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Anika and Shivay went back to Oberoi Mansion at evening. The time passed and everyone came down for dinner. “What’s in dinner today?” Pinky asked to a servant. “I don’t know mam” the servant replied. “You don’t knows means what? Peter is not cookings today?” Pinky asked with a rough tone. “No mam Anika mam is cooking” servant replied bowing her head down. “Anika cookings?? She is guest rights?? How dares you to allow her to cooks?” Pinky said and was moving towards the kitchen but Anika came out of the kitchen with a wide smile. She arranged aloo poori on the table.
Everyone sat down. “It looks delicious…. Yummy… today my cheat day” Rudra said and soon put a morsel of aloo poori in his mouth before anyone could say no to him. Everyone took poori and aloo in their plate. “Eeewwuuu this much chip chip… I don’t want to eat it. Please bring something else for me” Shivay said making faces. “No… no mr. SSO I have something special for you” Anika said and ran towards the kitchen.
She brought something covered by a dish over the bowl. She opened it and everyone noticed it to be pasta. Its quantity isn’t more and thus no one asked for it. She served the pasta to Shivay. He ate it “eeewwuuuu” he muttered…. He glared towards Anika. “Ohhhh wow… you liked it this much? Okay I am serving you more” Anika served the entire pasta to him. Daadi and everyone else smiled looking at this thinking he really liked it. He was to get up but Daadi stopped. “Puttar you can’t leave food like this, eat the entire food and then get up” Daadi said. Shivay like a good child sat down and very hardly stuffed the entire pasta and soon ran towards the washroom. “You all eat I am checking” Anika said and went after Shivay. He was badly puking. She felt bad at this. he came out and went towards his medicine box to take medicine. “Shivay take this” Anika said handling him kadha. “don’t dare to do anything for me” he said and pushed Anika’s hand and as a result the kadha fell down breaking the glass. Shivay took medicine and sat down on bed.
Anika went down and was collecting the broken pieces “Aaaahhh…” Anika cried and Shivay noticed blood oozing out. “Are you mad?” he howled and soon took antiseptic from his medicine box and started applying on Anika’s hand. “Aaahh” she winced as it was burning. He blew air. “Can’t you take a bit care while working?” he asked and left her hand but soon his eye fell on the scar at the back side of her hand. “When did this happen?” he asked. “When I was cooking” she slowly answered and then Shivay realized that she was crying. He did her first aid.
The night passed. The entire night Anika couldn’t sleep properly. Thought of Shivay’s care for her are flushing in her mind every time making her smile and blush. “Caring Singh Oberoi” she muttered. Shivay was hurrying to go to office when he remembers Anika’s hand is not in good condition so he decided to take her along with him. He informed her that and she went with him without uttering a single word.
Rudra went to the park hoping Soumya will come there but she didn’t come. He took out his head phone and connected to FM. “Hello this is love angel with the new show at your most favourite radio channel named SPREAD LOVE, I know RJ Kunal used to host a different show at this time but from today I am taking up the time slot and I promise I will bore you to the extent that you will fall in love with the show… sooo who is our first caller today……” she kept on talking with the first caller and Rudra kept on hearing her sweet voice. Many songs played but he was waiting for her voice to come over again and again when she is switching on the songs and ad breaks. Rudra decided once to try and thus he dialed the number. Tring tring….. tring tring……. “Hello” she picked up the call. Rudra went numb for some seconds but after she repeated hello for three times he started to speak “Hello… this is Ru…” he stopped and thought not to disclose his real name. “this is Amarprem… I have become a huge fan of your show. I just liked the way you were defining love and yeah your voice is very sweet” he cut down the call after completing. Love angel couldn’t reply and thus she came back to the show “so that was our last caller who soon put down the call and didn’t wait for me to reply… but Mr. Amarprem if you are still listening to the show than a big thank you from me to you……. Bye friends will meet you at the same time tomorrow.. happy day bye..” the show ended and another RJ took the mike over and started his show. Rudra stopped the FM and looked at the time. “Ohhooo its 1 pm I must go back everyone must be waiting for me for lunch.” Rudra thought and soon rushed back to his home.
“Omakra ji see we didn’t realize but one month has passed I came to this house”Gauri said to Om who was busy brushing a statue. “Yes Gauri and in this one month you have become so close to my family” Om said and smiled. “Hmm… but the credit is theirs’ they made me close to them just in short time” Gauri smiled back as she complete. “Gauri… it’s so nice when two strangers meet and become close day by day….” Om said loosing himself in the land of thoughts. “Yeah but sometimes that closeness affects you this much that you have nothing left to do…” she said following the path of thoughts. “What do you mean?” he asked with a confused expression. “Nothing… you continue I must go..” Gauri said and went away from there soon. Om felt she escaped away. That is true that it has been only a month that they are together like this but both of them could feel the unknown bond between them that attracts each other.


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