you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:4


Hi frnds..di,princesskrishna,abiya,b_ani,haritha,minu,priyana,sweet sis shabana and everyone..actually I ‘m trying to give episodes as possible…becoz next week fully I have I can’t post nxt week kindly forgive me..will u all accept me as ur frnd??..
Let’s get into the chapter..

Chapter 3


Pragya and bulbul are at their home..pragya hears someone ringing doorbell..she goes and opens the door ..she got pleasant surprise..she utters tanu…it ‘s tanu..she gives a tight hug to pragya…pragya tells u r abut to come tomorrow ryt..bulbul comes out there..bulbul gets happy by seeing tanu…pragya asks abut her mom and dad..tanu says they r all fine..tanu stops pragya and asks how’s my qt?..pragya doesn’t understand..tanu says how’s my hottie abhi?…pragya in low voice says he’s good..tanu says u know what I missed him a lot…I was always thinking abut him..she suddenly got excited and says infact he proposed me in my pragya’s stomach is burning in fire..but she manages it and gives a fake smile at tanu..bulbul also watching it got happy by seeing pragya’s jealousy..pragya tries to divert her but she doesn’t..she takes a cookie and dumps it in tanu’s mouth…after sometime..tanu and prabul are in bed..tanu once again takes abhi name..bulbul asks her to sleep quietly and let them sleep…

The next day:
Abhi ,purab and aakash are talking..abhi explains everything that happened yesterday..aakash laughs and says u r forgiven..if something lyk this happened rachna will make me round behind her for my days..purab asks aakash to shut up..purab tells abhi …u shudn’t have done this..why did u do that?abhi says the lecture was only I thought of going out…but chashmoo will not leave only I used this trick…purab says pragya shudn’t have forgiven u…here tanu,bulbul,and pragya comes to college…tanu hurriedly goes..pragya asks where??tanu says I’m going to meet abhi..tanu searches for abhi her and finally found him..tanu goes towards abhi by screaming abhiiii…abhi by hearing her voice irked and hides behind the wall…tanu asked to purab where’s abhi?..purab says I don’t know…abhi thinks I shud not come in the sight of tanu…suddenly someone taps abhi from his back..he is pragya..pragya as why r u hiding here??…abhi says chashmoo..whether ur double battery single power has gone fused out…pragya gives puzzling look..abhi says can’t u see ur best frnd searching for me??..pragya says then go and meet her..abhi hits at pragya head and don’t u know she’s such a chipkoo??…

tanu comes towards the wall ..abhi sees it and cries..he hides his face with pragya’s duppata…and hides behind pragya..tanu comes there..pragya thinks yesterday he trapped me I vl trap him..pragya by seeing tanu sings..tera dhyaan kidhar hain..yeh tera hero idhar hain..and signs that abhi is here…she found abhi..tanu says abhi were u trying to hide from me??..abhi thinks oh god..she found me..I have manage it..he comes out from veil and says no darling..I was juz playing with u…pragya tells no he was hiding from u tanu..bulbul comes there and pulls pragya’s hand ..she says di..what r u doing??..u r making tanu to come closer to abhi..pragya says don’t worry..nothing vl open lyk that..see abhi..he’s looking lyk a little fish got trapped in net..purab and aakash also comes there ..purab by seeing hearing prabul’s muttering clears his throat..abhi looks in anger…pragya smiles by seeing it..abhi thinks is chashmoo ko baad mein dektha hoon..(I will see her afterwards)..suddenly everyone got text in their mobile phone..they all said that alia text them to come near the new department building..everyone arrived there and rachna too comes there..

