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Shivay entered and noticed Anika busy with some papers. Her attention is fixed on those papers. He smiled foolishly but soon covered it questioning own self what was that smile for. He took steps towards his cabin. As soon he made himself comfortable he heard a knock on the door. “Yeah come in” Shivay replied. Anika entered like a storm and without giving any chance to Shivay she started saying “Shivay actually what you know…..” she was explaining but Shivay was lost as soon he heard her taking his name instead of calling Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi. If it was anyone else then he might have stopped them and would have asked to correct the mistake but in Anika’s case he didn’t feel like to do so. He was staring at her and she was explaining something that wasn’t getting registered. “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi hello…. Excuse me…. Mr…” his trance broke as she repeated Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi again. “Yeah Anika please can you explain it again actually I got lost somewhere” he replied calmly. “Like seriously this man is impossible he even didn’t offer me to sit” she blabbered to herself.

She started explaining from first “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi actually we need to call a board meeting tomorrow or today regarding that Malvani project of us. People over there are ready to leave the place and thus as I figured out if we offer them a soothing amount of money they will happily leave.” “She is so perfect…… after she joined so nicely she handled this project in spite of being new” he thought and a smile again flushed. “Haaiinngg hello Mr. do you think I am joking that you are smiling?” she spoke a bit high feeling insulted at his smile and then she continued “here I am explaining something important and look at you smiling like foolish” she completed with an irritated look. The word foolish rung in Shivay’s ear and he again went back to that angry man avatar “hey listen get out and get lost from my cabin if you are done” Shivay shouted. “Okay going Mr. Khadoos but check this file” she kept a file and went back to her cabin.

Two classes have ended in Prinku’s college and suddenly an announcement was made that all the students of her batch is advised to gather at the hall. Everyone with an irritated face heeded to the hall and was waiting for the purpose they are called. Ranveer went up to the dice and spoke “Okay as you all know that you all have been instructed to join the classes of self defense from the coming Sunday. Actually due to busy schedule of us (he said pointing towards all the other three trainers) we have decided the class on Sunday but now we are changing it and we will be conducting it on every Friday at the last two hours of the classes.” Priyanka was damn good happy and she felt like dancing. Her face sparkled and it didn’t go unnoticed by Ranveer. Everyone was then advised to go back to their classes. Everyone went but Priyanka was stopped in the middle by Ranveer “Miss now you are happy right?? And please do attend the class we will have good time teaching you” at this she thanked him and went back to her class.

Soumya was busy in her thoughts. Rehaan came from behind and closed her eyes with his palms. He slipped a dairy milk silk in her hand and opened her eyes. She rejoiced and hugged him tight. “What is this for?” Soumya asked Rehaan. “Yaar I am feeling the best today.” Rehaan said. She was so happy to see him happy after an year almost. She got back her Rehaan but now the time has come she has to make exit from his life. He hugged her again. He was so excited that after every possible tries he got what he wanted. “Congratulations then. By the way the matter went smoothly na?” Soumya questioned. “Yeah yaar now as expected to London and everything will be perfect like before” Rehaan’s voice sounded more excited as he talked about London. She now said him to get ready for his most awaited trip with his dream person. “Thanks to you yaar without you nothing would have been possible” he said overwhelmed and again hugged her. “So last time park visit tomorrow with me” Soumya said smiling through the corner of her lips. “Not like that but when we will return after this vacation again same park visits and all.”Rehaan answered. Rehaan and Soumya were very happy as what they have waited for one long year they got.


Let’s wait to know what will happen when Shivay will slowly develop feelings for each other. Well Rikara too are on developing mode. Let’s hope their union soon. Do comment down about all your views. Eagerly waiting for the responses. Thank You Bye- NILASH

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