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“Hey Prinku” Shivay’s voice seemed excited over phone. “Yeah bhaiyaa” Prinku answered. Shivay explained the matter of Gauri to her. “Okay bhaiyaa but I have a condition” Prinku said grinning. “Go ahead mahotarma (madam)” Shivay said with a dull voice because he knew all conditions of Priyanka are those which are quite difficult to fulfill. Priyanka was about to say and then only Anika entered from behind blabbering and shouting loudly “You know what Prinku all these boys are na dumbo duffer and everything bad words for them from ‘D’” Anika said irritated. “Bhaiyaa just hold the call and give me two minutes I am coming back.” Priyanka said as she knew that if she doesn’t give attention to Anika now then definitely it will be her last day in this earth. She ran towards Anika and helped her keeping down the bag and all stuffs.

The two best friends sat on the bed and Priyanka asked what happened. Anika started explaining “you know what first khadoos is your bhaiyaa” as soon Anika completed Priyanka ran to cut the call but Shivay instructed not to cut. Being the younger sister he did the same she was advised to do. Here Anika continued “your mahan kanji aankho wala bagad billa bhaiyaa, what does he thinks of himself huh??? God?? No no he is SSO right the great Stone Singh Oberoi” she huffed after completing.

This side Gauri was performing the evening aarti of Shankar Ji. Omkara entered into her room. He was to interrupt but when he noticed her busy chanting the mantras he thought to wait.
Anika gulped water from the bottle kept on bed side table and continued “you know what he did today?” Anika asked Prinku to which Prinku nodded a no. This side Shivay asked to himself “what did I do?” but when he heard Anika continuing he stopped his prattle. “I the great Anika solved his problem in a deal but he, he being Sadu Singh Oberoi didn’t even ask me to sit when I went to his cabin to inform this…… and yeah please do forget about thank you Mr. SSO huuuhhhhh” Anika said shouting at the end. “Great Anika….

Huhhh… she is not great but a chatterbox no no she is is…” Shivay was trying to find right word to describe her over the phone when Anika continued again “and you know the second one is who?” Anika again asked Prinku to which she again nodded a no. “Rohit…. He he I will kill him today” Anika said throwing up her hands in disgust. “Rohit??? Who is this? Is he the same person with whom Anika was talking over phone and forgot to have lunch today” Shivay thought and it striked to his mind that maybe Anika is hungry since she hasn’t ate anything during the lunch break. “Rohit, the bad boy ganda bachcha called me fat today I hate him” she said irritated. “Okay Anika relax see he called you fat na because he is jealous of your figure maybe so just to justify his jealousy he called you fat” Priyanka tried to calm her down to which she calmed a bit. After sometime when Anika seemed relaxed Prinku went back to the call.

“Prinku give her something to eat” was Shivay’s first sentence when Priyanka said hello. “Yeah bhaiyaa we will eat after I finish my works. “No Prinku she is hungry maybe that’s why blabbering and badmouthing at first give her something to eat and then you sit down with your works.” Shivay said again so that his younger sister listens to him this time. “Bhaiyaa how do you know she is hungry?” Priyanka cross questioned to which Shivay answered “because she only ate two morsels during lunch break and skipped the entire meal thereafter.” “And how do you know that?” Priyanka questioned becoming restless to know that her bhaiyaa was keeping an eye over a girl. “I was keeping an eye at he….” Shivay stopped in middle when he realized what he said.

“Hmmmmm…. I understood bhaiyaa then I will give her something to eat and then we will continue with my condition” Priyanka said smiling broadly. “Yeah sure” the great SSO soon kept down the phone. A foolish smile appeared on his face but soon he covered it so that no one notices and went back to his works. This side Prinku came to know that Anika is really hungry as she didn’t eat anything from long time. Prinku smiled thinking about Shivay. She then gave something to Anika to eat and went back to her works.

As soon Gauri completed her puja she turned around and noticed Om standing at the door and smiling admiringly. “Om… Omkara ji aap?” she asked “Yeah me actually I came to know about the size of the idol” Om said. “Ohh then you have called me” Gauri said feeling bad that she kept him waiting for her. “No Gauri you were busy worshiping so I thought that my work should wait” Om said with a satisfactory smile on his face. “Okay so let’s go to your room to discuss about this” Gauri said making her way to the door. “Yeah sure” Om said. Om and Gauri went to Om’s room to discuss this. Jhanvi noticed this and was happy to see Om and Gauri together. “They must grow up to a pair” Jhanvi requested and prayed to god and left from their smiling.

“Gauri the mantras you were chanting are really tough isn’t it” Om asked in between listing up the measurements. “Yeah it sounds difficult for the people who are learners or heard it the first time” she answered to his question. “But you remember them so perfectly” he said with an admiring smile again. “Yeah it’s maybe because I have been chanting them since childhood” Gauri answered in an enliven voice. “You believe in god so much na?” he now questioned shifting his looks to Gauri. “Yeah because Shankar Ji has always given me strength to fight back whenever I was in problem” Gauri said remembering something. “Matab?? (means??)” Om asked. “Nothing” she replied with a small curve on her lips.


Now I know all of you must have guessed Prinku’s condition. Hoping this condition of Prinku will lead to the story of Shivika. For Rudra I will surely include him in recent chapters. Do comment down about all your views. Eagerly waiting for the responses. Thank You Bye- NILASH

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