Expecting the Unexpected (Swasan OS) by Aashi

Hola guys!! It’s Aashi again with a swasan os! Seriously you guys had made my day by giving such a wonderful response. You guys truly inspire me to write more stories in a spur time! ?



Note: Guys you will think it like a Swalak story throughout the whole story but trust me it is a swasan and you get to see it at last.

~ Expecting the Unexpected ~

Swara pov-

Next station is Rajiv Chawk”
“The doors will open on right” , the messaged display on the screen.
The doors opened, with a hustle-bustle I managed to get out of the metro station.
Here I landed, I said saying the central park infront of me. Suddenly some one came and covered my eyes with her hands- ” Ragini”
And with a pouted face she said-” How come you always guess me?”
And I chuckled while she asked about my interview.
I told her it wasn’t amazing and then I spotted him.
In a spur of moment I took her hand and made my way as fast as possible.

After sometime
Ragini: “So now are you going to tell me anything miss Swara Gadodia?”
There was him!
“What do you mean by him?”
The interview guy
Yes was what I could reply. This guy had landed me in a trouble, I would have lost my interview because of him .
I was waiting for a cab, and none arrived.
I was too scared if I lost my interview.
Suddenly out of no where a cab came with him Inside it.
I first I thought he was a chivalric gentleman man…but yes he proved me wrong.
I requested him to let me reach first as I’m getting late for the interview and this guy was stubborn like hell… He ket me roamed about the whole city and after lot of pleading and request he left me to the company. As we say First impression is the last impression, I lost my interview for being late.
With a gloomy face I went back and saw him smiling ear to ear.
He said” Congrats miss”
I gave what the hell look.
He said” I know you must have cracked it”.
Without replying I went from their and he followed me till I didn’t reached the hotel.
He was show-off kind of person. I didn’t bothered to ask his name and he got all my info through the files.

Flashback ends

There was something weird about him, wherever I went, he was always present.
Yesterday when I went to sleep Pallika bazaar, he was still there gleaming at me.
That on ambience mall, we was present again.
Was he spying me? Whatever it was, he had exceeded my patient.
I must say he was handsome, and any girl would fall for him.

Next day, I went to cyber hub. There I found him, expected it was. I made my way towards him, snapping my fingers in front of his eyes, I gave him a cold look,
He asked “What?”
“why on earth are you following me?”
“Yes you”
“Oh come on, my angry lady I just met you now after that taxi”
“Dont lie”
“Why will I?”
“I don’t know”
“Exactly you don’t, then how can you say that I am following you”
“Dont try to confuse me”
He chuckled by saying this, and said just pressurize your tiny brain, you will get, and hit slightly with his hand on my head, and said “Pagal ladhki”

I was following him in the whole cyber hub and he wasn’t ready to say anything.
He sat at the wine company, he offered me wine and I just smiled at his chivalric behaviour and dont know when we actually started to talk.
He told me that he was a engineering working at Infosys limited, about his likes.
He wasn’t too bad. He had a well built body and a rough manly look.
When I came back, I thought I didn’t asked his name!
My phone ranged, it was a unknown call and I received it. It was none other that him, Laksh Maheshwari was his name.
I asked him from where did he got my no,
He laughed at it and said, you will know it later. He was strange, we started to hanging out. The day when we visited Haus Khauz, I found that we both were staring each other, taking glimpses. It was a new feeling . I liked to spent time with him.
I started loving him!
How irony it was that the guy whom you hated, is now your love.

One day my father called me, he looked too worried. He Said that he had sent the driver and I should soon came back to Jaipur. I was like what the heck? How in a instant I had to leave everything in Delhi and came back to my home. He said it was urgent and the reason couldn’t be told on phone. My father was so serious that I cannot deny him.

As soon as I cut the call, Laksh called me. Before he could say anything , I told him about what had happened. He said to meet him once before going. As I have to pack my stuffs I called him at my home.

After an hour he came, I cried saying that I don’t want to go. He tried to console but couldn’t. He banged his fist in anger. I was shocked. I haven’t seen him angry to this extent. He wasn’t the Laksh whom I loved. This time he was someone else.
He came, cupped my face and Said” I love you Swara.”
I could his eyes going moist, and I could not see that, I kissed him and after being breathe out, I managed to whisper I love him too.
Instead of smiling, he appeared to be sad, and then faked a smile. Something was definitely wrong.
This silent night was a indication of a strong storm to be happened.
He gifted me a box and said”, After a week, it’s will be your bday and this is the gift for you.”
I said,” what is the need?”
He said” it is and please don’t open before that.”
I asked” why”
” some thing aren’t to be told” and he left saying this.

He was not the feisty Laksh. Today something terrible was going to happen.

Next morning driver arrived, he took my luggage and I tried calling Laksh but his phone was switched off. Helplessly I sat and we were on the way.

