you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:26 (secret diary stories)

Hi frnds..thanq so much all…I’m overwhelmed seeing ur love..sreemathi I’m from dindigul dear,.Lopez SPL thanx to ur dear..thanq u so much for loving our Indian culture..all my dear sissy luv u all?????..thnq di,priyanka,reshma,sugan ,akshaya sissies…luv u all..ok let’s get into the story..

Chapter 2

Chapter:26(secret diary chapter)..
Our episode starts with pragya cries and runs out from there..purbul and rudru sees her..they called pragya..she runs away from there crying…purab says I think abhi wud have shown all his anger on her..pragya sits in a bench and cries…she thinks how cud he even say that??purbul and rudru comes there..they tried to console pragya..bulbul asks dii..what happen???pragya tells everything…bulbul feels guilty as she blames herself for whatever happened…purab and rudru are consoling pragya,,bulbul steps backward with a determining look to do something..she sees pragya’s bag with her..she goes to abhi..abhi seeing her says bulbul..listen..I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone..bulbul says yes..u vl never hear anyone..u always want to do what u r up to??abhi gives a quizzling look at her..

bulbul says do u even have any idea what’s going around u??abhi says I..bulbul interrupts and says sarcastically..yes,,I ..don wanna hear anything..ryt..abhi says what r u talking??bulbul says my dii is crying becoz of u..abhi asks what..??he says even if she cries..rudru is there to console her.bulbul gets angry and says are u dumb??can’t u see dii always wanted u in her life not rudru??abhi says if she wants me then rudru wudn’t have proposed her,.bulbul says did u see dii accepting his proposal..??abhi says no..bulbul says then cud u determine that dii loves rudru???infact rudru don’t love pragya..abhi in a quizzling tone asks what??bulbul says abut the plan..she says we done it all to make u realize ur u ??it’s useless to make u understand..she takes the diary of pragya and shows it to abhi…bulbul says u were eager to know what’s in this diary ryt???

she takes abhi’s hand and keeps the diary on his hand make him hold it.,she says hope..after reading this u will know how much my di loves u.???.abhi looks at the diary..air breezes..tum hi ho.,keyboard score plays as bgm..bulbul leaves from there.,she bumps up with purab,,bulbul says I …was.purab keeps his fingers on her lips..shhh…purab says ..u not only know to mess up everything.,u know even to reset it…i’m happy abut it..bulbul signs to talk his fingers..purab takes..bulbul says hope..abhi will understand dii’s abhi opens the diary,.and sees the first page ..he sees his and pragya’s photo there..he opens the next page…he starts reading…life is really unbelievable..I know one day u will surely get to read this diary(imagine it with pragya’s voice)..u know from the day when I came this college first..but i know u very before..I can still remember the first day I met u…
Diary story:
Here pragya and bulbul both are coming out from a shop..bulbul asks dii..r u excited ??pragya asks for what??bulbul says r u mad..tom is ur first day of clg..u will get to see many handsome and cool boys..BT still I have one more year to go CLG..pragya hits on her head and says u will never change..bulbul asks dii..who knows u wud also get ur Mr.perfect there..pragya says I want someone who’s innocent nd caring inside..I know I will never meet a man lyk that,,so it’s hard for me see that kind of person…when they are talking,there goes a bike with a furious speed with three boys.,they injured a small puppy roadside..pragya sees it and feels bad for the dog..pragya says see..I said careless they r??idiots..she’s abut to go the puppy..abhi comes there .,by seeing the puppy he stops his bike..he takes the puppy and pampers..pragya here is surprised seeing abhi..pragya wonders abhi..bulbul says dii..I think u have got ur dream man..a small boy who’s care taker of the puppy cries,…

