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Gauri is lying on the bed. She needed water so she got up from the bed. Her entire face became red. Just then Om came with Prinku and Anika and saw Gauri getting down from the bed. “Don’t you dare” Om yelled. Gauri got horrified and stopped. Prinku and Anika soon ran towards her and they helped her in getting up and setting her position. “How dare you to get down from the bed” Om again yelled. “Omkara ji actually…” Gauri tried to explain but Om before listening to that started yelling again “you knew that you have allergy from fabric paint and then also you agreed to help me?? Okay fine you said you want to help me but then you should have informed me that you have allergy from fabric paint, but no you are so careless I didn’t understand” Om stopped and Gauri was looking at him as if she had done the biggest mistake of my life. “Om its okay please calm down” Anika pleaded. Om was feeling guilty because for his works Gauri is in that condition. “Okay Anika but ask her not to touch any of my art stuff” Om said and walked away. Priyanka and Anika walked up to Gauri and introduced themselves. Within no time the three of them became easy with each other.
Shivay’s phone rang. He picked up “Hello” he said. “Hello sir Malvani deal’s meeting is fixed day after tomorrow” Mishra informed from the other side. “But day after tomorrow you know na it’s karwachauth” Shivay asked. “Yeah sir I know I tried to postpone it but the party is not at all ready to postpone. “Okay fine and when is the meeting?” Shivay asked though unwillingly “Sir it’s on 9 AM and sir another bad news” Mishra said horrified. “Mishra why do you always call me to give bad news huhh?” Shivay clamored. Mishra gulped the saliva stuck in his throat and continued “Sir another meeting is there too on that day.” Shivay got very angry listening to this but somehow managed to stay calm. “Okay fine I will be there now any more bad news?” Shivay asked “No… no sir” he answered with a trembling voice. “And how many times I have to instruct you please don’t call me sir call me Mr. Oberoi” he sounded irritated. “Ok…okay sir I mean Mr. Oberoi” Mishra soon cut the phone. “Ohhh yaar now I have to inform about the meetings to Anika” Shivay thought.
The night passed and Gauri was a bit fine the next day. Gauri went to Om’s room and noticed him busy making a portrait. She didn’t disturb him and sat down at the corner on a stool. After few minutes Om’s eyes fell on her and again guilt took over him so he turned around. “Gauri go and take rest” Om said in a calm voice. “Omkara ji I cannot lie down there like that, please allow me to help you.” Gauri uttered very softly to which Om again turned towards her. “But Gauri you are allergic to paint” Om said trying to justify. “But Omkara ji I am only allergic to wall paints and fabric paints… okay I will stay away from fabric paint I promise but I want to help you” Gauri said looking at the incomplete paintings. “Okay fine I will separate the fabric paints and will keep it aside you just make sure not to touch them” Om said as he knew this girl is not going to listen to him. He soon kept down his brush and selected the fabric paint boxes and bottles and kept them at the corner of his painting table and showed Gauri that those are fabric paints. Gauri soon got up from her position and set a canvas and started to draw something. Om smiled looking her happy and excited to make something. He too continued his work.
Rudra saw Prinku sitting alone and is doing something on her laptop so he went towards her and asked “Prinku you will not go to college?” “No Rudra bhaiyaa our college is closed now it will reopen during exam that’s why they have given us so many assignments.” Prinku said complaining. “That means you are free?” Rudra asked excited. “No not so free but yeah I have no college for now” Priyanka answered looking towards Rudra. “That means you will stay at home only na?” Rudra asked getting more excited with every passing second. “Yeah but have to go to college only on Friday’s for self defense class” Priyanka answered and continued “wait one minute what’s the matter why are you asking all these?” Rudra said “Haawww do you think I will ask you all these for some purpose no….. no I was asking as you are my one and only sister” Rudra said showing his brotherly side to her but Prinku replied back “bhaiyaa I also know you also know you are asking these for some purpose so without wasting any more second just tell me” Priyanka said smirking. “Okay okay” Rudra answered as he understood his plan got failed in front of his sister. He said something to which Prinku sprang up from her position and said a big no but after lots of Rudra’s plead she at last agreed. She said if something blunder happens she will soon inform it to Shivay to which Rudra agreed though unwillingly.
Shivay went to office and noticed Anika already present there and setting up the papers for the next day’s meeting. He directly went to his cabin and sat down to print some papers and called his lawyer and informed to make deal papers ready by evening. That day went very busy for Shivay and Anika as they were preparing themselves for next day meetings which were really important for their company. This side the entire day Priyanka and Rudra was making a plan about something. And Om and Gauri was busy making the paintings.


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