you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:24

Our episode starts with abhi saying it’s my wish and I can do anything here..pragya says but can’t u see he ‘s not able to concentrate in his studies…paavam..(pity thing)..abhi smirks and says getting disturbed..what do u think ??shud I believe it??miss.pragya I must surely have one thing to do and that is changing ur specs..becoz u r not distinguishing between acting and reality..pragya says ohho..who’s acting actor and who’s true??abhi suddenly without his sense says I’m real and he’s actor..why can’t u understand that??pragya gives a wondering look at him..abhi goes to pragya’s ears and says one free advice take it if u want..I don’t think he’s good..he’s juz pretending to gud and don’t believe him…rudru calls pragya..abhi stares at rudru and says wait..personal going on..pragya looks at abhi..abhi blinked as he don’t know how to take back his words…

Rudru says pragya I think I shud come ur home..pragya says anytime..rudru says how abut [email protected]??abhi gives a shocking reaction and says whttt??pragya looks at abhi and says u r most welcome…rudru leaves..pragya is abut to leave bt abhi dragged her and stops her..pragya is happy inside..pragya didn’t show it outside and juz throws a deadpan reaction..

Abhi asks pragya this is not done,,pragya asked then what is to be done??pragya asks do u have any problem with rudru…??..abhi fumbles he’s main villain of my life..pragya giggles and then hides it..pragya says ur silence says that nothing like that..abhi says oii..did I say that??i’m juz saying it for ur well being..pragya asks so “Mr.abhi the rockstar” who has broken his frndship with me”pragya arora” is here to concern abut her well being..,why r u doing this abhiii??u hate me for whatever happened but all of a sudden u changed in these past two days…why???abhi himself fully confused..pragya enjoys his confusion …she goes to his ears and says juz think abut it rockstar..why u r caring for me the most???she smiles and goes…

Abhi is sitting confused in cafeteria..purab goes there as pragya told him everything happened…purab goes and sits in front of him..purab waves his hands as abhi is intellectually thinking abut that…purab asks abhi kya hua??abhi says nothing….purab says u r hiding smething.abhi says i’m confused..if a boy is disturbed becoz of a boy..purab asks why is he disturned of other boy..??abhi tells becoz he’s trying to get closer with the other person..purab pauses him and says waitt..if the boy is disturbed seeing othwer person getting closer with the other boy….it means the boy is jealous abut it and possessive abut the girlll..abhi suddenly says one do u know that she’s a girl..purab blinks and at last says I know these kind of situation arise only when a girl becomes closer to someone and the boy who loves her will not bear it..abhi suddenly says cud u say that the boy loves her??purab says I know..if the boy doesn’t lyk someone other boy getting closer to her which means he loves the girl Simple..abhi become dumbstruck..abhi thinks do I started loving her???..purab says yes…abhi says nooo..purab says r u the boy..??then how u know that the boy don’t love her..??abhi says bas…I know..noo..purab says ok..let’s find out whether he loves her or not..he gives a flower and asked him to find out himself d abhi starts doing it…he at last plucks a petal and which signs that he loves pragya..he got confused more… Abhi goes from purab thinks abhii hope u will realize ur love soon …the screen freezes..
To be continued…

Precap:rudru proposes pragya in front of abhi…

Frnds I know this is bit short one..I promise next episode will be longer will be a maha episode..with a get twist..take care cuties..

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  1. Nithyashreeraman

    Amazing epi.Pls update the next epi tomorrow itself di, can’t wait anymore!!!!!!

  2. Superb dear. .all scene are awesome. .
    Interesting precap. ..Eagerly waiting for nxt one. .update soon…??

  3. Prathi

    Short yet sweet! I love Jealous Abhi!! And let’s see when he is going to realize his love for Pragya

  4. Superb update…. nice to see abhi’s jealousy…. precap is going to be a rocking one….waiting for the maha update and the twist….

  5. simply fantastic dear I really loved it waiting for next part soon, loads of love to u

  6. Super dear…..

  7. SamyuSam

    wowww……… ooosum precap….. waitng fr dat….. lovely dear

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