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The next day sunrays knocked at the obros and besties door. Soon a pillow landed on Anika “Ohhhh kumbhkaran get up” Prinku shouted. “Two minutes tadka rani” Anika cuddled more to her side pillow while saying. She felt her head falling down of the pillow and she started screaming “earthquake……. earthquake….. Prinku am going down please help me earthquake” soon a jug full of water landed on her and her scream increased to infinity “ooohhhhoooo ooohhhh nooo flood too….. bestie help…. yaar come on….” she shot open her eyes and saw Prinku standing and laughing like mad infront of her. She understood the entire matter and got up to chase her. They both run here and there messing around and at last both fell with a thud on the bed.

ShivOm has a full proof plan ready to scare Rudra today. They have been trying to wake him up since an hour and this maharaja is busy watching hot girls in his dream. Om soon filled the bathtub with water and mixed body wash in it. After the water turned to foams Shivay and Om carried up Rudra and threw him in that. “Wooowww snow fall” Rudra murmured in his sleep. Rudra adjusted his position and in this process water got in through his nostrils. “Mummmaaa….mmoooom..mom” he cried and got up from the sleep. ShivOm who was watching this from outside cracked up. They couldn’t stop laughing and started to roll down.

Here Anika and Prinku got ready for their respective jobs. Before leaving Prinku again started her lecture puran “Anika….. bhaiyaa is not so good man. He is rude, arrogant and egoistic fellow. So if you have to deal with him then………. You understand right????” Anika wasn’t bored due to her lecture this time. She was happy that she got the license to show Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi that how much tadibaaz she is. “Prinku now just wait and watch this Miss Tadibaaz is gonna do what to your brother. All the best Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi this Miss Tadibaaz is coming” Anika said with a victorious smile on her face.

Gauri Kumari Sharma is on the other hand busy roaming around the garden and enjoying the beauty of the morning. “Pranaam Surya Devta” she said and folded her hand looking at the Sun. She was still left to explain her work to Om. The previous day their conversation remained incomplete. She was thinking all these when Om came and patted on her shoulder. “Haii Miss Jhaap” he admired her dabangg style and she felt embarrassed due to previous day incidents. “Omkara ji actually I am sorry for yesterday I couldn’t recognize you” she said with nervousness. “It’s okay Gauri….. Actually for you yesterday I had another experience of being Omkara Singh Oberoi and I am glad and you know I also got to know that girls do fight for me” he completed with a smile. Gauri’s cheeks went red due to little embarrassment and blush. They both started visiting every flower and Om was explaining her tough names of the flowers. The time passed like this and they went back to their respective rooms.

“The road is really congested” Shivay thought when he was waiting for the signal to turn green. He was in his thoughts and just then a girl on scooty came and stood beside his high profile car. “You know Champa these days Mumbai traffic yaar…. I just hate it. But see today I am on time and hoping to reach to the office on time. And I promise you I will never leave a chance to show my special tadi to that khadoos and would never give him any chance to point my mistakes. Actually pinky promise” she promises and was moving her head side by side and she noticed Shivay staring at her. “Phail gaya raita” she said and cut her tongue. “This girl huhhh she will show me tadi…. wait wait what’s tadi by the way??? Whatever it is I wouldn’t leave any chance to show her down as she called me khadoos I promise you Ramu kaka” he said. Ramu kaka, his driver turned back and saw his expressions. He soon turned front so that Shivay doesn’t notice him.

Shivay was cursing Mumbai traffic and just then an announcement came through loudspeaker set near the signal post. “Dear travellers this is an announcement from Mumbai Traffic Police Department, actually due to an accident some way ahead we are forced to stop the four wheelers over here. Everyone on four wheelers especially to them I kindly apologize for this inconvenience. Please you all take the route of by pass. We are trying for the sooner recovery. Thank You” Shivay screamed out as soon as the announcement ended “Fhat The Wuck”. He turned towards Anika who was smiling victoriously and said thank you to her Champa immense times. She was a proud Champa rider. The traffic police allowed her to go and requested Shivay to take the route instructed. Ramu kaka soon took the route and drove faster to reach office on time.

Anika who reached office five minutes before time entered the office as like queen Elizabeth. She checked Shivay’s cabin and as expected he wasn’t there. “Ramu kaka faster” Shivay panicked as he saw only two minutes left to struck 10 am. Ramu kaka increased the speed but again got struck in traffic. The time passed and on time Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi reached office late by thirteen minutes. He entered cursing his fate as he knew Miss Anika was all ready to show him down. As soon he reached in front of Anika’s cabin he made his footsteps faster but who can change his fate and thus Anika cried as expected “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi you are late by exact thirteen minutes and what you said yesterday to me huh??? That you will fire me if I be late again. And today I am saying if you become late again I will fire you” she completed caressing and pushing back her hair strands. “How dare you talk to me like that???” Shivay asked with full rage and tadi. “Wait wait Mr. Have some water.” She said and passed the glass of water to him and continued “relax see today you are late and yeah remember from today don’t dare to mess up with me.” He threw the glass and said “the game begins Miss Anika” and he walked off showing his special hair setting style in full tadi and attitude. She soon copied his hair setting style which made him angrier as he noticed it.


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