expect the unexpected – KB (Part 1)


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part 1

in abhigya’s room

rishi was crying while pragya came out from closet.

“arrey bittu mumma is here only na why are you crying my baby” said pragya sitting in the bed and took bittu in her arms.

“arrey bittu mumma already gave you milk again you are feeling hungry” said pragya and started feeding bittu covering herself with a towel.Pragya felt somebody watching her she turned towards the door but nobody was there by that time bittu fall asleep.

“arrey mera bacha you slept so early” said and adjusted her Saree and took bittu in her arms and left the room.

After pragya left Nikil came outside from hiding himself behind the wall.

“arrey this pragya is very hot. her body,her structure my God is she looking like a mother OMG I feel like tasting her but first I have to plan something to end that abhi” said Nikil with a envy in his eyes for abhi.

In Dadi and Indu dasi’s room

Dadi,dasi and ishani holding riya in her arms were chatting.

“arrey pragya beta come here and join in our chessy talks” said Indu dasi welcoming her to join there team while pragya sat near ishani.

“What di today bittu slept so early usually he won’t allow you and jiju to sleep today what happened” asked ishani while riya was playing with her chain.

“haan ishu bittu very naughty now a days but hamari tittu is my cutie pie” said pragya and caressed tittu’s soft head

“for you its very simple you just need to handle one man but I have to handle 2 boys in my life both father and son are always torturing me” said pragya simling while others start laughing.

“where is abhi? beta” asked Dadi

“Dadi actually today they have a important meeting and tomorrow is peehu’s engagement na so all three brothers are planning some suprise to their sister” said pragya.

“di even ranveer told me about this” said ishani while tittu was yarning.

“ishu I think tittu is tired you go and put her in sleep” said pragya with care while ishani said bye to everybody and left.

“pragya beta you to go and sleep its almost 9’o clock.


in abhigya room abhi entered his room and saw his kid sleeping peacefully holding his mumma saree while pragya was caressing his body.all his tension and stress are vanished when he saw his wife and their kid.abhi slowly entered the room with baby steps so that he won’t disturb his bittu he came near pragya and kissed her cheeks.Pragya immediately turned towards abhi and kissed him back this time they could here some sound which is very beautiful to hear it was none other that bittu he was simling seeing his mumma and papa.immediately abhi took bittu in his hands.

“arrey now only he slept then how he woke up” asked pragya in astonishment.

“bittu will always wake up at wrong timings exactly like his ranveer chachu” said abhi when the word ranveer came from his mouth bittu started laughing.

“okay Abhishek go and change you dress I will get your dinner give bittu to me he will otherwise he won’t allow you to do his work” said pragya and took bittu in her arms and put him in her shoulder immediately bittu crossed his small hands over pragya’s neck.

some hours later.

“Abhishek close your laptop and sleep” said pragya patching bittu’s back to put him in sleep.

“fuggy give bittu to me you are looking very tired I will put bittu in sleep so you take rest”said abhi closing his laptop and took bittu in his hands he kissed pragya’s forehead switched off the light.

soon bittu too slept abhi put bittu in between them and drawed his protective hands over pragya and bittu.he kissed both there forehead and slept.

Next morning

today is peehu’s engagement with Nikil all were ready for the engagement.pragya and ishani wore a beautiful red saree while ranveer,purab and abhi wore a white top and white pyjamas with red waist coat.

Peehu came downstairs wearing a beautiful pink lehenga and Nikil with a peech colour sherwani.
they both exchanged the rings.so everybody were chatting with eachother ram,priya,neil,ragini were playing with rishi and riya.


ishani was talking with the guest while ranveer was signing her to come but she refused.ranveer messaged ishani he will kiss her publicly if she didn’t come so finally shalini went.

“hy sunny I am your husband and you are showing your attitude to me” said ranveer and drawed ishani behind the Curtin.

“hy your husband is suffering from love fever and you are ignoring me please cure it with your lips” said ranveer with a husky voice

“Ranveer stop your romantic talks fuction is going on and you are telling me to kiss u” said ishani moving.

“okay u go I will try with somebody else” said ranveer immediately ishani kissed him and ran.


in kichen

pragya was preparing something pinning her pallu in her hip while Nikil entered.

“arrey what a hip she is having” thought nikil but his thoughts were broke by pragya

“What you want nikil” asked pragya

“woh woh pani water” stammering Nikil and pragya gave him water and he left.

pragya continued her work while somebody clutched her hip and hugged her from behind it was none other than abhi.

“arrey fuggy kithni hot you are my God today I will taste your lips” said abhi while pragya turned.

“stop your cheesy talks I have a lot of work please don’t disturb me so go and enjoy the party” said pragya and removed his hands from her hip.

“fuggy ek kiss please only one kiss” said abhi so pragya kissed his forehead and cheeks.

“excuse I am not bunty I am abhi you Mr husband kiss me here” said abhi showing his lips.pragya closed her eyes and came near her lips but ranveer came and they both composed themselves

“bhaiya I am sorry sorry” said ranveer

“ranveerrrrrr” said abhi cracking his teeth and chases him.

purab proposes bulbul

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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