Ahaan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgp6rzpCro0 ‘he finished singing feeling really happy, but saw no one was giving him attention,
Boss: oh papay, ru finished, so come and clean the table now, ‘ahaan pout and nod and start cleaning tables

FLASH ‘Yes pankti, really nice, more hot, yes, flash, ‘a young beautiful girl in very s*xy out was giving poses
Bobby [agent]; nice, pack up guys, pankti darling u were amazing, absolutely flawless
Pankti smile: thanks bobby,
Bo: oh ur welcome, u just see darling it won’t be long when I will make u supermodel
Pankti excitedly jump: really, was I that good
Bo: oh please. U were not good but hot, but I think I should take some of urs bikini shots, ‘he said touching her curves’ girl u have perfect curves ‘he was touching her when someone punched him,
Pa shock: WTH, ahaan what r u doing
Aha angry: how dare u touch my gf ‘he start beating him without listening any1
Pa: ahaan leave him
Aha: u don’t know pankti, men like him always take advantage of innocent girls like u ‘again beat him
Ahan get shock: what ‘she nod, he look at him
Bobby cried: ah u r such a bad guy, u hit me ur such a homophobe ‘ahan nod no, but he cried more
Pa: bobby I’m sorry
Bo cry nod no: keep ur sorry in ur pocket, I’m going and forget about being a model ‘he left
Ah see pa, who was throwing angry glares at him; pankti babes, u r looking really hot ‘he smile, pankti huff, and left from their steeping her foot ‘pankti baby I’m sorry na’
Pa angry; y did u do that, u could have ask me b4, but no every time u want to become hero but result u always become zero ‘ahan pout’ ahan do u know he could have make my dreams come true but cus of u I missed it, I missed it again, I don’t know do u even want me to be successful,
Ahan sad: pankti y r u taking it personal, leave it na u will get more chances’
Pa smirk; personal, more chance, do u know how many times I missed these chances, 10 times, all cus of u, u know I’m started to think now, u r jealous of me ‘ahan eyes got teary, pankti realized she said too much and felt sorry’ ahan don’t cry sweety ‘she hug him but he ignored her, leaving, but she hugged her from back’ sorry honey u felt bad
Ahan sad: no I’m fine, u know pankti how much I love u ‘she sigh nod’ I can’t see any other guy touching u
Pa: he was gay
Aha: but still a man, no other man can touch u, ur mine ‘he kissed her deeply
Pa giggles, teased him: so what if a lesbo girl touch me will u fine by that after all she’s not man ‘ahan started to think deep and smile goofy, pankti gasp’ AHAN r u having wild thought about me with some other chick ‘he nod smiling big,
Ah: that will be so hot ‘he wink, she smack his hand and try to run but he hold her and kissed her deeply, he slides his hands in her waist and pinch his butt cheeks, she moan, he took a chance and enter his tongue explore all her mouth mixing their saliva, he pushed her in bed and jump on her, start kissing her again, he was about to take her top
Pa gasp; ahan what r u doing ‘both breathing heavy
Ah look deep in her eyes, whisper huskily: I love u babes, plz let me make u mine, plz ‘she nod innocently and laid back, ahan took both of their cloths and start making love. Next day, both wake up naked in their bed, ahan smile and dragged her on above him start playing with her hair, she giggles but stop when her cell ranged
Pa picking up: hello ‘ahan start to kiss her back teasing her, she tried to stop him but he was in mood to tease her, she moan
Hello, am I talking to miss pankti ‘other side
Pa controlling his moan: yes who is this
I’m swara, I called u too inform u about modeling contract
Pa eyes got wide, she pushed ahan: what contract
Sw: u have send ur pictures right, u have been select for xyz company, plz just come today so we can talk on contract
Pa got excite; yes I will be there today, bye ‘they hanged up, she wrapped herself with blanket and start to jump on bed
Ah : what happened, ur happy like u got some big contract
Pa shock: how did u know, well anyway I have to go their soon, u know it is the big modeling agency I’m going to work for, bye ‘she left
Ah sigh; oh god, when will I get a call like that ‘he made crying face, he love pankti and happy for her but he want to do something which can make her proud

