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The next morning arrived soon to beautify everyone’s life. The rising sun, the chirping birds, the morning dew were indicating the bloom of love. The love that will have no boundaries. The journeys of the souls are yet to begin but the morning came as a new gift to them.
Om as usual went to the garden to enjoy the blissful beauty around. Gauri too joined him. Suddenly Gauri started to sing a bhajan of Shankar ji. Om felt weird and looked Gauri. She started singing loud when she noticed no one near.

“Gau… Gau.. Gauri.. Gauri lis..ten.. listen to me wo actually mai jo kya kya kehne wala tha mai?”(wo actually I was to say that that what was I saying?) Om said fixing his weird look on her and lastly shifting the eye balls to get right words for that situation. She shifted her stare to the garden after waiting for the answer of Om. “Yeah yeah I got it I was to say this garden is beautiful na?” Om continued and it was the turn for him to receive weird looks. “Omkara ji apart from all these…. Actually the pandit ji wants to eshtablish the idol on new year day since it has a good mahurat so..” she said what she has been waiting to say from day one. “You just don’t worry I will complete it by mid December I feel.” Om said. “Ohh then its superfine and then I must shift my luggage to a nearby hotel” she said walking off but Om felt bad at her leaving so he spoke up with his thoughts “listen Gauri you need not go anywhere. My house is enough big to give you shelter so you will stay with us.” “But Omkara ji how can I??”

she tried to deny but Daadi came from behind as Om’s weapon “Puttar you think we are no one to you na?? okay fine if you think that then you may go.” Gauri can deny anyone and everyone but she can’t deny Daadi so she said “Daadi you know na I can’t deny you” “No puttar if you wanna go you can go” Daadi said making a sad face. “Daadi I am not going” Gauri said defeated and Daadi hugged her. Om also joined them.

Rudra was somewhere lost and blabbering something. Shivay entered in his room “one minute today the sun is not there in the sky na?” he asked looking at the sky and then looking at Rudra. Rudra got confused and gave a confused look to him. Shivay understood this duffer will remain duffer so he answered “you woke up so early?? Then the Sun must have left the Earth.” Rudra jumped and ignoring the words of Shivay he started explaining and asking the question his mind was going through the previous day

“Bhaiyaa leave all these just answer my one question” Shivay got another shock as his duffer brother is ignoring his insult but whatever he asked Rudra to proceed “Bhaiyaa am I not famous or am I not looking hot these days?” Rudra asked narrowing his eyes following by movement of his right eyebrow. “Haaaiiiinnnggg??” was Shivay’s clean reaction but then being the elder brother he tried to calm his younger brother down “Rudra why are you asking these questions?? What happened to you duffer?” “No no you just answer my question and then I will explain it to you” Rudra said dragging Shivay and making him sit on bed. Shivay answered “yes you are indeed hot” and continued in low voice “for some dumbo girls” but Rudra heard the last words too. So he made a cry baby face and looking at this Shivay again continued “arrey yaar you are hot and famous too but what happened? Why this question suddenly?” to this question of Shivay Rudra explained that how Soumya forgot his name in one day. Shivay initially cracked up but later became serious and advised Rudra to forget all these. As the Duffer is advised he forgot and started boasting about his newly made girlfriends.

Today maybe the Sun seriously left the earth as Anika was already wide awake before Prinku today. Anika came near Prinku and woke her up. She handed her the morning tea and greeted her with a nice joyful good morning. Prinku remained shock at this behavior of her but she thanked god for this. She and her Anika waking up techniques got saved for that day. Soon both got ready and Prinku went to her college and Anika to her office.

On her way Anika was as usual constantly blabbering and bad mouthing about Shivay to Champa. She suddenly stopped and looked around to see if Shivay is there too remembering the previous day incident. But she smiled and called herself mad at her doings and hit her back head slightly and went off to her office. Shivay who was actually there watching all these hiding him smiled at her innocence “she is cute but Shivay relax you have promised that you won’t let her insult you and you will pay back to her insult then why are you smiling foolishly now at her deeds?” he thought. He again started the car and got lost in his past “why Anika do resembles to her a little? I still remember how she used to blabber all around and how she had the capability of becoming a good friend of everyone in no time. Why did you go away from me my….” His thoughts ended when he couldn’t find the right word to point his past. A lone tear dropped from his eye. He wiped it off and noticed he reached to office.


What may be Shivay’s past now that he remembers every time to become sad at the end?? Well this will get revealed in the forthcoming episodes. Please do shower all your love through comments and likes. It really encourages so please. Bye-NILASH

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