dance champions. i read an article of naamkaran saying that the writers were forced to change the script due to sudden of reema lagoo. just think this had not happened who knows the story might be something else than current track and it was made very clear that dawavanti was a grey shaded. naamkaran truely deserve to be a hit show. thnx for this article and didn’t meant to offend anyone.

  10. Just a few words

    I wish they track the traffic of people who watch it on the other websites than on the channel’s! The channels penalise those who haven’t subscribed to it Nor have tv connection living abroad! I prefer some light hearted stuff on tv! All with heavy plots and too much villans ruin the show! I know without villains it’s difficult to run a show! Too many villains nope! Don’t work! As u rightly said too many inconsistent plots(some days too good and some u regret wasting your time watching it) will ruin any show! I am not demanding exceptional episodes daily! Just continue the flow! If it gets stagnated the flow will help to catch up some interesting plots. If at all the makers are stuck with how to move story forward it’s good to end it! Good stories make fresh memories in people’s mind and they will Long to see the actors/actresses in another serial or a sequel! If stretched to a greater extent it is bound to break! Har kisi ki life mein drama ke Kam nahi hai! Why torture more with villains and crying sagas? Like a well balanced meal a well balanced serial will surely attract audiences!
    P.S. on the serials you have mentioned YHM has lost me! So is Yrkkh! I don’t find anything worth my time on yhm! The way they have degraded the charm I don’t have words to explain! Raman and Shagun behaved cheaply to separate Ruhi n Nikil! In turn Nikil let out his filthy thought to take revenge ????Lot of young audiences watch it! The channel should air disclamation that it’s no more suited for below 21 audience! I watch yrkkh in bits and pieces! Ishqbaaz, Yrkkh – watch only after reading WU! Same with naamkaran though post leap it’s become a love story and revenge story mixed so tats a solace for many who has been watching it from the first ?????

  11. I don think so bcoz Ishqbaaz is my favourite show I don want 2 hurt anyone but IB has different story as compare 2 other serials.ALL TV serials has de Same storyline dat is first love dan hate, separation, Saas bahu drama, sautan n all day n scond thing IB is satisfying all de viewers dey giv time space 2 all 3 couples n de name of de show is also Ishqbaaz so makers will definitely show their Ishqbaaz sorry 2 say but I don agree with dis article.


  12. well i agree with you..i am only a yrkkh viewer and love it from bottom of my heart. it is awesome lovely show. from the first day i am watching n it is cool. yes the plot is being repeated like kairas separation is same as Naksharas. on Nandinis marrige they had a fight which was resolved after a time and same is case with our kaira. yet every plot and episode is same and this makes me loved the show more and more. will always be loving yeh rishta

  13. Yeh Ristha Kya Kehalatha Hai –2. Naamkaran 3. Ishqbaaz 4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein all these serial are boring aur bkwas haiii booor kar rahey haii please go off air.. Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji yeh too suru sey bakwas haiii .. band band karo band karoo.. reply me as soon as possible thanking u

  14. all serials are boring and pointless they do not tell a story they go on and on for no reason they start nicely and then after a few episodes it all goes downhill and people loose interest why can’t they be to the point

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