abhi consoles him and takes both to Hosp.pragya and bulbul also follows abhi in scooty…abhi takes the puppy to vetenarian..pragya and bulbul hides and looks for abhi..abhi comes out and takes the boy and pupy to the boy’s home..pragya follows him..abhi asks the boy’s parents to take care of the puppy and boy…it has life too..if u can’t take care of pets better don’t have it..even this small boy values more abut the dog and searched for it..what if something have happened to the small little boy..???hope u will understand..pragya thinks how gud he’s??bulbul bulleys her..the boy kisses on abhi’s cheeks..abhi leaves from there…prabul once again follows abhi..abhi goes inside a book shop…pragya and bulbul too goes inside..pragya follows abhi everywhere he goes..abhi is searching for books…pragya is opposite to him and turns back pretending to search books..,abhi says kya yaar?selecting book is toughest thing that one can’t do…this purab is a book worm..pragya ears on his mumblings…abhi says fault was all mine..for making this bookie a frnd..

pragya giggles hearing it..abhi turns and sees the girl with a salwar standing turned.,he asks pragya to select a book for him..pragya turned still nods her head..she selects and gives a book to abhi..abhi gets it and thanks him..abhi asks her to turn..pragya thinks this is the crt time to introduce u to him..she’s abut to turn…abhi gets a call and he goes from there.bulbul comes there and asks what happen???pragya says he left..coming out from diary abhi smiles and remembers that day.. turns the next day..he reads this is the day I met u again..u have seen me for the first day…

Back to diary story:
Pragya comes to CLG..she prays with me i’m nervous..some seniors r gathered there..pragya sees a boy is standing ‘s abhi,.they asks him to sing a song..abhi pretends to get nervous..he says I can’t sing..the boys laughs at him..they called pragya standing over there..pragya goes there nervously..when she sees abhi she smiles…she looks at him wonderingly..abhi takes his guitar and starts playing..varanam ayiram song..

Adiye kolludhe…(it’s killing oh dear)
Azhago alluthe…(ur beauty is immense)
Everyone turns their attention towards abhi…
He goes to the centre of the floor and sings..
Adiye kolludhe..
Azhage aludhe..
Ulagam surungudhe..(this world is shrinking)
Iruvarail adangudhe…(getting comprised within us)

Every girls starting cheering abhi and dances with him…abhi become star of the moment..the seniors says see..he flattered girls with his songs…the seniors r abut to leave..abhi goes to him and says how’s this??they left…all girls crowded abhi and asks abut him…pragya thinks oh god.,how cud I talk to him??abhi sees pragya and he calls her…oo..chashmish..pragya turns ..abhi asks don’t u have anything to say abut my song???pragya says u sang well..she leaves.coming out from diary story..abhi reads then I started following u everywhere u go..I became crazy for u..I wanted to talk to u …bt I don’t know how to initiate it..finally I got a chance in a culturals…do u remember our first ever performance together???abhi smiles and remembers it…
Going inside diary world:

Here abhi is ready to give his performance..his bad is also ready.,suddenly they found the girl who is supposed to initiate their performance didn’t come..abhi doesn’t know what to do??pragya got to know abut it..everyone cheers abhiii..abhiiii..abhi goes to the stage and closes his eyes..he hears a female voice …light falls on ‘s our pragya…abhi is surprised seeing her sing…pragya sings..and abhi sings along with her…everyone enjoyed their performance..
After the performance:

Abhi goes to pragya and thanks her..abhi says u really sang well..abhi asks how did u give entry on CRT time??pragya says abut it…abhi asks how do u get to know that we r up to sing this song…???pragya thinks my 24/7 job is to follow u..pragya lost on thinking that..pragya says actually I watched u guys practicing..abhi says thanx and today that god only sent u to save me…abhi forwards his and asks will u be my frnd,?pragya gives hand to him..abhi asks I have got an idea..why don’t u join my band??pragya hesitates and then says yes..coming out from diary world abhi reads this is how I became ur frnd and I joined ur band,..

To be continued…

Precap:abhi searches for pragya and convinces her in all possible ways..but pragya is still angry at him..

Frnds.I hope u guys liked this episode..Feb 14 valentine day SPL episode where abhi gonna propose pragya in a filmy way…waiting for ua comments dears..

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