expect the unexpected – KB (Part 2)


In Ishveer’s room

ranveer was playing with bittu and tittu.Ishani was getting ready sitting in front of the mirror.

“sunny are going somewhere” asked ranveer seeing his wife getting ready so early.

“haan ranveer aaj I am going to see mumma and papa it was a long while we didnt see them actually pragya di is having a operation today so she told she will join later” said ishani picking bittu.

“sunny give my bittu to me otherwise I don’t know what I will do” said ranveer getting up from bed picking tittu.

“Ranveer please bittu didn’t sleep properly yesterday so i will give him to pragya di” said ishani rubbing her hands softly over his back.

“Why my bittu didn’t sleep yesterday okay you go and give him to bhabhi” said ranveer kissing bittu’s head.

In Abhigya room

ishani knocked the door and came inside pragya was holding her head and resting in the headboard.

“di what happened is your head is paining” asked ishani siting beside pragya while pragya picked bittu from ishani.

“nahi ishu I am scared because badi dadi is coming tomorrow I don’t know why but she doesn’t like our family whenever she comes she will find some mistakes on us more than this tanu and aliya are coming you know na last time that time that tanu tried to push from stairs when I was pregnant and she often tries to create misunderstandings between me and abhishek” said pragya caressing bittu’s face so he would fall in sleep.

“haan di I hate that tanu and aliya because of them last time I and ranveer fought but this time I won’t leave them and that aliya will come here to flirt with our purab but purab won’t even turn to her” said ishani while bittu clapped his hands hearing ranveer’s name.

“bittu sleep baby mumma is having a lot of work today so sleep meri jaan” said pragya caressing bittu’s face

“purab is love with our Bulbul pragya di yesterday only we told him to propose her so I am little bit tensed purab must have proposed her today and Bulbul is a nice girl ishu she will the best the for purab moreover we know her 15 years even ram papa and priya maa likes her even jiju and ranveer knows her very well” said ishani again bittu clapped his hands hearing ranveer’s name.

“ishu I noticed whenever you take ranveer’s name bittu is clapping and smiling. arrey my bittu you want to see ranveer chachu but sweetie ranveer chachu went to office you can play with him later now be a good boy and sleep in mumma’s lap” said pragya and put him in lap and patching him and ishani smiled seeing bittu and his mumma

“di do you this ranveer is teaching bittu and tittu to call me sunny” said ishani with a pout while pragya laughed.

“even this abhishek teaches them to call me fuggy what can we do ishu both brothers are same” said pragya hearing the fuggy bittu smiled at pragya and he was clapping holding her mangalsutra.

“di see our bittu can understand what we are talking” said ishani and both laughed “okay di put bittu in sleep and I will take him with me and you join us later” said ishani

“nahi ishu I have to take bittu with me to hospital for a vaccination so I will take him” said pragya

“okay di bye” said ishani and hugged pragya then she left them with her bye.

soon bittu to slept pragya took bittu and kept him in his cot but he was tightly holding her mangalsutra.pragya slowly removed it from his hands and kissed his forehead softly while her phone was beeping it was none other than her husband.

abhi: hello fuggy
pragya: kya(in a irritating tone)
abhi:what happened fuggy this much anger.
pragya: abhishek please stop your nonsense now a days your only concentration in on your work and other things did you forgot that you have a wife and a kid.why did you went to office so early that too without informing me.
abhi: i dont have time to listen to you fuggy I have a lot of work to do now listen to me i left a my file so bring it with in a hour
pragya: I know very well know abhishek you must have called me to do your work but I am sorry I can’t come but I am sorry I can’t come I have a important operation today so I can’t if you want come.
abhi:pragya what’s your problem now why we shouting at me now
pragya:(with tears)ya abhishek I am shouting at you please cut the phone yourself.
abhi:stop your waterfalls pragya don’t start your dramas bring the file immediately.
pragya: I am not your servant Mr.Abhishek prem kapoor I can’t bring it that’s all
abhi: it’s my fate to marry u
pragya: ya better divorce me and marry your tanu.
abhi:pragya stop bringing tanu between us.
pragya: why should I stop I very well know abhishek tanu is your ex-fiancee na
abhi: pragya enough is enough don’t cross your limits.
Pragya: I don’t have any limits I am wife, your child mother so I am all the rights.

abhi cuts the phone while pragya was crying hardly this was watched by Nikil and smirked.

