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“I am Mr. Ranveer Singh Randhawa the ACP of Mumbai Police.” Ranveer introduced him to the police station and walked up to the inspector. Inspector soon got up from his chair and saluted him. “I said stop and leave them” Ranveer ordered. The havildar soon left Rudra’s and Prinku’s hand. “I am sorry Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi to bother you like this” Ranveer said while going towards Prinku. “I am sorry madam, hope you will now bother to come to the class” Ranveer whispered in Prinku’s ears. Prinku did not reply anything and went to her bhaiyaa. They soon reached to home and Rudra got scolded by everyone.

This was choti diwali. Shivay did not go to office that day. He asked none to come too. Anika was sleeping till late and Prinku also decided not to disturb her. Everyone had their breakfast. The sleepy head Anika got up very late and when she walked to get breakfast Shivay scolded her that she is so careless that she gets up late. “Listen Anika this attitude won’t be accepted over my house so better you change this and from next time get up early” he said angrily and went away. Fresh tears got filled up in her eyes.

Evening soon peeped in. Daadi has ordered Prinku, Gauri and Anika to decorate the entire house using diyas. Anika decided to decorate the diyas of ground floor, Gauri decided to decorate the second floor and Prinku decided to decorate the terrace. While putting the diyas Anika went to the pool side. She very nicely decorated all the diyas at the north and west side of the pool. Shivay went inside his room and noticed Anika decorating the diyas at pool side so he went to the pool side. Anika sat down quite and was staring the reflection of the moon in water. She didn’t realize her dupatta was to caught fire just when Shivay came and jerked her off and the pushed away the plate of diya. “What are you doing Mr. Oberoi?” Anika asked immediately. “What were you thinking? How can you be so careless? Can’t you pay attention to a single work at a time?” he asked horrified still holding her tightly. “Leave me Mr. Oberoi I know I am careless” she said taunting him. He soon left her hand when he heard her taunting voice. Anika got up and went to other side of the pool. Shivay calmed himself down and sat at the corner staring her.

Gauri was decorating Om’s room with diyas. Her eyes fell on the portrait of the girl that she made. She was staring it when Om entered. “Gauri…” he softly called. She hummed and got busy in her work. “Why are you staring this portrait like this from the day you made it?” Om asked in a not so kiddish way. “Nothing Omkara ji leave it” she said nodding a no. he decided not to force her. After she was done decorating his room he called her to sit beside him. She went and sat. They both were staring at the moon from the window. “The moon is so peaceful na?” Gauri asked enjoying the beauty of the moon. “Yes… this is the most peaceful sight Gauri” he said in his protective voice. Gauri looked at his eyes which were reflecting care and support for her.

Rudra and Prinku looked at both would be couples and went back to the terrace smiling. “What if we get them as our bhabhis?” Rudra asked Prinku. “You know bhaiyaa I will be the happiest person then” Prinku sounded excited. “They are so perfect na?” Prinku squealed. “Prinku let’s plan something then.” Rudra spoke while his expressions changed shades. “No this time I am not there with you” Prinku said and soon ran away from there.

Anika was leaving after she put down all the diyas. “You are so nice Anika” Shivay said and cut his tongue after realizing what he just said. “What do you mean?” Anika asked. “I meant you became so close to everyone is such a short time” his lips got surrounded by a smile. “You know how to smile?” Anika taunted him. “Yeah maybe I know how to smile in front of outsiders too” he said and was staring at the pure water. The word outsider somewhere hit in Anika’s heart but she did not allow her expressions to change from normal to hurt. “Mr. Oberoi I must go” she said hiding her tears. “Anika you can call me Shivay just Shivay” Shivay said but as soon his eye fell on Anika’s tears he stopped and got up from his position. “What happened anything went to your eye?” Shivay asked concerned. “No nothing” Anika went away. “Why do I always feel her presence when you are around? Yes I agree both of your names are same but how can you be her? Why do you always force me to come out of her memories when you are around? Why Anika why? You don’t know I always feel she is calling me when you mistakenly take my name and now I would make you call me Shivay” Shivay thought. Anika went to her room and unknowingly tears started to flow down her eyes. “Shivay no… you can’t grow feelings for any other girl, because you are only hers…. Only hers…” Shivay again thought and somehow tried to overpower his ego over his feelings.

“Omkara ji please keep this painting safe it is very close to my heart” Gauri said pointing towards the painting of the girl. “I will Gauri, at least for the smile of my dear friend.” Om said smiling through the corner of his lips. “Will you be my friend Gauri?” Om asked extending his hands for handshake. “Yes Omkara ji” Gauri shook his hand and smiled back giving assurance of her friendship.


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