Ahaan: 21 year old, handsome sweet and funny guy, bf of pankti, love her very possessive of her, a struggling singer
Pankti:, 19 year old girl, hot and s*xy, gf of ahaan, love him but gets irritated sometimes of his possessiveness , a struggling model
Swara If ur work is done, plz bring my bf here ‘said a man watching tv serial
Sw sigh: ok ‘she bring his bf, while he continue watched the serial’ there u go sanskar
San while eating: swara juice ‘she bring her
Sw finished her household work: sanskar I finished the work and also made some snack for u, okay I’m leaving for work, bye sweetheart ‘she kissed his head
San: swara wait ‘she look at him’ actually if u can give me some money
Sw: y
San excite: wo new iphone x had come, I want to buy that, all my friends have that, I want that too, plz give me some money
Sw sigh; u buy the new cell 2 months back sanskar, it’s not good to waste money like that
San: oh plz I know how much u earn, plz na swara give me money na, hurry up, see cus of u I missed my serial too ‘sw roll her eyes’ swara money
Sw: okay fine, here take it but plz sanskar u also find job, look at ur friends they all buy these things cus they work, when u work na u can also spent ur money anywhere u want ‘she tried to make him understand but saw he was so in tv serial, she think angrily ‘if I hadn’t bought this tv on my 1st salary I would have broken it right away, meri sautan ban gai hai ye tv [this tv had become sanskar other wife]’ she make cry face and left to work. She fall love with sanskar when she was in her 1st year and sanskar final and both got married when both were in their final year ;), she tried a lot to make sanskar to do any job but sanskar didn’t agreed he gave all freedom to swara and expect the same, so she agreed. She get upset when her friends make fun of her husband but she love sanskar blindly can do anything for him, she know sanskar also love her madly, the way he show every night, she blushed remembering last night with sanskar.
Swara: 25 year old, beautiful hardworking woman, married to sanskar from 3 years, love sanskar, laksh secretary
Sanskar: 28 year old, very handsome but very lazy man, love swara, jobless [a big serial watcher]
Swara reached office,
Sw: good morning everyone, any problem ‘as she saw their worried faces
Staff guy: thank god swara mam u came, she had started her drama again ‘swara sigh and call someone
Sw: hello sir, we need u here
A girl was dancing in own world, she heard some noise from other side
Ms. Ragini plz open the door
Rag laugh: GET LOST SWARA, I WONT COME OUT UNTIL HE CAME HERE TO GET ME ‘she stumble and laugh crazily, by looking at her any1 can tell she’s high, she take a cigrate and start smoking when she heard the voice of man she wants
Ragini open the door
Rag smile; laksh ‘she open it fast, saw angry young man’ hey laksh, how come u r here
Lak angry: what is this, u refused to shoot again, and for god dammit stop smoking in my company ‘he threw the cigrate away’ what drama is this rag, I missed my flight, u know na this photoshoot is important than y did u refused
Rag nod no: no laksh I didn’t refused, I only said I will only do it when u r here, ur my lucky charm na baby
Lak sigh: rags I’m having enough of u, u tell me if u don’t to work, I won’t waste any more time on u
Rag get teary eyes: I’m sorry baby, plz don’t replace me, I just want to work infront of u ‘laksh felt bad, he signal everyone to leave and closed the door, he hugged her’, I don’t trust any1 else they all r jealous people ‘laksh laugh, they kissed eo deeply, ragini started opening his pant zip’
Lak: rag no, not here
Rag making puppy dog eyes: pljjjj
Lak: no, we r here for work
Rag whine: I don’t want to work
Lak smile: hmm so don’t work quit then
Rag: then how I’m gonna mange my expenses
Lak; okay then marry me, after marriage u can spent all my money
Rag; funny
Lak: I’m serious ‘rag didn’t replied, he sigh’ y can’t we just marry rags
Rags laugh ignored him: let just go, and get over this shoot, I have a party tonight
Lak roll his eyes: ya I know what parties u attend, plz stop taking these drug and ur coming with me tonight, I have a meeting out of country and clearly u can’t live without me, so ur coming with me ‘she nod, leave for their work,
Laksh: swara
Sw: yes sir
Lak: me and ragini will leave tonight book ticket for us, till then u r in charge of this company, aarav is also on leaves as he just got married,
Sw: ah sir actually arav sir called he will be here in 30 min,
Lak: oh okay, so u both gonna handle it together and what about the new model I told u
Sw: yes sir all r on process, when u will be back from meeting, all work will be done by that time ‘he nod, left for studio, he saw ragini in beautiful outfits looking hot, laksh was worried for her, he was the one who appoint her and fall for her in 1st site, he also know he is just addiction to rag just like a drug, she don’t love him the way he do but still he can do anything for him.
Laksh: 30 year old, very handsome and stylish man, love ragini want to marry her, owner of his modeling agency
Ragini: 25 year old, beautiful and hot, a model in laksh agency, don’t believe in marriage or love but addicted to laksh, parties and drugs