All this way, my dad called me again ‘n’ again. I could not understand anything. What was going around. Then I looked at his gift. I don’t why but I started caressing it and then I felt asleep. After waking up, my driver looked at me and smirked. Wait what was that?
He stopped the car. A person came and started seeing me lustfully.
He said,” Finally Swara Gadodia is here, no one can save you from.”
I sensed something wrong and tried opening the door but it wasn’t.
That guy laughed, now you are trapped Mrs Gadodia . The only daughter of minister Shekhar Gadodia. What did your father thought he will stop our business and save you. N..” And then he was kicked by a person. He punched him and all the other goons. He fought with them. His face was covered with a black cloth. He opened my door and said” Quickly get out.”
Before going out, I grabbed the gift given by Laksh. He took my hand and started running. Near the end of jungle a goon came and stabbed him. He overpowered him and started running with me. Blood was oozing out at a high amount. I said to do something for it, but he constantly denied.
We ran and ran till we reached a check point. With all force , I found my dad standing over their. I ran and hugged him, crying mercilessly recalling all those previous incident which happened within 24 hours.
My dad tapped my back and then went to that guy. He Said,” Thank you Sanskaar for saving my daughter.” Then he saw the blood and called ambulance. The black cloth from his face was finally removed.
He was none other than Laksh.
I said,” Laksh”
And then while seeing at me he passed a smile, and died at the spot. He died.
I shouted saying,” Laksh” and cried a lot.

My birthday arrived, I was in no mood to celebrate it coz I had lost my Laksh, no sorry My Sanskaar, Sanskaar Maheshwari.

I remember about his gift, opened and saw a beautiful Ss pendant. I started crying, seeing it. The box had a letter. I opened and start reading it.

I’m so sorry Swara I had hidden my identity from you. My real name is Sanskaar Maheshwari not Laksh Maheshwari.I had too hide it because I on duty. I was a spy who was given duty to save you. As you are the daughter of Sir. Mr Shekhar Gadodia, his enemies wanted to kill you for the revenge as he has stopped their all illegal business. I was knowing everything about you as Shekhar sir told me. That I dropped late for your job, as the interviewer was mixed with them.
I know you will be angry on me as this relationship started on a lie. But trust me Swara, I love you, I truly love you. The day you will read this letter, I wont be infront of you. As after my duty I cannot meet you or I would have been killed by them.
Swara please don’t cry. Dont spoil your bday for me. Instead be happy.


This was it, swara couldn’t bear anymore, and she started crying as there was no Sanskaar to love her unconditionally.

Every love story is a tragedy, in the end, but that’s what makes them so beautiful, so cherished in the minds and hearts of those who remember them.


Hope you all liked it like my other works.
Do comment and tell how was it.

By love,

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  1. Aarushi_99

    I loved it!! At first I was confused, thinking that maybe sanskar will come later on and then they’ll fall in love but when I read that Laksh was actually Sanskar, I went back and read it from the begining imagining Sanskar… it was a really sad ending but It was amazing!!

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!!?

  2. Emotional but loved it

    1. Aashi

      Thank you

  3. Rj12

    A beautiful story loved it !

  4. Praju


    1. Aashi

      Thank you

  5. Meher

    Dear Swara!

    You can see everyone starting at you in Palika bazar, and more specifically if you are with your girl gang! ??

    1. Aashi

      Haha exactly…but with our Sanskaar it is a different case!?

  6. Shreeyu

    Wow ashi..it was amazing yar..loved it a lot..
    Honestly speaking that it was fabalous

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!!, I’m glad that you liked it?

  7. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear u made me soo confuse I thought sanskar n swara will get married n then she will in love with him forgetting laksh love ?

    1. Aashi

      thank you! I thought to give a different story which couldn’t be predicted…by reading your comment I think I am successful

  8. This was just wow! Awesome sweety

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much Priyal ?

  9. Shibil

    A beautiful love story…..so emotional loved it ….

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so.much dear

  10. Tamil

    Awesome dear

    1. Aashi

      Thanks a ton;

  11. A unique idea… Loved it… Seriously yar how can u all write it… It was seriously awesome ???❤❤

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much ?. ?

  12. Mica

    how could you kill Sanskar!!!!! h uhuhuhu, you are another killer now Aashi!!!!

    1. Aashi

      Aww…. But what can I do..I don’t get ideas for writing happy stories!! A ultimate failure in that!?

  13. Arshaanya

    Story was gud bt i dun want sad endings???
    Dun knw y all r writing sad stories…
    Do write more beautiful stories bt wid happy ending

    1. Aashi

      Actually I try to write happy ending, but a ultimate failure!! Something like this always come.in my mind!! Thanks for.liking it ?

  14. Independent

    amazing loved it but sad toooooo

  15. Super emotional love story…chanceless…

    1. Aashi

      Thank you ?

  16. Simi

    When i read Swara kissed Laksh o was like??
    But that was sanskar ??
    Didn’t expect that ending

    1. Aashi

      Haha! Glad that you liked it ?

  17. Raina

    toooooooooooooo good. such an awesome story

    1. Aashi

      Thank you ??

  18. Awesome ?

    1. Aashi

      Thanks a ton ? ?

  19. Sanji


  20. tell me what should i do di
    first i thought it was gonna be swasanlak love triangle
    and then u kill sanskar
    but still this is a awesome love story but sad and then also i liked this

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much dear!

  21. Emotional yet awesome..
    Poor swasan..

  22. Aashi

    Thank you so much dear!! ❤

  23. Shifa96

    Nice os..
    I guessed it was sanskar using Laksh’s name in starting itself..
    Will wait for your next work but plz try one with happy ending..

  24. Aashi

    Thanq!! Definitely dear!?

  25. You killed sanky!!!! The story was awesome…except the end!!

    1. Aashi

      Thank you dear!

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