pragya asks where’s alia??..why did she text us all to come here?..alia comes over there..she asks them all to see the notice board..abhi reads it..inter college singing competitions..participants can be one or group..they can participate as a group band..abhi by reading this got happy…everyone gets happy..abhi hugs purab and everyone gets excited…abhi says we all have to participate in it…purab says sure abhi wevl definitely participate and rock…we vl make our” musishq” band popular….abhi says first we have to register our names and want to meet our dean to get permissions for ur practice…alia says don’t worry bhai..we all together will make it done…alia gives her hand..abhi keeps her hand on it..and pragya so on..everyone keeps their hand on it…and say hip..hip..hurray…

After a while:

Abhi and all 7 are in the cafe..abhi is telling abut the contest..rachna and aakash are romancing by looking at each other’s eye..alia signs bulbul to see that..alia and bulbul seeing them laughing tanu notices it and pragya too..all are looking at them..alia goes to rachna and says don’t u think that this moment shud get freezed forever??..rachna says yes…abhi looks at all this and taps the table…aakash and rachna comes back from dream…abhi says here we r seriously discussing abut contest..u guys are romancing…abhi goes and takes a chair puts it between rachna and aakash..he asks rachna to look there..aakash to look there..aakash says but how cud I hear u?

…abhi says u have ears ryt..hear me by looking there…everyone smiles…abhi asks them all to go set everything in music room..tanu asks me too..pragya stares tanu..abhi smiles and says too..they all left.pragya also left..she left her bag in the cafe itself..abhi tells purab that we have register our band in that contest to our college admin..abhi asks purab to he wants to get fresh…he goes to washroom..purab notices pragya’s bag..he takes the bag..the bag falls down..pragya’s diary also falls down with it..purab notices it..the screen freezes with pragya’s diary and purab’s face partly…

Precap:pragya tells bulbul that she left her bag somewhere and tells abut her secret diary in it to bulbul….they both got tensed…..

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  1. Prathi

    No no no no Abhi should read it no Purab!!

    1. Solace

      Don’t worry prathi..I vl not make u guys dissapointed..Ur wishes will be regarded frnd…

  2. Super dear n hate tanu alot yaaa

  3. Superb yaar…eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear…

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    Awesome solace already ur my frnd na solace i want abhi to read it not purab n all the best for ur exams dr my wishes to all ur exams dr frnd okk

    1. Solace

      Thanq princesskrishna..don’t worry..everything will happen according to the readers wish…

  6. its superb…but i want the diary to fall in Abhi’s hands and not Purab’s…but on the whole it was an amazing epi dear. and this tanu…she is irritating me like anything…witch!!! i wish aaliya is positive atleast here.

    1. Solace our story tanu is juz like comedian..don’t worry enjoy her too.thanq dear for commenting openly ..

  7. Monesha

    Wow… Wow…. Wow…. Awesome….. Awesome…. Awesome…. ??? First of all i am really very sorry about not even commenting in ur ff. As now only i came to this page ???. Each and every episode was awesome….. to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…… I really loved it ???. About friends here all are like friends only sweet heart so don’t think about that. This world is only filled up with love. Here all are like your sisters ???. Can i know that you are elder to me or younger to me. I am 17 years old. So that I can call you choti or di. All the very best for your exam even i am also having exam my school so only i couldn’t read any ff or write mine. I hope you will forgive your sister (me) ?? i am eagerly waiting for your next episode. KEEP ROCKINGGGGGGG…… And KEEP WRITINGGGGGGGGG…….. ??? My support is always be with you . Plz unite Abhigya soon. Love you…… Take care…. ???

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      Monesha thanq so much for ur immenseeeeeeee love..actually i’m 16 yaar..u can call me u..all the best for ur exams too…?????????????love u..muaahhhhhh…

      1. solace ur story is gud…..and all the best 4 ur exams…….

  8. Super yaar. Keep it up. I like how abhi hide behind prags and sit between akash and rachu.i really enjoyed it.eagerly waiting for your next update.

    1. Solace

      Thanq ammu dear…keep supporting me dear….love u…????

  9. superb episode yaar loved it each and every scenes is awesome waiting for the next update and all the best for your exams ma

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