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A girl came from behind smiling happily. “Thank You so much Soumya for your heart felt help” the girl said and hugged Soumya in excitement. “Yaar Samairaa teri to nikal pari…… I mean you must be very happy” Soumya said reciprocating the hug. “Someone hug me too I am also here” Rehaan said making a cry baby face. “Samairaa your boy friend has perfectly learned to copy laddoo’s cry baby face” Soumya and Samairaa laughed out after Soumya completed. “Tell me something why do you both love Laddoo so much after these many years too?” Rehaan asked feeling a bit jealous of Laddoo. “Yaar stop being jealous of him he was such a nice……” Samairaa was explaining when she got cut by Rehaan “Yeah yeah nice boy, okay leave it but this calls for a celebration” Rehaan said excited. “Let’s celebrate then” Soumya answered.

Here Shivay was getting impressed by Anika’s efficiency in job and how she handled the matter of Malvani. Again during the lunch break he saw her eating using her hands. He noticed a hair strand disturbing her. He felt to tug it behind her ears but being THE SSO he remained sticked to his position. Anika’s phone rang and she picked up the call. “Hey Rohit yaar where were you?? No phone no message just went missing without any information” She was busy chatting over phone and she didn’t realize only two minutes left for the lunch break to get over and she has eaten only two morsels. The lunch break ended and as soon she realized it she kept down her phone and went back to her work without completing her lunch. Her face was glowing and she seemed much happier than before. “Was it her boyfriend?? Whatever it is but she didn’t even complete her lunch. Who was that person?? Shivay relax why are you getting affected?? No yaar but she didn’t eat” Shivay was going through this inside his mind. Anika was working very happily this side and was continuously blabbering something. This also didn’t go unnoticed by Shivay.

“So Mr. Boyfriend and Miss Girlfriend happy journey and yeah bring chocolates for me from London okay” Soumya said as she was stuffing Pizza in her mouth. “Okay our dear friend” Rehaan said. “Yaar thanks to your dad yaar that I got rid of this acting of being Rehaan’s girlfriend” Soumya said looking at Samairaa. “No re thanks to you as you have perfectly fulfilled the wish what my dad wanted” Samairaa said back. “Ohhhooo no thanks to me na as I had stayed away from my girlfriend for one long year” Rehaan’s pouted face and his words made Soumya and Samairaa crack up. As soon they composed themselves the trio shared a hug.

Its evening time when Shivay came back from office and was going to his room when he heard Gauri’s blabbering from her room. “Yaar Shankar ji feeling so bored, I mean when I am doing works then it’s completely fine but when I am sitting idle like this uuufff yaar its so annoying” Gauri Sharma told aloud. “How I wish I could have brought my friends here” she said imagining the fun she and her friends had. Shivay knocked at her door “Gauri..” As she was lost in her thoughts she just hummed in response. “Gaurii…” Shivay again called and this time she turned to see. “Yeahh.. yeahh..” Gauri was searching for the word to address him. “You can call me bare bhaiyaa” Shivay said. “Yessss bare bhaiyaa… yeah I will call you that” Gauri said as her face enlightened. “You are feeling bored right?? Because no one is there with whom you can talk?” Shivay asked concerned. “No no bare bhaiyaa nothing like that” Gauri answered. “Well if you don’t want to share this with your bare bhaiyaa then no problem” Shivay said stressing the words.

Shivay was leaving when Gauri spoke up “yes bhaiyaa as everyone in this house remains busy and a chiraiyaa like me always blabbers and irritates others so I was feeling a bit lonely just that” “Hmmmmm….. but I have a solution to this problem” Shivay replied with a smile which made Gauri’s face to get enlightened again. “What solution?” Gauri asked excited. “Well we have a sister who lives with her best friend……” he took a pause and flashes of Anika appeared in his mind but soon he continued “yeah… so she lives with her best friend I am calling her back and you two will spend great time believe me” “No bare bhaiyaa I don’t want to interfere in anyone’s life it’s absolutely fine” she said. “No problem mam you just order me” Shivay said and continued “she will come home tomorrow I will be talking to her you relax” “Okay as you say” Gauri said in a low voice but she was very excited inside to meet a new member of the family.


Everything is going on track. But what will happen to their lives if they fall for each other to make each other THE EXOTIC COUPLES??? Do comment down about all your views. Eagerly waiting for the responses. Thank You Bye- NILASH

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  1. Shabnam

    hey nilash thanks for fast update sso jealuose sooo cute gouri shivay tallk lovely i think with prinku anika is also coming obroi mansion your ff. superb loved it

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Shabnam
      Yeah maybe anika is also coming along 😉
      Let’s wait to know what happens next
      Thank You
      🙂 🙂

  2. Amazing Update. Loved it ❤
    Jealous SSO is really sweet. ShivRi convo was cute ?
    Waiting for the nxt 🙂

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Shivika for all the appreciating words
      Next part will get uploaded soon 🙂 🙂

  3. Awesome nd interesting

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  4. Ashwinee

    Hey ash…don’t think that everytime I WOULD GIVE “FABULOUS” COMMENT EVERYTIME..coz you confused me a lot with soumya-rehaan-samaira conversation…didn’t get to know who’s who…until this clears I won’t give you any “AWESOME” comment…

    1. Nilash

      Yes my Winee the Pooh I got the meaning of your comment.
      I will soon clear out the mess of Soumya-Rehaan-Samaira Anika wala Pinky promise
      Tilll then all the suggestions and criticism is welcome
      At the end THANK YOU
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  5. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar

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  6. Banita

    Awesome epi Nilu….
    Somu act as Rehaan’s bf….
    Mr. JSO…. Now Prinku me saath Anika vi aayegi… I m excited…. Post soon…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You and Haan Anika bhi aa jayegi kabhi na kabhi OM me tab tak JSO ko ekdum full mode me laane ki koshish karungi. 😉 😉
      Next part TU devta ke darbaar me moderation ke liye wait kar raha hai. Let’s see TU devta usse kab aane dete hai page par 🙂 🙂


    Dear Nilash
    ShivIka Scene Shivay Care For Anika??ShivRi Scene And Conv? It’s Interesting Episode??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Nilash

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  8. Niriha

    Awesome…soumya act as rehaan’s gf..interesting dear loved it

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    Amazing update

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  10. Fenil

    Sorry for late reading sis I was down with Dangue so …now oky I left comments on chappies 6-9.
    This Chappy was also A1.loved it .
    I love your ff sis…..Sab kuch jaye bhad mein I m waiting to meet Laddooo.so Soumya and Rehyaan were acting as gfbf superb.Gauri Naam ki chiriya Ko Chu chi karao Om ji ke aaspas …not fair Prinku will come back for Gauri from Anika.Rohit ji bhi enter ho jayenge toh Shivaay ki naiyaa raam bharose lol.Rudy baby Ko jyada space do.cant wait for next.

    1. Nilash

      Its Alright bhaiyaa. You are not well and in spite of that you read and commented that is all. You need not feel sorry. Please take care of your health. And uss machchar ki to mai OMM karti hu wait.
      Thank You so much for your amazing comment. And I will surely give space to Rudra in upcomig episodes.
      Please do take care bhaiyaa

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