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The day ended. Next day elders woke up early. Daadi soon gave them sargi and blessed all of them. Time passed and Rudra, Priyanka, Daadi and Anika sat on dining table to have their breakfast. Priyanka and Anika are chit-chatting. Anika just put up a morsel and was to put it inside her mouth but Shivay came from behind “Miss Anika it’s already 8 and you are eating???” Anika put down the morsel and looked confusedly towards Shivay. “What do you mean Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi?” she asked. “Get up we have no time to eat the meeting shifted to 9 am now go and grab your files and come to the office soon” he said and was setting his watch. Pinky came from behind and saw Anika had not ate anything and Shivay is forcing her to go to office soon. “Shivay what is this?? Let her eat something first and you also eat something.”

Pinky said moving her eyebrows up and down. “Mom I will have something at office and we don’t have time to eat so I asked her to come soon but if she….” Shivay was saying but Anika got from the chair and walked aside “No it’s alright aunty and if I keep the morsel down once then I don’t eat it again its fine” Anika looked towards Shivay. She felt bad as for him only deal and meetings were important and not the fact that no one should leave the house without having anything. Pinky tried to make her understand but she refused everytime. “Okay beta no need to eat I won’t force you but you will go with Shivay in his car” Pinky said looking irritatingly towards Shivay. Anika at first refused but got agree as Pinky requested her. Shivay and Anika went out. Anika opened the back door to sit at the back seat but Shivay nodded a no and asked her to sit in front.

After Shivay and Anika went Pinky asked “mummy ji where is Om and Gauri?” Daadi answered “puttar they are busy due to exhibition paintings so they took the food to Om’s room” “Ohh okay mummy ji I am going to my room then” Pinky said and hugged Daadi.

Om and Gauri was making two different paintings. “Omkara ji red will suit the messy hair strands of this I think” Gauri said. Om looked at her. Her hairs tied in a bun but then also her long hair strands are falling over her face. He then shifted his sight to the painting. He was mesmerized to see the painting. It was a girl who is as if looking at the sky and the girls smile is depicting her victory over every situation of her life. “Wooowww” the word slipped from Om’s mouth. “Omkara ji say na” Gauri again repeated mixing the red colour with black to prepare a darker shade of red. Om then noticed the girl’s hair is flying in air. Some strands are perfectly curled and some are straight. He hummed and she stroked the girl’s hair with dark red making the painting look elegant. She has made five paintings. Om this side had completed making more seven paintings. Only six days are left to complete more twenty eight paintings. She left the painting to dry. Om went busy with his eighth painting.

In Shivay’s office they took a break in between the meeting. Shivay asked Anika to have something in that ten minutes break but she refused. He didn’t care much but was guilty inside that he didn’t allow her to eat at morning. The meeting again started and it ended perfectly after two more hours. The deal was fixed and they have to start the work within a month in that plot. Shivay hugged and shook hand with everyone and everyone congratulated him and Anika. Anika smiled in response. She forgot that she was hungry as she became successful in her first meeting in Shivay’s company. The time passed and soon Anika and Shivay shifted to another conference room for another meeting.

Om saw Gauri fell asleep on his bed when she took a break while making the sixth painting. She was sleeping uncomfortably so he adjusted her position and placed a pillow beneath her head. After one hour or so Gauri woke up suddenly and screamed “Ohhh shit…” Om looked panicked towards her “What happened?” he asked. “Sorry Omkara ji I fell asleep I am sorry I will soon complete some more today” she said and got up from the bed. “It’s okay Gauri take a sound nap and then join back to work” he said stroking the brush over the painting he was making. “No no Omkara ji I will sleep later let me finish these” she said pointing towards the three incomplete paintings.” Gauri said as she started to mix the colours over the palate. Om knew there is no point denying her so he allowed her to do so.

The next meeting too ended. Anika looked at the clock beside the window. It was already 7:30. Everyone went out leaving Shivay and Anika alone. They were arranging files. “Congratulations Mr. Oberoi” Anika said while extending her hand for a hand shake. Shivay did the hand shake. She carried up some files and was walking to leave the room when she felt dizzy and fell down. Shivay heard the thud and ran upto her throwing the files. “Anika… Anika wake up what happened hey wake up” Shivay was patting her face. He then soon took the glass of water nearby and looked at the clock. His eyes fell on the moon reflecting from the sky through the window and looked at her then he remembered she hasn’t eaten anything from morning. He soon fed her water. She gulped water from his hand. After sometime she opened her eyes. She looked at the window to look at the moon. Shivay again hit her cheek lightly so she shifted her gaze to him and looked at his panicked face. She composed herself and got up. She asked Shivay to take a sip of water too but he denied so she forcefully made him drink water from his hand. Both of them realized they haven’t taken a sip of water too from morning. Shivay felt bad as because of him Anika is hungry. Shivay soon went to the canteen and brought two plates of pasta. Anika and Shivay sat down and ate together in the conference room.

Gauri and Om walked up to stare the beauty of the moon. “Omkara ji come look the moon is so bright today” she said. Om too went to her and noticed the moon. They both stared at the moon for long and then at each other. They shared a sweet eye lock. Om then moved back to his painting when he noticed the foods still kept the same way the servants kept it and then he realized due to continuous painting they forgot to have anything from morning. He soon called Gauri and fed her forcefully from his hand. Gauri too fed him as he was forcing her. They both were laughing at each other’s stupidity that they can be so engrossed in work that they may forget to eat too.
Both the couples unknowingly got tied to each other by karwachauth. Shivay and Anika were yet to become one as Shivika but destiny made the way ready for them. Omkara and Gauri too were getting close but destiny has the plans to tie them together. Unknowingly they fasted and broke the fast from their partners’ hand. The moon noticed the growing love between them. The moon marked their journey. The loves that are yet to begin are tied together.

“The happiness lies in love, the love that is meant to be yours
It will be always there for you as I am yours and only yours”


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