“I know tanu’ s matter will create a misunderstanding between you both so only I made you to see their engagement album. tanu thank you baby I will get married to my pragya and you will get that abhi” said abhi with a evil smile.

few minutes later

pragya took the file and took bittu in her arms and she left to abhi’s office and gave the file to the watchman to give it to abhi.here abhi was confused how pragya came to know about tanu as his ex-fiancee he felt very angry on himself for scolding her.definitely her anger was meaningful he is not spending his time with pragya now a days. abhi was very much disturbed he had fought with pragya a lot time but this time they both were hurted his thoughts were disturbed by ranveer.

“bhaiya what happened why are so tensed ” asked ranveer sitting beside him

“kuch nahi ranveer” said abhi looking down.

“bhaiya I am your brother please share your problem with me na I can help you” said ranveer and abhi told his problem.

“Today I scolded pragya a lot because of tanu ranveer but I don’t know how pragya came to know about tanu as my ex-fiancee” said abhi sadly

“bhaiya tomorrow your love story’s villan is coming tanu,aliya and badi dadi are coming bhaiya aap please apologize pragya bhabhi otherwise this villans will blow your small problem into a big problem and…” tragged ranveer

“and what ranveer” asked abhi

“bittu bhaiya he just few months old bhaiya we all know what and all badi dadi did with pragya bhabhi during her pregnancy nobody can forgot that and that tanu she wants to marry to even now” said ranveer to abhi to be cautious.

“I know ranveer but this time badi dadi can’t do anything to my wife and my child.okay ranveer I will go to home and apologize pragya” said abhi and got up to move by the time watchman came and gave the file telling him that pragya have this file to give to him.

In restaurant

“Bulbul I love u” said purab eagerly waiting for her answer but before he could react she ran from there.purab was heartbroken and came outside to leave the place but once he saw his car he started flying in the sky.

“love you too-bulbul” this was written in his car glass with a red lipstick.

purab immediately called Bulbul but her phone was switched off then he called pragya and ishani and told about this.they both were also happy for him.

In road

pragya was came outside from her cabin in her father’s hospital holding bittu In her arms puting his head in her shoulder today when the vaccination was inserted in bittu hurted her more than bittu. she saw a man coming and giving sweets to everybody telling that he is going to be father suddenly she remembered how abhi felt when he heard about her pregnancy news.


“Mr. Abhishek prem kapoor tell me what’s will your greatest gift in this world” asked pragya looking at him while he was working on his laptop.

“for me i don’t know fuggy Suddenly if you ask me how can I tell” said abhi still working in his a laptop.

“Abhishek you are a biggest dump fellow in this duniya” said pragya.

“hy what I am a dump then what about yo” said abhi and pragya took a pillow and throwed over him abhi closed tand took a pillow and throwed over pragya.

“Abhishek baby may got hurt don’t throw the pillow” said pragya and took a pillow yo hide herself.

“if your baby is hurt what’s my problem” stopped abhi as now only his mind got clicked what pragya is trying to say.

abhi slowly came near pragya while pragya was moving back finally she was got trapped by the wall she was continuously looking at his eyes finally abhi broked his eye contact with pragya and looked at her stomach he slowly took his hand and moved forward and slightly touched her exposed part of stomach while pragya placed her hand over his hand and pressed over her stomach and tears falled from her eyes.

“fuggy tum tum maa” abhi stammered

“hamara pyaar ka nishani (our loves symbol)” said pragya and hugged abhi.

Flash back ends.

“I am sorry abhishek I have hurted you much I am sorry” said pragya to herself.


abhi and pragya’s problem gets solved bittu gets fever because of tanu.pragya cries seeing bittu’s condition abhi consoles her tanu gets jealous seeing abhi and pragya’s closenes

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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