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It is Diwali. Oberoi Mansion is not looking less than a bride. “For my best didi” Anika got a card attached to the mirror. “Sahil…” she rejoiced as she spoke. She turned around to see Sahil standing behind her. “Who brought you here?” Anika asked him as she hugged him. “Prinku didi” Sahil said hugging her back. Anika kissed on Sahil’s cheeks. “Ohhooo Didi now I am grown up so please stop doing these antiques” Sahil said rubbing the place she kissed. Anika got up from her position and thanked Priyanka for that amazing gift for her on Diwali. Shivay was watching all these from behind the door.
“I still remember how you distributed chocolates to the children of class one and two before the diwali vacation in our school” Shivay thought remembering his past. Smile covered his face. “Hey Mr. Hello this is my house” Shivay came in and greeted Sahil with his full tadi. “Hello Mr. House” Sahil said greeting him back. Shivay was like why is this chota bachcha calling him house but he decided to keep mum. “You know who is he?” Anika asked Sahil smirking. Sahil nodded no and seeing that Anika continued “he is a tadibaaz bagadbilla.” “Excuse me what… what did you say?” Shivay asked narrowing his eyes with a confused expression. “I said tadibaaz bagadbilla who never cares for anyone except himself” she walked off without waiting for an answer. “How dare she call me that? By the way what was its meaning?” he asked himself and went to his own room.
Rudra was loitering around the park when he spotted Soumya sitting on the same bench eyes closed. He decided to go to her and talk but then remembered if she has forgotten him. But something stroke and he went to her. “Hello” Rudra said and Soumya opened her eyes. “Haiii… if I am not wrong Rudra right?” she asked. He hummed in response and smiled. “Thank God she remembers me” he thought to himself. “Hey not celebrating Diwali?” Soumya asked excited. “Yeah I am celebrating it, there is a party at our house today and before that came out to grab some freshness.” He said inhaling the fresh air. “Hmm… happy diwali” she again sounded very excited. “Wait a minute you are sounding so excited is it that, that your boyfriend is giving you some special treat?”Rudra asked. Soumya explained Rehaan wasn’t her boyfriend but they were just acting so that her friend Samairaa’s father accepts Rehaan’s and Samairaa’s relationship. “Ohhooo wow man… I meant woman yaar you are so helpful” he said arranging the incidents that took place in his life whenever he met Soumya. “But if the treat is not the reason then why are you so excited?” Rudra asked as he was now getting restless to know. “Okay Rudra I will say it to you if we meet again.” Soumya said and got up. “This is not fair” Rudra made puppy face but it didn’t work and Soumya bid him bye and vanished from his sight.
The party was very small. Only some close friends of Oberoi Family were invited. Ranveer walked in. Priayanka’s eyes fell on him and she got shocked to see him there. “You here? Priyanka asked. “Miss beautiful your brother Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi invited me” Ranveer said. Shivay came soon and welcomed him. The party started. It was a normal party. Rudra thought to add some masala to it so he went up to the stage and started making announcement. “So ladies and gentlemen I know you all are getting bored by this party so why not make it a bit fun?” Rudra asked over mike. A great round of applause followed. He continued “okay so I will choose some couples and you all have to dance on the song I choose for you all.” “Yeah it sounds interesting” a man said. “Okay the first couple to dance is my mom and dad. Come come you buddhe people” he chuckled.
Tej and Jhanvi went to the stage. Tej surrounded his hands over Jhanvi’s waist and she locked her hands on his shoulder. Suraj Hua Madhyam…. Chaand Jalne Laga….Aasmaa ye haayy… Yun Pighalne Laga… the song started to play at the background. TeJhanvi perfectly danced looking into each others’ eyes. They seemed as newly married couple. The song ended and both of them blushed hardly as everyone cheered them and wished them, youngsters teased them a bit. This continued for some time.
Rudra came back to dice for further announcement. “He…he… Mom pops you both rocked love you” he shouted in excitement and continued “okay now comes the most famous ishqbaazi Jodi of our house one and only my chote papa and my choti maa” he looked towards them. “What mee??? No noosss not possible” Pinky said blushing. “Choti maa ufff teri adaa” Rudra teased her. “Chup ho badmaash (Shut up naughty boy)” Pinky said but Priyanka and Om pushed them to the dice. Rudra played the song…. Ek ho gaye hum aur tum… To ud gayi neende re… aur khanki payal masti me to… kangan khanke re…humma humma humma humma humma….. (old version). Shakthi swirled her and she fell down loosing her control. “Pinky aunty…” Anika ran to her and held her. “Get up.. Aunty you are fine na?” Anika asked concerned. Pinky got up rubbing her back and staring Shakthi ji for this stupid move. “Aunty you fine?” Anika again asked when others helped Pinky to the couch. Pinky sat down and replied “yeah Anika beta I am fines now resumes the games Rudra why did you stops… and wait people gives a rounds of applauses for us too” Pinky said cheering up every ones mood. Soon everyone clapped aloud. Rudra went back to the dice for announcement.
“You are really good Anika” Shivay complemented her. “I know Mr. Sadu Singh Oberoi” she said and was going away. Shivay soon held her hand and she gasped in response. “Stop calling me by different names just call me Shivay” Shivay said with an irritated face. “I won’t call you that Mr. SSO because I know you are rough like stone so you are only allowed to get called by the name Mr. Stone Singh Oberoi” she answered him back and went away freeing her hand. “Now you have challenged me miss Anika… so just wait and see what I do to make you call me Shivay… because I feel her presence whenever you call me by my name” he thought.


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