you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:5


Our episode starts with purab seeing the diary down…he slowly downs and takes the diary..he looks it front and back..scene shifts to prabul…prabul are walking towards the college music room…pragya tells bulbul everything happened in the class room..bulbul laughs…pragya says ask what happen then??…pragya says how abhi convinced her by singing song….bulbul hits her and says so..he convinced u lyk a typical aashiq(lover)..pragya blushes…and says yes…sometimes I feel that he knows everything that is in my heart…purab is looking at the diary..abhi comes over there…he sees the diary in purab’s hand..abhi says this is chashmoo’s diary ryt..purab says oh..yeah…abhi says this is the ryt tym…open the diary,let’s see ..what’s there in the diary??…purab says’s bad manners…abhi says nothing like’s ur frnd ‘s diary ryt….so nothing wrong in it..abhi takes it and was written”don’t turn the next page”…abhi is abut to turn..purab stops him..abhi what r u doing??..

if pragya doesn’t want anyone to see this diary..then there will be something personal ryt..don’t do it..abhi says achhaa….I’m not reading pragya says after that..and explains everything..pragya says then..I took my diary..bulbul asks after that..pragya realizes her bag is not with her..she cries…oh my god…and says bulbul that she left her bag somewhere…my diary is also there in the bag…bulbul says di..try to remember where u left it??pragya says I think I left it in the cafe itself….pragya prays oh..God..that diary shud not come in anyone’s hand…if someone opens it then….pragya is tensed and bulbul too…suddenly she hears a voice I got it..abhi says I got ur diary..I know what’s there in ur diary??..pragya’s face turns pale…abhi laughs and says I was abut to open ur diary but purab stopped me..

bulbul thinks… hamesha yeh purab sahi waqt peh galat kam karne meh expert hain..(this purab is expert in doing wrong things in correct tym)….and stares purab…pragya takes a deep breath…pragya asks abhi her bag..abhi forwards it…when pragya is abut to get..he didn’t give it to her….pragya asks him to give..he whistles and says get it if u can..pragya tries to get it..abhi runs taking her bag..pragya also runs behind him…pragya says abhii..givit to me.or else ..I’ll..abhi says u’ll…pragya holds her bag..they both loses balance and falls down…air blows…kaun tujhe plays background…

Tu aata hain seene mein..jab jab saase phirti hoon..
Tere dil ki galliyon se mein har roz guzarti hoon…(lyrics)…they both are looking at each other’s eyes..bulbul gets happy…purab goes to help them..bulbul thinks yeah kya karne jaa raha hain ..achhi..khaasi love scene karaab karne jaa raha hain …(what is he doing??..he’s going to disturb the NYC love scene)..bulbul thinks do something bulbul.purab is abut to go…but bulbul holds purab’s hand and falls down purposely and says she got sprain…

bulbul says’s paining a lot…purab you were good just before…bulbul cries and says will sprain comes giving a message?? happened suddenly…she closes her eyes in fake pain..bulbul opens her one eyes and sees abhigya…when purab sees her..she pretends to be suffering from pain…abhigya comes back from their eye lock…pragya stands and takes her bag…abhi asks her to give hand…pragya looks at him…and gives him a hand…abhi stands…abhi says oh..your eyes r going to fall down…abhi adjusts her chashmaa..and says now u r looking lyk my perfect chashmoo…here purab gently rubs Bulbul’s foot…bulbul feels something different….purab asks her how do u feel now??…bulbul utters wonderful…purab asks what??..she says I meant fine..purb gives support for bulbul to stand…abhigya came there..pragya asks what happen??..bulbul winks her eyes seeing pragya.alia comes over there..she says we were all waiting for u..u guys r here…come soon…bulbul got enthusiased,tells let’s go… and walks looking at it..purbhi looks at her suspiciously…bulbul realizes it and says di..mujhe leh chalogi?(di..will u take me??)..walks with the support of pragya…

After a while:
Everyone are in music room…they r all practicing….abhi plays guitar and singing..pragya too sings.and others r playing background score..after sometime…pragya is sitting next to abhi…abhi calls pragya in a husky voice…pragya goes closer to him..abhi whispers on her ears in a husky voice…he asks pragya what is there in the secret diary??…pragya in the same husky voice whispers on his ears…nothing important…abhi makes his face angry..pragya says him …u will be given that diary when u r supposed to…abhi thinks she’s making fool and pretends to be angry…pragya takes a chocolate from her bag and gives it to abhi and asks sorry..abhi smirks and doesn’t accept it..pragya opens it and starts eating herself…everyone passing there ,wishes abhi all best for the competition especially seeing it ,aakash says every girl is wishing abhi not us..I mean we r also participating in the competition..we also deserve all the best from the beautiful ladies..isn’t it??..tell me purab…

