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“You fine??” Shivay asked when he went to Prinku’s room to check Anika’s hand. No answer came from her side. Her eyes were closed. He went closer and sat down beside her. She pressed her eyes. He started brushing his hand over her hair. She was shocked at this but didn’t open her eyes. He saw Anika’s eyes are closed. He thought her to be sleeping. “I don’t know why I always feel connected to you… but believe me whenever I come close to you I feel her presence.” He said slowly. She pressed her eyes more. He looked at her bandaged hand. He took her hand in his and caressed her hand. “Prinku I am shifting her to the guest room… her hand should not bleed by sudden touch” he explained. Prinku said instead she and Gauri are shifting to guest room for that night. He nodded. No one disturbed him more and went away from Prinku’s room leaving Shivay and Anika alone.
Rudra tossed and turned over his bed. He couldn’t sleep due to some restlessness. He went to pool side and found Om already present there. “O…” he called. Om turned to his side. “Rudra you didn’t sleep what happened?” Om asked being tensed. “Nothing O… just not feeling sleepy” Rudra answered and then asked “where is bhaiyaa?” “Yeah I also haven’t seen him from long” Om answered. “Then let’s go and search for him” Rudra said. OmRu searched for him everywhere and at last went to Prinku’s room to check. “There he is” Rudra said in a low tone. They went in; Shivay was sleeping holding Anika’s bandaged hand. They initially decided not to wake him up but then Rudra jerked Shivay and he woke up. “What happened Om..Ru.. any problem?” Shivay asked rubbing his eyes.

“Bhaiyaa… why are you sleeping here like this sitting on the bed… go to your room and sleep” Rudra said. “Yeah… sorry actually came to check her but don’t know when I dozed off to sleep” he explained. He got up to go but felt a tug on his hand and noticed Anika’s chand bracelet is stuck to his watch. He sat back and tried to free the bracelet but in that procedure he broke it off. “Ohh shit…” he muttered slowly and took the broken bracelet in his hand. Without wasting much time he went to the pool side with OmRu.
“Shivay what happened?” Om asked noticing Shivay’s guilt. “I shouldn’t have said all those to her” he answered simply. “Bhaiyaa… don’t feel sad” Rudra said and immediately hugged Shivay. Om too hugged him.
Everyone was searching for ShivOmRu at morning. “Here are they” Gauri said allowed. Everyone went to pool side. Shivay was sitting leaning on the tree there. Rudra was sleeping on his lap and Om’s head was on his shoulder. Everyone understood the three brothers slept there at the pool side. No one intended to disturb them so they slowly dispersed. Anika and Gauri stood there watching them sleeping peacefully. Sunrays were disturbing the brothers. The two girls stood blocking the rays.

Shivay opened his eyes after sometime and the first thing he noticed was Anika’s eyes. His eyes locked with hers. She looked away to the pool water. Om too woke up. Shivay called Rudra, he wasn’t getting up so ShivOm decided to put him on his bed and allow him to sleep. They put him up and made him lie on his bed. Shivay went to his room to get freshened up to go to office. Anika came there “yeah Anika say…” Shivay said without looking at her. She was amused to know that he felt her. “Shivay… no need to go to office today… take rest as you have not slept yesterday, I am going I will manage everything” she said and turned to go. “Anika… anika… he called her from back”
She turned to him. “You also don’t go… your cut is really deep and I know you are hiding this from everyone” he said. “Hmm..” she just hummed and was going but he again called her back “Anika..” she turned “please call me Shivay… no need to call Mr. Oberoi” she smiled and said “I will call you so but you have to allow others to call you sir as they feel awkward calling you Mr. Oberoi.” He smiled listening to that but then too he couldn’t help smiling. “What??” she asked innocently. “Okay I agree to your deal” he said and thumbed up. She smiled and went away. A hurt was still visible in her eyes. But he didn’t ask her much.


How was the chappy??? I know I didn’t include the precap part but I will soon enter Soumya to Oberoi Mansion but for now its not needed so I thought not to include that part now. Sorry to other readers as it became Shivika based episode but will include other couples too. Stay tuned friends. Thank You so much for reading. BUH BYE PEOPLE. Soon drop all your comments down. –NILASH

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