you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:6 (secret love letters)



Our episode starts with pragya in terrace looking at the full moon..remembering abut abhi…she sits in the bench there and takes her diary..she starts writing today when abhi told me that I ‘m the thing which makes him happier…I really felt that I shud tell everything to u that moment itself..but what to do??whenever I come to u ..I’m forgetting everything that I want to say…this heart is dying to tell u that..but it has one more fear too…that I cannot lose my dear frnd in the wish of getting my love…but I ‘m already’s now or never for me..I will tell u how much I love u..pragya’s lips throws a smile..she takes abhi’s photo and kisses it…do u know how much I love u??.but you bhudhu..always flirting with the girls..bulbul comes there..pragya suddenly closes her diary and hides it..bulbul sounds hmmmm..secret romance is going on amid u and abhi…pragya blushes..pragya says bulbul..I have decided to confess my love to abhi..bulbul got excited and bug-eyed..asks di..are you serious??pragya says yes..bulbul hugs pragya and kisses her..pragya says bulbul..but I ‘m confused cud I say it to abhi??..bulbul says u go straight away to abhi..pragya starts imagining it..bulbul says take a rose..give it to him nd tell him ..abhi..I love u..pragya says he will laugh at me..ask me am I joking??..pragya asks something different…bulbul says many ideas..pragya rejects everything..this scene goes fast forwarding…bulbul got tired and oh meri maa..I don’t have anymore idea..bulbul thinks something suddenly she gives a glowy expression..she tells some idea to pragya..pragya hears it and got bug_eyed..pragya hugs bulbul…

The next day in college:
Abhi and all are sitting in the steps of corridor..everyone were there except pragya…bulbul thinks where’s this di??..morning she has come with she became Mr.India….aakash is looking sad…abhi asks aakash..why r u looking so down??..aakash blabbers there’s a lot to say..but doesn’t know how to say??abhi reacts why r u talking like a monk??aakash says this is not fair..u r flirting with every girl even they also enjoying it..u r lyk a Krishna..abhi by hearing it got happy and feels to the peak and wears his sunglasses..purab says except one..pragya..bulbul suddenly sees purab..pragya comes there..abhi sees pragya..air blows..abhi in a wondering tone says even I don’t know
why??.I wanted to be true with her..I don’t want to put a veil in my face when I was with her..I wanted to be myself with her..abhi keeps telling it without his own sense..tanu bug_eyed on abhi..aakash says this is very big flirting..rachna beats aakash..bulbul thinks today unknowingly purab has done something in favour of me..purab looks at abhi and thinks I have never seen abhi talking serious like this…suddenly abhi comes back to conscious…abhi asks pragya..chashmoo..where were you??.pragya says I was searching u all…pragya sees bulbul and smiles..bulbul thinks I hope di done it..

In the music room:
Everyone reached the room..abhi sees his jacket..says oh..yes..I had left my jacket here itself yesterday…he takes it..a paper falls down from it seems like a letter..pragya goes to flashback..she was writing love letter…bulbul walks here and there..bulbul tries to look at the letter..pragya hides it..pragya says it’s done..pragya is abut to write her name..but bulbul stops her..bulbul says stop do..what r u doing??..what’s our plan??to make abhi realize his true love..u r going to play love hide& seek with abhi..u shud be his secret lover..pragya says yes..u r ryt..but I don’t know what name I shud be given??..bulbul looks here and there..she looks at a magazine..she got a name..bulbul says “solace”.she says here after abhi’s secret lover name is solace(pragya)….pragya writes that name in the letter..bulbul says abhi will be knowing his secret lover with this name that means u…pragya suddenly becomes sad..she asks bulbul are we cheating him??I feel I’m..bulbul says offfo…di..u r not cheating abhi..just making him feel ur love..pragya comes out from flashback..bulbul sees the letter and goes to flashback…prabul comes to college..bulbul and pragya thinks how to make reach this letter to abhi??bulbul and pragya goes to much room..they luckily found abhi’s jacket lying idea came into Bulbul’s mind..bulbul asks pragya to go and keep the letter in his jacket..pragya says bulbul I feel so scared…bulbul says don’t worry di..everything is fair in love and war…pragya looks here and there bulbul too…keeps it in abhi’s jacket..both runs away from there…bulbul comes out from flashback..she thinks accha hua..we left tanu at home and arrived here..otherwise we wud never have this….abhi looks at the letter…he takes it wonders what??here pragya looking nervous bites her nails..bulbul comes to her and stops her from biting nails…abhi opens it…prabul are hiding and noticing each and every move of abhi…the paper abhi starts reading it…suddenly the paper slipped out from abhi’s goes and falls under pragya..abhi sees it..says chashmoo..just take that letter ..pragya looks nervous..she takes the letter..abhi asks her to read it..alia,purab,everyone are there…pragya starts…seeing abhi she tells….rockstar..everyone used to u call by this name ryt…(Imagine it by pragya’s voice)…the moment when i saw u first…i didn’t feel anything for u..purab is notices pragya..then when I began noticing ur qualities I started loving u…I know this might sound crazy for u..abhi eyes gleams ..he started paying attention..he looks at pragya..pragya looks down at the letter…she says(reads) when u play guitar,I’m getting drenched with ur music…if I didn’t see u one day…I’m wandering like a mad…daily u r coming in my dreams…when you come around heart is beating faster..I feel like the whole world is playing violin beside us…i have interrogated abut this to my heart….everyone is eagerly hearing the letter..pragya stops…everyone asked next??abhi always eyed curiously…pragya sees abhi and says it told me that “you exist in the secret chamber of my heart”..abhi is still gleam-eyed…aakash asks who wrote the letter??pragya is spell bound..abhi gets the letter and reads “solace”.pragya says I feel lyk I shud say I’m solace…but… .pragya looks at abhi..abhi looks at the letter…air plays,..
Tum safar mera..hai tu hi merit manzil..
Tere bina dil hai mushkil….
Tanu says I think it must be some prank…isn’t it???she asks abhi…what do u think??..abhi comes out from dream..and says must be…suddenly pragya’s smile went away..purab sees pragya..pragya got disturbed and walked from there…bulbul follows her…purab notices it…..purab says I don’t think so this must be prank..I feel someone’s true love hidden in this letter..i think abhi is also feeling the same…abhi suddenly laughs…he says do you think so??…I think someone wanted to do pranks on me,.,even it’s true..u know ryt…I don’t believe in the concept of love..he takes a breath and looks at the letter…the screen freezes…

Precap:bulbul consoles pragya..she tells this is our first step….I ‘m sure abhi will be wondering who’s solace??..abhi at home looks at the letter wonders who’s solace???..

Frnds..I really wish u guys like this twist…because I added this name ..I just wanted to become intermediate amid abhigya and unite them…thanq silent readers and my dear cuties princess madhu,di,monesha di,cute vanshu,reshma pradeep,princess Krishna,prathi,b_ani,b.k.Maha… and all other..waiting for ur comments…

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