he thinks that purab is sitting next to him..but he found rachna is sitting…rachna stares at her…aakash says need of all those things…isn’t it rachu.??.everyone leaves from there for lunch break except abhigya …here a girl comes there and hugs abhi ..she says that she’s excited abut his participation in the competition..abhi flirts with her..pragya eating chocolate eavesdropping everything…..the girl wishes him all the best…abhi tells ur best wishes is with me..then I know I’m gonna win..pragya imitates it in jealousy..she thinks she’s stuck to him lyk a cheap she’s???…the girl says abhi..u r so sweet..abhi says u r sweet more..abhi snatches chocolate from pragya and gives to her…pragya drags abhi and says it was my chocolate ryt…how cud u give her??..abhi says chashmoo..I will get u 100 chocolates after..plzz now don’t kill the girl …..

u r my best frnd ryt…chuuuuchuuuchhuuu…abhi smiles at the girl…pragya drags abhi…says u r so disgusting….go to hell…abhi says thanks for the compliment..the girl wonders what pragya is saying to abhi???…abhi says she’s praising me…abhi continues to flirt with her..the girl eating chocolate offers a piece to abhi…he eats the chocolate piece offered by the girl…by seeing it..pragya’s stomach is burning in fire,…pragya pinches abhi’s lap…abhi screams aaaahhh….he turns and sees pragya..he cries…pragya asks when i offered u chocolate..u didnt have u got the chocolate given by that girl….pragya says no.1 flirt u r….pragya leaves from there..pragya is muttering alone..she drinks water..she relaxes herself..she looks at water and smiles..she goes towards abhi…

she comes out from her dream…pragya thinks how to make her run??she takes a pen…goes towards the girl and splashes ink on her face..she comes out from dream…she suddenly got idea…now pragya goes there…. She takes a notepad and says pen is not writing..and checks the ink…purposely pours it on the girl’s dress..and says sorry..abhi reacted over..he says cud u be so careless??..see special frnd got dirt..pragya stares at him..he becomes quiet..

the girl leaves to clean her dress…pragya thinks mission accomplished…and smiles…abhi sees her…pragya asks what r u seeing??…don’t talk to me…u have got special frnd ryt..go and feed her chocolate..abhi says nothing lyk that chashmoo..pragya says I know everything..u don’t even think me as ur frnd.I was waiting for u without going for lunch..I didn’t have breakfast in the morning also( she thinks abut morning…everyone got late becoz of pragya having her breakfast slowly)..pragya thinks of it and smiles but didn’t show it to abhi….she cries and says it…she says bulbul called me to come with her but I didn’t go with her..I thought we will go together..but here u have no time for me ..pragya leaves from there…abhi holds her hand..and says chashmoo..don’t u know that u r special to me???…u have a seperate place in my much I flirt with’s all to make them happy..he says but the thing that makes me happier is u..u r my true frnd…song plays in the background…

kyunki tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho..zindagi ab tum hi ho……i always want u in my life…pragya turns and sees abhi..pragya got tears in her eyes..abhi keeps his hands in ears and asks sorry…..the screen gets freezes showing abhigya….

Tnq so much my dear frnds..prathi,di,priyanka,monesha,ammu,princesskrishna,mini,b_ani,Sarah aam…u all making me happy whenever I open my story…muaahhhhh…???????

Precap:aakash says abhi that he’s flirting with everyone..he’s lyk a Krishna..purab tells except one…pragya…abhi sees pragya and says I always wanted to be true with her..abhi wonders himself why???….

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  1. Sanswa

    Hey wat a title hunn..!!
    Really if title is too amazing den story is super duper hit dear..
    Well chappie was marvellous..

  2. wow awesome
    plz post next part as soon as plz lovely

  3. PrincessesMadhu

    Great! Waiting for next episode! 🙂 😉

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  5. Solace previous episode link…and I want to thank minu,Sarah amm, and all…

  6. Solace

    B_ani,reshma pradeep..actually I typed everyone’s name.doesbn’t know why it’s not published…

  7. awesome dear n thanks

    love u lot with lot of kiss 4 u

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  9. Prathi

    Awesome dear! Loved it!

  10. Princesskrisha

    Awesome solace dr its superb loved it abhifya seen were cute wanna see it precap is making me interesting dr

  11. Awesome!!!! loved it waiting for the next episode

  12. […] you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:5 […]

  13. B_Ani

    its just awesome. i wished abhi cud hv read that diary…but its k…this purab naa…always trying to damage the romantic moments!!!
    anyways…the epi was lovely as ususal. Abhigya were as cute as a loving couple. keep rocking dear…

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