you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:7



Chapter 6

Our episode starts with pragya looking distraught…bulbul comes there and consoles pragya..pragya says I think I’m failed…I know that abhi will never get into any serious ideas..even though I was mad..I was blindfolded..loving a person who does not believe in love…who doesn’t know what’s love??bulbul stops pragya..she says di…this is our r ryt..but your love will make him realize abut true love..bulbul says I’m sure abhi doesn’t show that he’s affected by ur letter…but I think he will surely think abut the letter and wonders who’s solace??..pragya got happy and says really??bulbul sees someone and gets’s purab..purab also got surprised by hearing prabul’s conversation..bulbul utters purab…u…prabul are at hell shock..purab comes towards them…bulbul in shocking tone asks purab..when did u come here??..purab says I heard everything…bulbul tries to manage it and what do u know??he replies pragya is solace ryt…

Scene shifts to a beach under a tree…
Bulbul and pragya are sitting on the bench..purab walks here and there…pragya utters purab..purab in deadpan tone asks who am I to u??..pragya says u r my frnd.purab says then why u kept it unknown from me??..pragya says i thougt u might take me abhi is thinking me as a frnd..but I…purab says in fact I’m feeling happy for abhi…u r the one who really cares for abhi…he says what do u think pragya?..I don’t know abut ur love for ur frnd I can see it in ur eyes when u r with abhi..purab says infact ..I can see it in his eyes too..abhi..he loves u too..but he’s not exist in the secret chamber of his heart..but he itself not seeing it…pragya got teary eyes and gets emotional..bulbul also got happy by hearing purab’s words…bulbul says that’what I’m saying u di…have some patience.u r getting down..purab asks who’s idea is this??..pragya sees bulbul… Bulbul says this is the best idea…to make abhi that love is?? is not something he thinks…

it is something my di is having on him..purab says I’m agreeing with u..bulbul got very much surprised…..I noticed abhi while hearing that letter…his mouth says that he’s not much affected ..but his heart does..purab says I’m with u pragya..I will help u in all way I can…bulbul thinks..wahh..I thought this purab I like a tubelight will not understand anyone’s feelings but he…purab goes towards bulbul and says I do..(as he read her mind)..bulbul got bug-eyed and wonders how did he come to know what am I thinking ???..purab says just like that…bulbul got confused…bulbul thinks he’s not that much irritating and smiles…that day pratice goes well…

After a while:
Abhi is playing guitar..thinks abut the letter..purab ,bulbul,pragya are noticing it…abhi takes the letter from his packet..bulbul says see..I told u know..he will think abut the letter..purab says he’s still having that letter with him..abhi sees the letter and wonders who’s solace??..pragya smiles..purab asks pragya to go there and talk to abhi…pragya goes there..pragya asks are you thinking abut the letter?..abhi says no..I was just..bulbul is curiously hearing there..purab says bulbul…I think we shud leave..bulbul says what??.if u want you go..I’m not coming…purab says do u he some manners are not??purab says u can’t see it..he closes Bulbul’s eyes..

bulbul says but I can hear it…he closes bulbul’s ears…bulbul tried to take his hand…both are fighting each other…purab holds bulbul and takes her..bulbul releases his hands why r u doing this??,,I was abut to hear everything..purab asks y did u want to hear it??..bulbul ,manages and says then only we can go to further step…purab smiles…purab pulls bulbul….they both are sharing eyelock moment..purab comes to bulbul’s earsnsays do u think I’m fool???.we can ask abut it to pragya…u don’t worry…bulbul got angry she thinks if he wasn’t there,I would have seen their romance….

Precap:abhi asks pragya… chashmoo…do u have any guess abut solace??..pragya smiles and asks why r u asking??..I mean are you curious to know abut her???…

Thanq silent readers and my dear frnds di,priyanka,sandy,akshaya,nasi,b_ani,maha,haritha,abiya,reshma pradeep,sugan,aishwarya,monesha di,prathi,and all…thanq dears..keep supporting me dears..

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