you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:3

Hi frnds…silent leaders and energy boosters..tnq so much for ur support…

our episode starts with bulbul hitting someone..both got hurt..bulbul says ‘s rachna..rachna asks …bulbul why r u looking so down???and disturbed…bulbul says it was all because of that idiot…rachna wonders whom??…bulbul says don’t u know that??..that stupid..whom I hate a lot…whom he hates a lot?…rachna is confused..r u asking me riddle….juz come to point…bulbul says purab…rachna ‘s brain lit up and says oh..purab…now what happen between u both??…bulbul is abut to tell but stops herself from telling…nothing..juz lyk that.fight…rachna says oh..juz lyk that fight and smiles..bulbul asks why r u laughing??..rachna says I was thinking abut u and purab together…bulbul got irritated and says what the heck r u talking?? Shut up…rachna says if u see many films,u wud have known it…bulbul asks what??..rachna says the story which starts up with hatred will end up with love…bulbul says u have gone mad…
Scene shifts to abhigya..

Pragya looks at abhi…abhi comes back and asks chale(can we go)..pragya says where???…abhi says what u mean??..we can’t sit here ryt..and if we sit here..who knows if u got mad u will take and throw the flower pot on me..pragya beasts abhi in his shoulder..abhigya are settled…abhi takes out his guitar and starts playing it..he plays guitar instrumental of kabhi joh baadal barse…pragya looks at him…abhi asks how’s it??..pragya says superb…love u..abhi asks what?..pragya says I mean love…abhi says what superb??…I know I’m extra ordinary…but u r a flop singer and smirks..pragya got irritated…how mean u r abhi??..abhi says chashmoo..I was juz joking..abhi says achha…u be here…I will come within a minute..prgya wonders where is he going??…pragya is alone..she takes a note book from her bag…it was a diary..she opens the first was her and hi photo stuck at that page..she wrote Together forever..on that..the diary was fully filled with her love and longing for abhi…she takes a page and started writing …who said that confessing love is the best way of expressing love?…even silence can become music and confess my love to him…she is abut to write the next line but abhi came there..pragya suddenly closed her diary..abhi sees ita and says one day I will surely see that diary secretly..he gives pragya coffee and says drink it…pragya gets it and drinks..abhi says coffee with music is the great combination..abhi asks pragya do u wanna play guitar??..abhi gives his guitar to her..pragya plays it..she plays mile ho tum humko guitar instrumental…she started singing..

Mike ho tum humko bade naseebon se…
Churaya gain Maine kismet ki lakiron se..
Abhi draws more attention to her..listens her song..
Teri mohabbat se saase mili hain..sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke..abhi is mesmerized by her song..
Pragya sings mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se..churaya hain Maine kismet ki lakiron se…
Pragya ends up her song..abhi is still in that mode..he comes out and says not bad..actually it was really good…pragya says today once again u failed to understand the real meaning behind my song..
It ‘s night..
Pragya is in her room..playing piano…tum hi ho instrumental…and thinks abut abhi..bulbul comes there..pragya notices her and tried to talk to her but she denies…pragya goes to bulbul and says r u angry??bulbul says no..not at all..pragya say no..u r lying…she keeps her hands on her ears and asks sorry…bulbul says no need of doing it di…I know u r hesitating to say it to abhi..but di..think positive..u r good frnd of him..who said good frnds can’t be good life partners?…in case abhi accepts ur love then u will be so happy ryt..pragya says yes..but…bulbul says I can say only one thing..I know ur love for him is true …but don’t be so late…bulbul says maa..phoned me..I said we are good…pragya asks whether maa is fine..bulbul says she’s fine…bulbul asks di…it has become 2 days..tanu didn’t come back here..pragya says she has gone to meet her mom and dad ryt..I talked to her she said she vl come by tomorrow..the screen gets freezes…

Precap: someone rings the door bell..pragya opens it and gets pleasant shock…

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  1. Awesome!!!!! loved this story line so much

  2. Super yaar..i loved it..

  3. wow lovely epi dear……………

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    Awesome loved it solace dr loved it moreeeee pls update

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    wow…its awesome…keep rocking!!!

  6. shabana (crazy about abhigya)

    wow amazing story line didi and todays ep was just fabulous didi..

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    Waiting for Abhi to read that diary!!

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