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you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:8


Hi frnds.first of all i hope all the frnds from chennai are safe..i wish they should be…very sorry for late update…actually exams are going on frnds…so only I can’t able to update regularly…I promise whenever I get time I will try to upload episodes..after exams I will get holidays..I will keep uploading during holidays…frnds so till that plzz keep supporting me…let’s get into the story…
Our episode starts with pragya asks abhi are u thinking abut the letter??..abhi says no but his eyes says yes..abhi asks pragya u have any guess abut this solace??.. Pragya smiles but hides her smile…she asks are u curious to know abut her.???.abhi smirks and says i”‘m…curious..nothing lyk that..I just wanted to know who had written this letter??that’s all…I’m not dying to know abut.suddenly pragya says vaise…abhi..I think this letter was written by someone special…who knows it might be someone you know??abhi makes a quizzling face.pragya asks him to guess…abhi suddenly got gleam-minded and says sheela…no..mala…no..sushila…pragya stares at him..she scolds him inside..idiot..can’t you see me??..flirt..saying a list of names of girls..u will never come away from ur habit…

That evening:
Abhi and alia are at home…someone rings the door bell…alia opens it…it’s postman..he says a letter came for abhi…abhi comes and gets it..he opens the envelope…he starts reading the letter..(imagine it in pragya’s voice)..hi abut the day??..I know u would have thought abut me and get confused that who’s solace???abhi thinks me…abhi the rockstar..will think abut a girl and waste his time..never ever..he laughs..he continues..don’t worry..tomorrow I will be there to see ur performance in the of luck for that…and yes..catch me if u can…love u..bye..alia asks abut the letter…abhi says once again from solace…alia got bug-eyed..bhai..are you serious???I think she must be really crazy for u..purab comes there..he asks abhi what happen??he tells abut everything…purab smiles and thinks so pragya sent the next letter to abhi…I must call pragya..purab says that he will leave..abhi says just now you came..purab says aaksh is calling me often…abhi gives suspicious look and says i didn’t hear any ringing sound..purab manages it and says i had put it in silent…I shud leave…abhi says but..purab..purab leaves…purab calls pragya..pragya picks the call..purab says per as our plan abhi got the next letter of yours..pragya says what??..what’s his reaction after reading it???purab says he still shows that he’s not affected..but I’m sure he’s curious inside to know abut solace…pragya says thank you purab for being with me, and bulbul are my energy boosters..pragya hangs up the call…pragya sees abhi’s photo and opens her diary and writes..suddenly she hears a voice …chashmoo..air blows…she turns it’s abhi…she goes towards him..abhi grabs her and holds her around her waist..abhi sings tere sang yaara..
..abhi arrests his hands on hers..he makes her to swing..
Kahin kisi bhi gali mein jaun mein…
Teri khushboo se takraun mein…
He rubs his nose with pragya’s nose and bangs her head gently and sings..
Har raat joh aata hain mujhe woh khwaab tu…
Pragya feels shy and takes away her sight from abhi and tries to move..abhi holds her Stoll and sings …
Tera mera milna dastoor hain…
Tere hone se mujh mein noor hain
Mein hoon sona sa ek aasmaan mehkaab tu…pragya smiles and abhi lifts her and rounds gently… sings…
O karam khud aaya hain tujhe mujhse milaya hain
Tujh peh marke hi toh mujhe jeena aaya hain …..he leaves her down and he kisses pragya on her forehead and sings…
O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara…abhi releases his hands and goes …..he disappears suddenly..pragya comes out from dream…she hits her head and smiles…

The next day:
Everyone is in the venue of inter college competition..the host says welcome to the inter college competition…here abhigya,purbul and and all are having a last rehearsal…abhi asks everyone to be calm…he instructs everyone..pragya watching him wonderingly…abhi calls chashmoo…u have to..he notices pragya was in dream..he calls effectively chashmooooo…where r u???see u have to be very confident and all the best…pragya nods her head…and once again started wondering abhi…abhi suddenly got hiccups…he wonders why??..aakash says I think someone is thinking abut u..abhi says who will think abut me??..aakash says this solace…suddenly pragya’s face turns straight and she alerts herself ..abhi thinks abut the letter in which she told that she will come for this competition and see him sing….pragya thinks pragya what r u doing??I think u will urself expose ur truth…here everyone is giving their performance,..aakash says next is our turn…the performance overseas…abhi and band comes to the stage….everyone cheers by sounding abhi..abhi..abhi and his band given a rocking performance…everyone came off stage…they all felt releaved…all went to see the other performances..abhigya and purbul were there…abhi once again got hiccups…pragya asks are you fine??he says i’m…pragya asks him have you had something morning???she takes the sandwich from her box and asks abhi to eat it…abhi says no..afterwards..pragya asks wht afterwards???eat it now…bulbul signs purab by showing wide eyes…purbul left from there…bulbul holds purab’s hands and make him stay outside..she says this time I will not go anywhere…pragy takes the sandwich and gives it to abhi..she feeds him…abhi gets it and eats…he asks u have done it???..pragya asks good ryt??..abhi wide-eyed and says very bad…I feel lyk getting giddy..pragya stares at him…abhi laughs and says it was good…he suddenly bites chilli and his eyes came out …he asks paaniii…pragya suddenly takes out her bottle and gives him…he drinks ….here bulbul signs pragya to come..pragya goes there..pragya asks what??..bulbul says did..u have show a small jhalak (trailer) of solace..pragya shows quizzling face…bulbul says the plan to purab and pragya.
After a while:
Abhi too comes to see the other performance…he’s abut to come…pragya there veils her face with stoll and comes towards abhi…pragya goes to abhi wishes him a ll luck ..she made her voice feeble..says I loved ur performance…she gives him her hand…abhi thinks whom???..abhi doesn’t see her face ..he sees only eyes…she’s abut to move..slips and abhi holds her…air blows they both sharing eye lock moment…song plays imaye imaye …bulbul and purab are tensed that abhi shudnot see her face…pragya comes back to her sense and goes from there..abhi is abut to ask something but she passed…here all performances are over…the host and judges comes to the stage…they are abut to announce the winner..the screen freezes….

Precap:abhi gets a bouquet from solace and a note in it..abhi reads it and gets surprised…,

Hope u guys lyk it ..waiting for ur comments cuties….

  1. Super dear n awesome

    1. Solace

      Feeling happy that u lyked it dear…keep supporting me…

  2. Awesome dear…. Interesting….
    U studyed well… Best of luck dear…,

    1. Solace

      Thanq dear..luv u..😍😍😍

  3. Abiya

    So cute episode dr

  4. Fantastic epi dear…
    I loved it to the core…choo cute epi dear…😍😍…im eagerly waiting for nxt part dear…
    All the best for ur exam dear..

    1. Solace

      😘😘😘😘😘😘thanq dear..u r sweet more..

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  6. Awesome and lovely episode yaar such a cute scenes eagerly waiting for the next episode best of luck for your exams

  7. Hi solace its really awesome…amazing love story…. waiting for abhigya union…..take care dear…..

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