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Soumya was walking on road with Rehaan beside but both were silent. An unknown silence covered and sealed their mouth. Suddenly Soumya spoke up “Rehaan remember laddoo?? Yaar I so miss teasing him.” Rehaan thought a bit and then answered “yeah yaar how can I forget him?? The famous boy of our school due to his motuness.” “Hey stop it haan he was so nice” Soumya said defending Laddoo. “Okay okay Miss Soumya how can I forget he was your best friend.” Rehaan said in a jealous tone. “Okay okay baba my Rehaan darling don’t be jealous now” Soumya answered and pulled Rehaan’s cheeks. Rehaan hugged her smiling at her cute gesture. “I love you” Rehaan muttered “Love you too” Soumya said. They reached the same park and sat on the same bench.

Om is making a portrait in his room when he heard a knock on his door “yeah come in” he said. Gauri went in with pieces of clothes and many needles and stitching threads. “Omkara ji look at this colour…. It would suit my Shankar ji na?” she asked showing him the combination on yellow and brown colour cloth. “Gauri yeah it would suit but the Murti (idol) that you asked me to make for the mandir is much bigger than the size of this cloth then?” Om asked. “Arre Omkara ji I just came to ask the colours…. We have to sit down and discuss about the murti and also the clothes, by the way how much time you require to complete the murti for the new mandir?” Gauri asked “Hmmm…mm.. almost three and half months or so” Om answered after a bit of thinking. “Ohh okay then we have time to discuss… then I must go now you continue with your work”

Gauri said examining the coloures of clothes in her hand. “Gauri sit na we will talk and I will do my work waise bhi I was feeling bored” Om said. Gauri sat down at corner and kept looking at the portrait. They talked about many things. Gauri kept blabbering and Om smiling and at times staring at her cute antiques.

Rudra was roaming around to get network at the same park. He spotted Soumya sitting so he thought to go and ask her about her legs. He went close and heard a bit of Somya and Rehaan’s conversation. “Rehaan please ice-cream please please” Soumya was suborned and Rehaan was in no mood. Rudra went much close and greeted them “hello people no I mean friends…. Haaii Soumya..” “Hello Mr…” Soumya greeted but she realized she don’t know his name. “Actually… what is your name? I forgot” she asked at a low and embarrassed voice. “Ohhh yaar you forgot my name?? Okay okay my name is Rudra Singh Oberoi” he said raising up his collar and he continued “hey sorry for this but I just listened Soumya wanna have ice-cream then let’s have na” “No.. no Rudra I don’t….” she tried to explain but got cut in middle by Rudra “Soumya see it’s okay if you don’t want to have ice-cream cause I am stranger for you but believe me I am not a kidnaper.” “Arre Rudra when did I say that? Okay let’s have.”

Soumya said and dragged Rehaan too to the ice-cream vendor. Rudra as usual denied having ice-cream due to his fitness routine but at last he had on Soumya’s insistence. The trio enjoyed much the whole day together and at last they bid bye to each other and went back to their homes. An unknown bond grew between Rudra and Soumya.

Prinku is going to her class when she felt a tug on her hand. She spoke as she noticed Ranveer held her hand “how dare you?” “Arre mam yesterday this fell from your bag when you walked off from the class” he said and gave her the key ring fell from her bag. She got shocked to see that and after sometime she spoke up “thank you so much actually this is the gift my bestie gave it to me, thank you so much for returning it back. I love this ring so much thank you” she completed and showed him her and Anika’s photo on one side and on the other side love you bestie is written. He left her and she went to her class bidding him good bye and saying thank you again.

Its lunch time in Shivay’s Office and as usual he noticed Anika having food using her hands and he felt michmichi. He took up his phone and messaged her. The message read “Miss whoever use fork and spoon to have lunch” she didn’t respond and just kept the phone down as the message came from an unknown number. After some time she thought who could it be messaging her so she replied “I am sorry but who is this?” Shivay was desperately waiting for her message so when he got he soon replied “huuhh…. My number is not saved in your phone then it’s okay leave it.” After sending the message he thought “why I am replying to her like that…. Why am I so affected by her?” Anika didn’t respond this time and went back to her works. But this side he was waiting for her reply and wasn’t able to concentrate on his works. This way the day ended and the reply he was waiting for never came.

Anika went back and found Prinku happy. As soon she entered Prinku came running and hugged her. She fell on the ground by this sudden act. After sometime both got up and Prinku described the key ring incident to her. Anika said “yaar this Ranveer is really a nice guy” and Prinku nodded with a smile. They flushed off the thoughts and went to prepare dinner.


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