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After Jhanvi finished performing aarti of Tej, Tej said “Jhanvi darling now open your mouth” Jhanvi smiled at her husband’s antiques as she knows in this day of karwachauth Tej always treats her like a baby girl still. “Tej darling at first you drink the water” Jhanvi said and made him drink the water first. “Why do you always make me drink water first?” Tej asked though he knew the answer. “Because I love my husband a lot and he cares for me more than I do for him so this small thing is just the symbol of love?” Jhanvi said remembering their old days. “Ohhooo that means you love your husband?” Tej asked raising his eyebrows and trying to hide his smile. Jhanvi hugged in response and Tej reciprocated back.
This side Pinky is continuously throwing flowers on Shakthi and is irritating him intentionally. She is doing this because Shakthi was busy the entire day and didn’t even spend a moment with her. “I won’t eats or drinks anything todays….” Pinky said with anger in her voice still throwing flowers. “Okay my darling beauty I am sorry now please drink a sip of water or else you will fall ill” Shakthi said putting up the water glass. Pinky pushed the glass and continued “beauties… wo to mai hu hi” (beauties…. I know I am that). “Okay fine I would drink but tell me why were you busy?” Pinky asked and as a patni vatra husband Shakthi answered “Pinky my jaan I was busy because of all the karwachauth arrangements and for this” he showed her a gift and her eyes sparkled with newly formed tears. She knew her husband would do anything to look at her happy face at the end of the day. She smiled and immediately hugged Shakthi.
Daadi came from behind and said both the couples that they are still the newly married couple type after these many years of their marriage. She blessed them that they always stay like this. The elders shared a hug with Daadi.

After Shivay and Anika completed their eating they soon got up to go back to Oberoi Mansion but the lights went off. Anika stood still at her place and the plate dropped from her hand. “Anika are you fine??” Shivay asked worried. He soon put down the plate on the table and went near Anika. He put his hand over her shoulder and she immediately turned back and hugged him. “What… what happened Anika?? Hey why are you crying?? What happened?” he asked as soon he felt her tight hold on him and her tears. He reciprocated back the hug and started to brush his hand through her hairs. “Relax, relax Anika calm down… relax” he was continuously saying and was stroking his hands. “Shivay… plea…please don’t leave me please” she said tightening her grip. After some time she calmed down in his protective arms. Shivay asked her to drink water and she had a sip from the glass kept on the table.

The moonlight was lightening her face. He clearly noticed sweat droplets on Anika’s forehead. Her face terrified; her eyelids straight looking to the moon. He went near her and side hugged her while she folded her legs and sat down. “Anika what happened? Why are you so afraid?” he asked. She didn’t answer anything. After sometime the lights came and she composed herself.
The night ended but Anika’s face of that night left a mark on Shivay’s memory. He never thought to see Anika like that way. He didn’t ask her anything after that day. The days were passing and only one day is left for Om’s exhibition. He looked around his room and noticed exactly forty two paintings were ready. He realized around sixteen paintings were made by Gauri. Those were not that much artistic but they were beautiful. He realized this is the first time he made so many paintings together and smiled thinking about Gauri as his inspiration.

Rudra went to the park that day and looked at the bench where he and Soumya met for the first time. He smiled remembering that she had forgotten his name very next day. He looked at the ice cream vendor and remembered he broke his routine and ate ice cream for her. “She was cute, but Rudy she was fat too” he smiled at his own thoughts. It has been so many days that they haven’t met. He then remembered for what he came to park. The next day is the time for his and Prinku’s action so he just came to check the place out.

Anika was having breakfast when Shivay came down and sat to have breakfast. Anika was eating silently when Shivay spoke “Miss Anika the file that I gave you yesterday for checking is it complete?” she hummed and soon realized something. “Mr. SSO I completed every single file you gave me yesterday” “Wait wait what did you call me?” Shivay asked. “Mr. SSO and I will call you this only from today…. Mr. Stone Singh Oberoi” she chuckled. Shivay looked towards her with frowned look. “Okay okay you can call me Anika… just Anika” she said trying to cool him down but he being SSO got up from the table and went away. “Sadu Singh Oberoi” Anika muttered.


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