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The next morning arrived and the first thing that Shivay got informed was Anika isn’t going to office that day. He initially frowned but later understood that his sister is dragging her to Oberoi Mansion and he will get to see her in Oberoi Mansion when he returns from office so he decided to keep quite. Shivay went to office on the exact time as usual.
Gauri has just completed worshiping her Shankar ji. She was looking different as noticed by Om that day. He decided to walk up to her and ask but then stopped in the middle due to a call. He picked it up while on the doorstep of Gauri’s room. “Yeah speaking” he said over the phone to which Gauri tuned back to notice him standing. He soon cut down the call and looked up tensed. Gauri walked up to him in small steps and offered him prasad while he nodded a no. she was suborned and forcefully made him take the Prasad. After this she realized he was tensed so she asked “Omkara ji I know I must not interfere but may I know why are you so tensed?” Om was looking at her widening his eyes. He wanted to share the matter but somewhere he is getting choked. “It’s okay Omkara ji I understand, you need not share” Gauri said when she understood he is hesitating and turned back to go. Soon she felt a tug on her wrist and looked behind to look Om holding her hand. She turned towards him. “Gauri actually the matter is an exhibition was there a month later but they pre-poned the date due to some reasons and that exhibition is after only ten days.” He left a long sigh. Gauri’s hand reached upto her head and in the posture of thinking she asked “hmm…. So Mr. Artist Singh Oberoi is tensed due to this?” Om just hummed in response. “Okay so Mr. Artist get ready the great great great dabangg Gauri is going to help you and I promise you will rock the exhibition.” He was amused but couldn’t help smiling at her. She soon kept down the aarti thali (plate) and tied her hair in a soothed bun.
Anika wasn’t there at the office to irritate or imitate Shivay. He tried not to look at her cabin but his eyes are every time tracing her cabin and staring her seat. “She should have come to office” Shivay thought. The lunch time arrived as regular. He finished his lunch but his mind and heart were not with him that day. He was missing her maybe or maybe missing her antiques. “Shivay stop thinking that you are missing her and why would you miss her? She is no one to you right?? Just concentrate on your work” he irked on himself. He somehow hardly opened a file and tried to concentrate.
“102…103…104…” Rudra was counting his pushups. “Rudy you can’t look fat, yaar the girls of your university is not paying you attention these days… Rudy you have to hit 200 pushups today” Rudy blabbered. “Rohini is the new girl Rudra in your college” Rudra thought and soon left the pushups in middle at 115 and opened his friendsbook account. As soon he opened his account many friend requests popped up. He soon accepted all and had a look that his current profile picture has 202 likes along with love and different reactions. There he noticed a reaction of angry and checked. It was one of his ex-girlfriend. He least bothered about it and started replying to the pending messages. He changed his profile picture to a hot one hoping Rohini would notice it. “Yaar she must notice me now” Rudra thought. He soon realized he has left his pushups in middle so he closed his account and went back to complete his pushups.
“Anika packing complete” Priyanka said with a broad smile. “Yeah now let’s get fresh and after having lunch we will go” Anika said setting up the bags one upon another. “Yeah” Prinku nodded positively. They soon got freshened up and had their lunch. “Ohhh Anika I forgot to tell you day after tomorrow is karwachauth so in our family every elder will keep a fast on that day” Prinku said while setting up the washed dishes. “Ohhh interesting… okay listen we will discuss about this on our way now take the bags outside and let me lock the house.” Anika said while keeping the bags out.


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