Ji do u have to go ‘a girl said to her husband, he got angry
Obviously I have to go Ms. Suchi and what is this ji, my name is arav, from now u will call me arav, I don’t to listen to this ji, u get that ‘she nod
Su: but y today, I’m mean we got married yesterday and ur going to work, plz don’t go na, we will go somewhere else, how about we go to cinema
Arav smirk: suchi u tu don’t have any other work, but I have okay, already have missed so many days cus of this shadi I can’t missed more
Su: I met ur boss laksh sir, he is really nice boss he also said that u don’t have to have come that soon
Ar: obviously he will say like that, but I know my responsibility, oh god who am I talking to, how would u know that, u aren’t even graduated, always sat free on home ‘she pout’, u don’t know how much it take hard work to manage these expenses, this house ur living, the cloths u r wearing, the food we will need for a high lifestyle I need to work hard
Su sad: I know I’m not double master like u but that doesn’t mean I sat on home doing nothing, and I also know people who do hard work also know how to enjoy life they just don’t become a working machine
Ar laugh: haha funny, so ur saying u don’t want this high society style
Su: I never ask for any of this but u
Ar: oh is that so, so ur saying u will live in 1 bhk small house, with local cloths instead of designer, even can live when all money get spent and we have nothing left in end of month, can u live with that ‘arav smirk at suchi thinking face’ ya I thought so ‘he was leaving when
Su: try me
Ar frown: what
Su: I said try me, I can live anywhere, wear any cloths eat any food or no food at all when I’m with u, I just need ur arav, I love u ‘her eyes got tear, arav felt bad for her
Ar kissed her: stop being melodramatic suchi, u know I also love u from childhood, that’s y I get married to u only otherwise I had many other proposals, Su sigh nod, he again kissed her and left. It was nothing new for suchi she knew how arav can be male chauvinist, their relation had been fix from childhood, elders fix this relation when they were young, as time pass arav went abroad for further studies and only returned back cus of suchi. When he returned back arav parents tried to break the relation as suchi was not upto his standards but arav disagree as he love her truly but keep hurting her by his male dominance.
Aarav: 30 year old, very handsome and highly educated man, work in laksh agency, newly wedded to suchi, a
Suchi: 25 year old, beautiful and traditional girl, newly married to aarav, love him from childhood, housewife
Arav reached office
Ar: good morning swara, plz tell me the progress
Sw: yes sir, laksh sir will leave tonight with rag mam till we have to take over and new model pankti had just came
Ar: call her ‘she nod, they call her, they again did her test and finalize her’ congratulation miss pankti
Pa smile: thanku sir
Ar: swara explain her contract and then take her sign,
Sw nod: ur going to work for us for 1 year, u can’t any other contracts but just ours, if any other company approach u, u have to denied or u can’t leave our company for 1 year, u can’t get pregnant ‘both girls laugh, pankti nod okay’ so that’s just it ‘pankti sign it and shake hands with her.

I’m home’ swara yell, ‘sanskar where r u’
San: I’m here ‘watching tv, swara sigh, she sat with him, and hugged him from side’ what r u doing I’m watching tv, go and make dinner plz, 1st go get fresh
Sw: sanskar
San; hmm
Sw: do u love me
San smile: off course babe, I love u so much
Sw: u can do anything for me right
San sigh: tell me anything but job, u know na I can’t get up In morning and do 9-5 job, I get irritated
Sw: then don’t do 9-5 job, but do something atleast, plz ‘san kissed her’ that’s it, u just do that all the time whenever I ask u to do job
San smirk: but u love it ‘he pick swara and laid her in bed, he took his clothes off and start kissing her wildly, she moan
Sw moan: u know how to use ur charms very well mister ‘san smirk, took her cloths, wrapping her legs around his waist, he get inside her making love to her.

What r u doing ‘yell laksh, ‘rag ur again taking drugs, how many times I have to tell u that, ur going to kill urself one day’
Rag laugh: everyone has to leave 1 day laksh, then y not just enjoy
La sigh; u want to enjoy like this
Rag nod no, whisper huskily: I want to enjoy like this ‘she unzipped his pant, he smirk and kissed her deeply, he picked her up and laid her on table throwing plates from there, both took of their cloths, he spread her legs getting inside her he mad love to her.

Suchi, plz open the door yar ‘yelled arav ‘what is this, we get married yesterday only, and ur behaving like that, open the door ‘he knock angrily, she open it,’ what is this, y did u closed the door
Su: y r u here, go back to ur office, u don’t need me but just work ‘he sigh and smile romantically at her, suchi got him’ ya only for this u came here right, u don’t love me, u only married me to satisfy ur needs
Ar smirk teased her: any doubt suchi ‘she gasp and smack his arms, but he pick her and laid her on bed’ u know ur right, I married u to satisfy my need ‘ she get sad he kissed her and whisper huskily’ cus ur the only girl who can satisfy my needs, other women don’t give me the feeling like I felt with u, I love u ‘she smile and let his husband dominate her, arav took both of their clothes off, he kissed her deeply, he start trusting inside her.

Arav’ yell pankti happy ‘arav, arav, arav I’m so happy
Ar smile: I know ur baby, I can see that
Pa: u don’t know anything, they r paying me so good, and even sign the contract with me for 1 year, I’m soooooo happy ‘she spread her arms in excitement, arav smirk and picking her he spin making her laugh’ arav stop, my head is getting dizzy, he laid her in bed and also laid beside her
Ar flirt: so if ur happy, care to make ur bf happy ‘pankti laugh, she pushed him and sat on his waist, he smirk when she take her top off and kissed him, both get wild and make love.

Rag shock: I don’t know what to say, this is happening
Pa yelled: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO, NO,NO, this can’t happened no, no, no
Sw smile: oh god it’s like dream come true or not ‘she sigh
Su smile with teary eyes: OMG is this happening

U would have guess by now, what is happening 😉


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