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“Offo… this girl yaar… she will never change” Prinku cursed Anika looking at payal (anklet). “Anika… Anika… here I got your payal. I am keeping it with me” she shouted. Om saw the payal in her hand. “Prinku wait” Om called allowed. Prinku stopped and turned towards Om. “Yeah bhaiyaa” she answered. “This payal… from where did you get this?” Om asked pointing at the payal in Prinku’s hand. “Ohh this… its Anika’s… she lost another pair of it and has only this one… she loves this payal a lot don’t know why” Prinku said. “Are you sure this belongs to Anika?” Om asked, his excitement increasing with each passing second. “Yes bhaiyaa why??” Prinku asked but Om without answering anything quickly hugged her and murmured a thank you in her ear. “What happened?” Prinku asked but without answering anything Om ran towards Shivay’s room.

“Has he gone mad?” Prinku asked to herself and went to give that payal to Anika. She took the payal in her hand and caressed it. “Thank You Prinku” Anika said and hugged Prinku. Prinku too reciprocated back. There on the other side while running towards Shivay’s room Om collided with Gauri making her fall. But he caught her in his arms and made her stand soon. “Arre Omkara ji what happened? Why are you running like this?” Gauri asked. “Thank You Gauri if the thing that I am thinking is correct then everything will get corrected…” he just answered this much and disappeared from Gauri’s sight. ]
“Shivaaaayyyyyy…..” Om called allowed and soon hugged Shivay. “What man control… I am your brother” Shivay said trying to get freed from his hold.

Gauri went to her room. “Prinku… Anika didi… Omkara ji has gone mad” Gauri said looking back… checking whether Om is coming or not. “Why Gauri what happened?” Anika asked. “He banged on me… didn’t say a sorry rather said a thank you and went away… I mean why saying thank you suddenly?” Gauri asked. “Yeah… he said thanks to me too… suddenly hugged me, said thanks and went away and yeah he was enquiring about this payal too” Prinku added. “He has gone mad” Gauri said. Anika was lost somewhere else. Gauri and Prinku noticed this. “BOOHHH!!!!” they said allowed breaking Anika’s trance. “Whattt??” Anika stared them and both of them soon hugged her. “Arre wait wait I will fall down” Anika said and due to their sudden action fell on the bed. The trio burst out laughing and rested them beside each other having Anika at the middle.
After sometime Om came out from the hug. “Shivay… we got your ANIKA… the ANIKA whom you have lost, she is back now… our Anika is your Anika only… I have said to you na bhai… you will get your love back with this Anika… and you got it… go and get her man. Gooo…” Om pushed Shivay after completing. Shivay asked what has happened to him suddenly. Om explained him the entire matter related to that payal. No expressions were there on his face. He was at loss. He was trying to figure out what Om said few moments ago. He just jumped and hugged Om. Tear droplet left his eye. “Go man get your girl” Om patted his back. Shivay came out of the hug and ran towards Anika’s room.

Rudra stopped him at the mid way. “What happened? Why running marathon that too inside the house?” Rudra asked. Shivay just hugged him tight. “I know I am hot handsome and an eligible bachelor but sorry bhaiyaa I cannot fulfill your intentions” Rudra said. Shivay came out of the hug, Rudra thought now he will get scolded for his nonsense talk but soon Shivay hugged him again. Om came their and saw them hugging each other. He too jumped over them. “Yaayyyyy!!!!! I got her” Shivay shouted. Everyone of the family gathered at his shout. “Oyeee khoteyon choro ek dusre ko” (ohh boys leave each other) Daadi said. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock looking at them hugging each other like that. They came out of the hug. Everyone’s stare continued till they all disappeared from ShivOmRu’s sight. “Ufff yaar I am getting late… I have an important work” Rudra frowned at them. “Another shock of today… Rudra bhaiyaa and work” Prinku muttered. Gauri and Anika smiled at her comment.

Shivay looked at Anika smiling. A stupid smile covered his face. “Gooo… go Shivay” Om again pushed him but Shivay stayed glued to his place staring Anika stupidly and smiling. Rudra went to his important work. “Aaj raksha bandhan hai kya?” (is today raksha bandhan?) Gauri asked. Prinku and Anika nodded a no. “Why??” Prinku and Anika asked together. “Those three brothers seemed so happy so I was asking” Gauri answered. The trio again started laughing. Prinku and Gauri after sometime went to their works.

Shivay tip toed till Anika’s room. He was about to go inside but a voice came from beside the door which stood him still at the door step “I LOVE YOU” Anika spoke.


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